-Pastor David Ibiyeomie advises the Nigerian Government to give honour to whom honour is due and stop giving National Honours to criminals.
*Children and Youths: You have all it takes to reach the top legitimately, crave to be the best in your endeavours.
Children, I advise you as a Father. It applies to the youths all over the world. There is this syndrome that is very common especially in this part of the world, (where we are ministering from), where money is becoming so tempting, where the world believes that if you have money, then you don’t look at any source, no values, nothing.
They celebrate any man with money no matter how he gets money. They are not interested, once he has money, you see them give him a big title, a chieftancy title, they make him a king, they make him a governor once he has money, they make him anything. But any money that is ill-gotten must not be celebrated.
True in our society, people celebrate such without questioning the source of the income but I tell you the truth, such money can lead you to hell. It doesn’t bring positive impact.
All our youths and children, please crave to be the best in your academics: that is what we want to celebrate. Be the best in your career, be the best in your business and any area.
You have all it takes to hit the top from the 5 messages taught today, very powerful messages. You can reach the top legitimately, you don’t have to do dirty things to get to the top.
Don’t be lured to quick wealth and short cuts. Don’t say, “you want to get it quick quick.” I said something, in Forbes magazine that shows the list of the top richest men in the world, criminals, terrorists, drug barons and dictators are not among the richest in the world. They don’t celebrate them, they don’t even write their names.
So, we want a generation that will respect values. We want to celebrate people that will get wealth the legal way and not criminals.
Don’t be part of such. In case, you are looking at that area, please from this moment turn away from such.
We want to raise children that will have values and will get money legitimately.
This is the kind of Nigeria, we want to see. Better Nigeria and also a Better World.
Wherever you are, make sure you are part of those we can proud of as fathers to say, “that is my son, that is somebody who gave birth to me.” We don’t want to see a child that got money and they say, “he got the money through drugs.” No, we don’t want to see a generation like that. I’m sure you will not be part of them. In case you are looking at that path, turn and face the good path.
God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ.
In Nigeria, they should stop giving National Honours to criminals. They are hearing me all over the world. We give CON, MMM, MFS to people who are crooks. You give a man whom you know he is a robber, National Honours and those who are promoting Education, you don’t even give them.
Give honour to those whom honour is due. Stop giving criminals honour, that’s why people are thinking that is the best way.
Isaiah 33:3b, 11:2-3
Prayers For Children:
– Angrily curse every wrong spirit that would want to take over the life of your child(ren) to frustrate their destinies. Pray that the Spirit of God will rest upon them and distinguish them in all their life’s endeavour

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