Don’t leave God to do everything for you. When it comes to the responsibility of taking care of your life, there is a balance; there is a part for God to play and there is a part for you to play.

• Go for specialised knowledge. Hosea 4:6.
• Knowledge enhances your life; it puts positive pressure on your brain and expands your mind.
• God expects you to ask and TO THINK. In Eph. 3:20, there is an asking part and a thinking part.
• You cannot think above what you have stored in your mind. Col 3:16.
• Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Most times, we limit ourselves and blame it on God.
• To be called is one thing, to be prepared is another thing. Without knowledge, you can lose your relevance.
• God does not bless ignorance; you must determine to improve every quarter.
• Don’t allow spirituality to make you foolish/ ignorant.
• You have to be selective on what enters your ears. What you hear is what you become. Not every knowledge is helpful.
• Your life should be programmed; don’t live by accident.

• Character contributes 40% to your Success.
• It is all about your trustworthiness.
• Who you are is more important than what you do or what you have.
• Anointing can take you to the top, but character is what sustains you there.
• People don’t like associating with those who are very skillful but lack character.
• It’s not just about knowledge; you need the discipline to do.
• Indiscipline hinders people from the great future God has for them.
• The pleasures of sin is for a season, but it leaves the mouth of a man with gravels.
• Integrity means that you and your word are one. When you give your word, make sure you keep it.
• When you make a commitment/vow to God without redeeming it, God will never take you seriously.
• There is no trophy in proposing to so many women. Let your word mean something to you.
• Let your word be of integrity, just like words from God. Ps 138:2.
• When you lack integrity, you transfer that to your children.
• Skill plus integrity leads a successful life. Ps. 78:70-72.
• The best adverts for a product are satisfied customers.
• Some people think that they make money by being smart i.e. cheating. When you find a man who is trustworthy, suppliers can send goods to him on trust without immediate payment.
• When you defraud a company, the company might not go down, but you will go down. YOUR INTEGRITY IS WHAT KEEPS YOUR BUSINESS.

• You need social network for you to be successful in life. You have to be in good terms with people.
• If you remove men from the equation of success, your success can never grow.
• Most times, it is pride and arrogance that closes the door for social network. Never have an overestimation about yourself. Rom 12:3.
• Class consciousness limits you and hinders you from being in good terms with people.
• The greatest asset you have is people. Treat people with respect, irrespective of your current status.
• Whatever you seek for is in the hands of men. When you are in good terms with people, favour draws closer to you.
• Two are better than one. Ecc 4:9-10.
• You need to review your phonebook; who are your friends?
• The Relationship that should matter to you the most is your MARRIAGE. There are people that are very nice to people outside and very unfriendly to their spouse. Mal 2:13-14.
• Your home is your strongest stronghold; God is a God of Relationships.
• Relationships weigh more than money in the eyes of God. Matt. 5:23-24.
• Your family’s wellbeing should be considered before your business.
• Never worship money. Many make money and lose the reason why they make the money in the first place. Don’t misplace priorities.
• Never marry beauty and gifts, ignoring character.
• It is better to be a good Christian than a gifted pastor.
• Your relationship with your spouse is a determinant of how far you will go in life. 1 Pt. 3:1-4.
• You don’t nag a man to change him; you can change him through your godly character.
• Don’t put your marriage under pressure because of material things.
• WOMEN: CULTIVATE INNER BEAUTY. It takes a demonic man to beat a woman with an angelic heart. 1 Pt. 3:4-7.
• When your house is in order, success flows in. WHEN YOU DO NOT TREAT YOUR WIFE WITH HONOUR, YOUR PRAYERS ARE HINDERED.
• There are some boundaries you should never cross because of your Christian faith.

• Environment is very important in harnessing your potentials. Environment contributes up to 50% to your success in life.
• There are some environments that harness your potentials.
• You become what you hear.
• In chosing a place of work, choose a place where you will be equipped and developed. Salary shouldn’t be your first criteria; personal development should.
• Learn to control your environment; do not follow the crowd.
• Know the kind of friends you keep; evil companies corrupt good manners. 1 Cor. 15:33, Pro. 27:17.
• Create an alternative environment for yourself. Your environment can limit your thinking.
• DECONGEST YOUR HOME OF OLD AND NON-USEFUL THINGS; No matter how good a thing is, there comes a time when you have to let it go.

• This has to do with you connecting to God.
• It determines the outcome of every other thing you do; the spiritual controls the physical.
• You connect to the supernatural through faith. Faith is having full trust in God.
• God can never bypass a man that has faith in Him.
• Challenges are bound to come, but it is your faith that lifts them. There are things you cannot do without the supernatural help from God.
• God wants to magnify your steps; He is waiting for you to take the first step.
• Without faith, it is impossible to please God. Heb. 11:6
1. God can never lie. Num 23:19.
2. God can never change. Mal 3:6. It is very safe to put your trust in God. Ps. 121:4, James 1:17.
3. God cannot fail. Jer. 32:27.
• When you have an understanding of these, you can never stop trusting God.
• The secret of greatness is connection.
• Those that do exploit in life are those who believe in God even when they see no reason to do so.

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