The most incredible event of 1950

in 1950, a most incredible event happened. As with most things Divine, the significance of such an event was lost many. It was a Tuesday. Venue was the Sam Houston Coliseum, Texas.
A local Baptist minister Dr Best had threatened to ‘expose’ a Pentecostal minister Rev. William Branham as a fake. The media especially the newspapers was excited and they duly published teasers on their front-pages in the lead up to the meeting.
Not wanting to engage in any argument Rev Branham had to be persuaded by his evangelistic partner, Rev F.F Bosworth to attend the event.
Reluctantly he agreed.
After quoting scripture after scripture to buttress his stance that Divine Healing was in the Scriptures to which the belligerent Dr Best deliberately ignored he asked members of the audience who had been healed supernaturally in Rev William Branham’s meetings to stand up.
Hundreds stood.
Sensing defeat but refusing to admit it, he loudly called for “…that divine healer” to come to the platform. The meek Pentecostal minister calmly walked to the podium. It seemed like a holy hush fell on the audience as he spoke, insisting that he never believed in arguing but only in the manifestation of GOD’s Power.
As he spoke, a couple of photographers, Mr. James Ayers and Mr. Ted Kipperman took shots with their cameras. At the end of the event, the duo retired to their laboratory to develop the roll of film that recorded the event.
But strangely, of all the pictures, only this one was good, the rest were blank. Curious they took it to the Douglas Studio to examine it and it was proven that indeed a Light stuck the lens.
This picture corroborated the claims made by Rev William Branham of the presence of the LORD in the form a Pillar of Fire that followed the Children of Israel in the wilderness and struck St. Paul while he was on his murderous mission to Damascus whenever he was praying for the sick.
Since then, as usual, skeptics have sought to dismiss the authenticity of the picture but the supernatural signs, wonders, healings, miracles, knowing the secrets of the heart, visions and fulfilled prophecies which followed the ministry of Rev William Branham are incontrovertible proofs of the authenticity of this picture, the first time in human documented history that GOD allowed HIMSELF to be photographed

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