Anything that works must be worked on for it to work – Marriage 101

On Marriage 10

Anything that works must be worked on for it to work –

– The institution of marriage requires a lot of patience,tolerance and a looooooong heart.
– When both partners keep telling themselves I have a part to play in this marriage and they both participate it will always work – [two are better than one]

• Couples must endeavour to work on bringing the best out of each other : there must be something that one must become through the inspiration of their partner – I couldn’t do this before I met you but now I excel because you believed in me to can achieve this and that – there must be a BIG difference between my old single life and my new marital status.

– There is no praise so sweet better than the one that comes from your partner.

We must keep on reassuring each other by using words like you are the best choice that I ever made ,your wish is my command,I’m for ever yours I will never get tired Loving you, if given another chance to marry I will marry you again e.t.c.

• In conclusion:as we work on our marriages we must see where the marriage is going before arrival.

Marriage require a vision and great expectations as well. Challenges will come to all of us but if we see the right thing ahead of us it DOES NOT MATTER HOW SMALL WE MAY BE AT THE PRESENT MOMENT nothing is born Big it grows with time….

• 2 Cor 4:18 says :While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

– I once observed a soccer player who always score impossible free kicks I was told – all the time he will close his eyes then open his eyes and kick the ball, he always scores .By the time he closes his eyes he see the ball already on the net.

– Our imagination plays a great role in our marriages.Stop imagining the worse – even if you are going through the worse – Decide using your imagination what you want to see in your marriage.

– Once the picture of your imagination about your marriage is clear you will dance in the mist of marriage challenges.

• Genesis 11:6 paint a very classic picture on this it says nothing will be restrained from them what they have imagined – meaning they are unstoppable . As you pray for your marriage see the end from the beginning and declare that my marriage-will never fail(Isaiah 46:10)

• Let’s grow together as married couples every thing big start small – Never be tempted to quit.

This work in every area of our lives

Pastor B

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