Already gone viral is an award-winning magnanimous act of a well befitting release of a dear true spiritual son of our apostolic Father, Pastor David Ogbueli- a patriarch of the Christian Faith, a father of many fathers from whose apostolic root I graciously stem. It is a gesture worth emulating and I dare swiftly affirm that it is worth the virality.
I am worried that some people may not see this act as a call to study the life of Rev Chukwudubem (Dubus) Achufusi and observe how to serve a man of God and be a true spiritual son seflessly for over 20 years without being an issue of concern. I am worried that some folks may rather use this act as a weapon against their General Overseers.
Please before you start harrassing your General overseer to do for you what Rev.Dr David Ogbueli did for Rev Dubus, be a “Rev Dubus”, and if need be, your General Overseer may be a “Rev. Dr David Ogbueli.” Maybe!!! Not compulsory.
I, in my singular solitude, am deeply concerned and burdened about this generation and her, among other things, proclivity towards extremism and the irrational mannerism with which we copy and insist on pasting without recourse to deep understanding .
If I didn’t have to bother you with seemingly complex words, I would simply put: We are mostly driven by greed, “showmanship” and impatience, and that forms the bedrock of our decisions many times.
Of Greed, I speak of some associate pastors who have started rehearsing a fight with their senior pastor, if he dares not give them a property to rename and own by the time they receive a revelation to start a church.
Of impatience, I speak of associate pastors and leaders who, having seen the magnanimity of Rev David Ogbueli, have already heard God concerning being a G. O.
And of showmanship, some G.O’s are already planning to will a church property to a spiritual son who wants a release, and not because of much weightier factors, but for something as puerile as being on the media front burner.
And trust church people on this, baby christians especially, any G. O who releases any pastor to start a church with only “My son, It shall be well with you. The Lord expand you and cause you to prosper greatly in your ministry” and doesn’t give him a branch to rename might henceforth be called a wicked man.
Some callous potential Lucifer’s have already started tagging their senior pastors on the handover pictures on social media. Some even go to the comment box and mention the name of their senior pastor. A way of saying “Papa, hope you are seeing what your fellow G.O is doing for his son. And I hope you have no plans to take my labour in this church for a ride.”
Dear senior pastor, If anyone still under your leadership tags or tagged you in that picture, that’s a sign of virus in your leadership.
He started following Pastor David from the campus days at University Of Nigeria Nsukka and has remained till date. In a one-on-one mentorship meeting I had with one of the key senior pastors in Dominion City last week, I was told He is among the oldest serving pastor still remaining, amidst transitions and testings and pressures.
He did a work in Dominion City Onitsha and raised mighty men. He was asked to hand over and move to Aba. He obeyed. He went to Aba and gave the ministry a great lift. Built a speaking legacy in Aba and a befitting city Church for God under Dominion City.
I once heard him express his special affinity for the city of Aba many years ago. How that he took his wife for vacation in a particular country and couldn’t even stay up to the agreed number of days, because he was missing Aba.
He was finally asked to leave this dear Aba and move to one of the branches in Lagos church . He obeyed and has done a tremendous work in Lagos that is still speaking.
HOLY GHOST MORNING was already becoming the talk of the town with mighty miracles, signs and wonders trailing it. I had been to one. I have watched the deaf hear, blind see, dumb speak via that meeting on youtube.
For reasons best known to his pastor, HOLY GHOST MORNING was suspended. He didn’t pick offence and leave DOMINION CITY to start HOLY GHOST MORNING MINISTRIES INT’L CHURCH. He stayed.
His pastor, during the ministry’s ordination service(Priesthood Summit), actually made reference to the suspension of HOLY GHOST MORNING as a test for him, which he conveniently passed.
This greedy, proud, half-baked and impatient generation would leave the church when transferred, rebuked, suspended or given an instruction. Some would just send their pastor who have raised them for years a 1-page farewel heart-breaking text. Some would not even send a text. They would upload the flier of their new ministry and tag their pastor.
Some would pick offence and take a french leave and then take a snapshot with their new father and tag their former father to see they have changed fatherhood. Some would not even communicate their exit at all. You just realize after some months of trying to reach out to them that they are really gone and gone for good.
There is also this class of ingrates whose doom had already been prophesied long ago that would carry their father’s members to build their newly found ministries. They even still go as far as wooing some members in their father’s house over, denting the image of the finger that fed them; and please from such people, turn away lest you become a partaker of their looming ripple-effect calamity and the timebomb upon which they sit.
I believe Rev David Ogbueli didn’t do that to establish a new doctrine on how to release someone who has served you selflessly. Everyone is led differently.
The bequeathing of a city church by Rev. Dr David Ogbueli to his son Rev. Dubus, and also promising to always give him platform to preach in NIGHT OF GLORY and Dominion City meetings, is a call to rediscover sonship principles and reawaken the already dead Father-son relationship to the body of Christ.
Thank you Rev Dubus Achufusi for modelling sonship. Thank you Rev. Dr. David Ogbueli for modelling fatherhood.

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