“There is nothing that can be compared to the heights a man will attain when the woman in his life believes in him.”

Human beings are wired to be interdependent.

We can depend on other people’s words and encouragement to get by in life.
Words of hope coming from the people we love serve as the push and motivation we need to push through.

A woman’s words of encouragement to her man can make him achieve double of what he set out to do.

Sometimes,I wonder how less painful Job’s ordeal would have been if his wife had stood by him instead of telling him to curse God and die.

As a woman,you have all it takes to push your man to greater heights.

The power in your tongue and your knees can never be over-emphasized.

Tell that man he can make it.
Tell him,God got his back.
Tell him,his efforts will pay off.
Tell him,the world is waiting for his manifestation.
Tell him you believe in him.

Push him to heights untold by believing unshakably in him.

The rewards are tremendous.


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