the chorister who sings to God with unclean lips.. Busy but guilty.
The believer that divorces and remarries with the first life partner still alive.. Busy but guilty..
The prayer warriors who indulges in secret sins, including masturbation.. Busy but guilty..
The minister who lies against the holy Spirit. Busy but guilty
The gospel artist that sings gospel songs in worldliness.. Busy but guilty..
The pastor wife that lives in malice and Jealousy.. Busy but guilty..
The general overseer that welcome comedians to the pulpits… Busy but guilty..
The female evangelist who wins souls for God, but dresses like a harlot.. Busy but guilty..
The usher who lives in fornication… busy but guilty.
The woman leader who insults and abuses her husband… Busy but guilty..
The faithful member who sells alcohole drinks, cigarettes etc… Busy but guilty…
The minister that despises other ministries and minister.. Busy but guilty….
The speaker in tongues who still lies… Busy but guilty…
The preacher of prosperity ignoring holiness and heaven… Busy but guilty….
The minister who lives in pride and impurity… Busy but guilty….
Are you a busy believer but guilty before God on that last day many busy believers we be missing in heaven. You still have time to repent.. God please help us all we need is Grace….

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