Often times when I hear people call Christianity the religion of the whiteman I laugh at their gross display of ignorance. The one that baffles me the most is when they try to suggest that christ was forced on africa through slavery! That’s not true. History actually has the true fact that 45% percent of Africa already knew about Jesus before the era of slavery.

Let me give you a shocker, the man that helped Jesus carry the cross on his road to Golgotha was an African and his name was Simon the Cyrene. Cyrene is located in Northern Africa in the place we now know as modern LIBYA! When the Apostles of Jesus began their ministry, Philip the Apostle introduced Jesus Christ to a high Ethiopian official (Ethiopian Eunuch).

This happened before the slavery era around AD 341 which was calculated to be approximately 1278 years before slavery. EZANA, the Ethiopian King at the time, after the Ethiopian Eunuch introduced Jesus to him officially named Ethiopia a Christian nation and from that time many countries and regions in Africa received the message of the Lord Jesus. Africans had the bible before the Europeans came.

In fact the bible that came to Africa from Ethiopia is today named THE WORLD’S MOST COMPLETE BIBLE.

To those who continue to walk in the ignorance of believing that Jesus was “forced” on Africa this is the time to debunk those fable tales and go back to painstaking studies.

Study the real facts rather than feeding your non-belief systems with lies that are based on the opinions of another man.

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