That’s the girl they stoned to death
That’s Deborah
She only asked that religious content be kept away from the class platform.

Their god demanded her life for it, so they said.
Where are my Muslim friends? Where are my Christian friends?
Why is nobody shouting?
But it doesn’t seem to matter here.
That’s why a presidential aspirant who should need my vote can boldly declare that he did not condemn the murder of this christian girl.
And he still asks for my vote.

He knows that if I don’t give him my vote, other christians who don’t care about Deborah Yakubu will give him theirs.
They’re the ones who say that religion doesn’t matter in politics.
Just because they want the onions and garlic from the north.

Why are they able to hurt us, humiliate us and walk away?
Why are the voices speaking for Christ so weak?

They know that we don’t really care about Deborah, Leah, Eunice Olawale who was beheaded IN ABUJA for preaching the gospel on the street (morning cry)…and countless others.

Where’s the girl that was kidnapped from the streets of Bayelsa, who was later found pregnant in an emir’s palace?

It is sickening.
I feel hurt and angry.
Do we belong here as Christians?
Is there space for us here?
If this truly is our space, why can’t we fight for it?

Fear torments!
If Jesus died for us, what’s wrong with dying for Him?

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