Dancehall singer Canc Queen exit from music business after giving her life to Christ 

Liberian dancehall singer, Canc Queen has announced her exit from the music business after giving her life to Christ.

The singer announced to her fans on her social media pages that she has made the decision to follow Christ and abandon music. According to her, she doesn’t want to suffer on earth and also suffer in hell. The ‘Dem girl’ singer revealed that she took the decision to quit music and turn over a new leaf after surviving three near-death experiences.

“Sorry fans for disappointing u but, I dont want to suffer on earth and suffer in hell. I pray as I have made my decision to follow christ let me not leave him to come back to this kind. Many people will not understand why in a short time a change, because what u want is not what God wants for u.” she shared via her social media page.

While also revealing the reason behind the sudden change, she said “I had an accident and broke every part of my body, yet still u heal the first time, the second time I was nearly gang-raped, and now the 3rd food poisoned, what king of God are u”.

The Liberian Dance hall queen also said that she does not want to be referred to as a dancehall queen but just Canc queen, explaining the new meaning of the name she said “I’m no longer ur dancehall queen. Pls call me CanC queen cause I’m now the queen of my father that is in heaven. I mean Jesus christ the son of God that died for all my sins for me to be saved.”


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