▪️What can change a Nation or a Church?
A. Fasting and Prayer (waiting on God)
B. Discipleship and Obedience
▪️A disciple is a follower of Christ.
▪️He is one who has the image/nature of Christ.
▪️A disciple acts like his Master (Christ).
▪️Every disciple obeys. You cannot be a disciple without obedience.
▪️God has commandments and they are meant to be obeyed.
▪️Disciples don’t do selective obedience.
1. The Great Commission: Matt. 28:19-20
▪️The Great Commission was not a suggestion but a commandment.
▪️A commandment has nothing to do with the way you feel.
▪️The fruit of every believer is another believer.
▪️We will be judged by our response to the commandments of Jesus.
2. The Love Commandment: Matt. 22:36-38
▪️As a believer, it is not optional to love.
There are 4 Aspects of the Love Commandment_
A. Love God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. Mat 22:37.
B. Love your neighbor as yourself. Mat 22:39
▪️Let’s have human empathy. Don’t live a self centered life.
C. Love your brethren as Jesus loves you. John 13:34.
▪️Unbelievers go to hell because they do not accept Jesus, but believers go to hell because of heart issues; they refuse to love.
▪️Jesus kind of love is a sacrificial kind of love.
▪️Jesus kind of love forgives & forgets. 1Cor. 13:1-3.
D. Love your Enemies: ▪️Give your enemies food when they are hungry.
▪️It doesn’t mean that they won’t be punished by God if they don’t repent. Rom. 12:20.
3. The Command to Deny Yourself: Luke 9:23
▪️Don’t put your need above that of God.
▪️Don’t be too ambitious for God.
▪️Let the things of God matter more to you than your personal things.
▪️Strip yourself of pride and your rights.
4. The Command to Carry One’s Cross:
▪️The cross is the end game for the devil. The power of the cross can not be contended.
There are two sides to the Cross.
A. The Front Side: The sacrifice of Jesus
B. The Back Side: Your own Sacrifice – Luke 9:23
▪️Jesus brought the gospel of grace & the gospel of the kingdom.
▪️The gospel of the Kingdom is the gospel of responsibility.
▪️You cannot serve God based on your own convenience.
▪️Carry your cross even if it’s painful, for the sake of the Kingdom.
▪️Can you go through pains for God?
5. The Command to Give: Luke 6:38
▪️Giving is in the bible & it is a commandment from God.
▪️Tithes & offerings are not old testament laws only, they are new testament commandments.
▪️Pay your Tithes & give your Offerings.
6. The Command to Obey: Matt. 28:20
▪️It is not optional, is an instruction.
▪️Be a doer of the word.
 7. The Command to Forgive: Matt. 18:21-35, Eph. 4:26-27
▪️Forgiveness is not an option but a commandment.
▪️Offense is an attack on your relationship with God.
▪️If indeed you need God’s mercy, you must learn to forgive.
▪️Settle your issues, don’t hold it in your heart.
 ▪️Unforgiveness opens the door for the devil in your life.
8. The Command to Pray: Luke 18:1, Eph. 6:18, Zech. 12:10
▪️Prayer is earthly license for heavenly interference. Lk. 18:1
▪️Prayer changes things.
▪️We are meant to pray Always.
▪️Don’t just wake up in the morning and leave your house without Praying.
9. The Command to Abide: John 15:4-5
▪️You are not living an independent life.
▪️Everything is sustained by it’s Source.
▪️If you don’t live an abiding life, your life becomes unproductive.
▪️When your spirit is alienated from the Spirit of God, you cannot survive.
▪️Without Christ, you can do nothing.
▪️Abide through daily devotion, fellowship with God and bible study.
10. The Command to Submit: James 4:7
▪️You can’t bind the devil when you live in disobedience.
▪️To exercise authority, you must learn to be under authority.
11. The Command to be Holy: 1Pet. 1:16
▪️Live a life of Purity, let go of secret sins.
▪️You become holy by the grace of God, it’s not a struggle.
▪️Set boundaries, Put away those things that lead you to sin.
▪️Put away every idols from your life.
12. The Command to Share Communion: Luke 22:19-22.
▪️Take communion with your Family & you will see the benefits.
God Bless You…

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