Restoration of true worship By Udeme Oyoyo

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Restoration of true worship By Udeme Oyoyo

purpose. there is a purpose He created and made every
living and non-living things on Earth. There is nothing
under the sun created by God to be dormant He made
everything to serve each order, for man he created him in
his own image and likeness to have Dominon over
everything he has created, which means to reign, rule,
govern, lead, be in charge, and become the manager .This
is the true worship which God has purpose in his heart
for mankind to live as a lifestyle.
Adam was able to function then because God has
blessed him (Gen1:28) but Lucifer who is called Satan
(today) after he has lost his own position .He heard God
in Gen. 1:26 saying let us made man in his image and
likeness and Dominion to manage the garden. He
planned to cause man to disobey God like him. After the
creation of mankind. God’s original intension came
through He demanded the true worship from man. And
after a while the manager lost his position, function and
Dominion just as the devil has targeted on Him; From
thence he could not fellowship and function according to
God’s purpose for man any more, from thence the whole
humanity became confuse and separated from
fellowship with God. To render the true worship then
became impossible through Adam’s disobedient
Rom.5:17, 18
So until the deliverance of the Israelites in Egypt
the humanity found it very hard to give God the true
worship. An introduction of worship was given to
Israelites by Moses as a means of man’s fellowship with
God again.
We shall begin in this book to show how God has
ordained the order of worship in Heaven, which Moses
was able to build the same pattern. So that the people of
God will have access to the God of Heaven. We shall also
see how Jesus Christ was humble enough to life and
death as a man being God himself. He deliver to us the
ministry of True worship and has succeeded in given to
us the life which Adam in the garden has lost (Phil 2:5-
11, John 4 :23, 24, 1 Jn 5:11) let us narrate the true
worship in a way it properly means to us who believe in
the Lordship of Jesus Christ today.
The Art of praise and worship
Do you know how praise and worship in Christian
churches started? Why do we sing an opening or
welcome song and then proceed to sing up-tempo
songs before finally transition into high intimacy
worship songs? Is there some kind of pattern that we're
supposed to strictly follow? Or can we modify it to suit
our liking and styles?
To best understand the biblical roots of Christian praise
and True worship, it is necessary to look at the history
of Jewish worship, for it was this past manner of
worship that the worship of the early church was
patterned from.
After the nation of Israel left Egypt under the
leadership of Moses, God gave them the law and
commanded the construction of a tabernacle where He
would meet with them and His people would offer their ...

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