Easter Sunday Special : Pastor Jasper Uche

It’s Easter Sunday

Matthew  28:6
He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.

Welcome to Easter Sunday Special edition of your Wonderful, Spirit-filled, Mind-blowing and Life-changing devotional.

We don’t usually produce the devotional on Sundays but cos of Easter, we will have to.

Jesus resurrected on Easter Sunday.
This is the beginning of the New Testament.

His death ended the Old Testament, Order, Pattern…
His resurrection introduced the New Testament, Order, Pattern.

If Jesus had died and didn’t resurrect, the Old could have ended and there won’t be any new.
That could have been an eternal dilemma.

Friday, the devil thought he had won and the battle was over.
Saturday, humans waited and Jesus never showed up.

But they didn’t know He was busy disarming the devil.

When you think the Lord is not forthcoming, my dear, God is not the background fixing things for you.

On Sunday, Jesus arose and our redemption finalised.

What are you going through?
What are those challenges facing you?
Are you in the midst of predicaments, circumstances and situations too hard and high for you?

I pray for you :

The devil thought he had Jesus, but no…
Jesus rose!!!

You are coming out of that situation, circumstances, predicaments, sickness, disease, debt in the name of Jesus.

You are walking out of that debt, lack, that mess, that trouble that has caused you pain.

Those joy, celebration, financial freedom that has eluded your family, get ready, you are about walking into abundance.

That same power that brought Jesus out of the grave resides in you.

Let that power bring back to life everything dead around you, in your life, business, career, family, job, ministry in the mighty name of Jesus.

Today, you’re receiving a new level, a new miracle, a new blessing, a new connection, a new contract, a new promotion, a new financial status in Jesus name.

If you believe it enough, let your AMEN show it!!!

Happy Easter and God bless you.
I am…
Pst Jay

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