And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. (John 17:3, NKJV)
The proof of life is consciousness. One of the characteristics of God’s life is that it releases the living knowledge of God. By living knowledge, I mean knowledge that is directly powered by God’s life which is rooted in the spirit – completely bypassing the senses. Anyone who receives eternal life is furnished with the knowledge that makes God real to them in experience. This knowledge defies language and supersedes all descriptions. It is an inexplicable bolt of reality that settles sturdily in the believer.
The knowledge of God that eternal life brings helps the believer to grasp the essence of the person of God. God transforms from being the abstract, unapproachable and Almighty Spirit and becomes affable – closer than a friend and brother. By this same knowledge, God becomes a faithful companion that can speak and be spoken to. As the believer grows in faith, they continue to grasp and grab more and more of the substance and essence of God’s person. It is on this basis that a relationship is established between the believer and God on a personal level.
God communicates through His life to the believer in an audiovisual manner – sounds and sights. This is further broken down to dreams, visions, deep impressions, audible voice in the heart, and through signs etc. The Holy Spirit continues to release the anointing so that the believer will know all things. The Bible says
…you have an anointing from the Holy One, and you know all things. (1 John 2:20, NKJV)
The anointing enhances the proper function of the spiritual senses (just like engine oil enhances the frictionless, harmonious coordination and working together of all the different parts of an engine to produce a corporate function) so that the believer will continue to know more of God through communication and communion.
It is important to learn to use the infinite resource of eternal life to both know God and communicate with Him. Sometimes the difference between life and death depends on our ability to communicate effectively with God. I give you two examples:
First, there was one time I wanted to travel by road to preach. After paying the fare, I felt serious restraint in my spirit – it was knowledge from God. I knew it was God telling me not to board the vehicle. So I went to the cashier and requested for a refund. The cashier punished my ‘rashness’ by deducting some amount from my original payment. After a while I got an ‘okay’ in my heart so I boarded another vehicle. On our way, we saw the vehicle which I was earlier restrained by the Holy Spirit from boarding. It had been involved in a terrible accident.
Second, during the Boko Haram carnage of January 20, 2012 in Bompai Police Barracks Kano, a friend of mine was on his way to the barracks. He was less than 500 meters away from the perimeter of the bloodshed when he had a strong impression in his heart to go back home. He was on a commercial motorcycle. So he told the motorcyclist to turn back and take him home. He knew it was God instructing him but had no idea why. By the following morning, he found out why: at least three hundred dead bodies were counted in the barracks where he was headed barely twenty-four hours earlier. He would have been counted among the dead!
Communicating with God, much like any other type of communication deepens the relationship between man and God. The more this happens, the more a man gets to learn the spiritual dialect of God. Thus, fusing deeper and deeper into God’s mind until the man becomes fully attuned to the frequency of God’s thoughts on a consistent basis.
One way to ascertain that a man has grown in his relationship with God is the ease with which he thinks God’s thoughts. Thinking God’s thoughts is only possible when a man’s heart is fully aligned and fused to God’s heart in constant, unbroken communion and communication. God’s thoughts therefore descend continually into the heart of whoever is aligned to God’s heart – this is basically what it means to be prophetic!
Prayer constantly bridges the gap between eternity (the shoreless, multidimensional and ever-stretching realm where God resides) and time (the three-dimensional, material-based realm where man resides). Faith bridges the gap between the spiritual (invisible) and material (visible). Ingesting God’s word by means of study and meditation both builds the facility for receiving, processing and understanding God’s thoughts and strengthens the very fabric of faith within the believer.

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