Even thou I met my wife first as a Gate Man, Pastor Burst out

#I met my wife first as a Gate Man.

22years ago, I met you for the very first time as a Gate Man,

You will always bring food to me at the gate of my duty post,
I wouldn’t have tried to ask for anything that time because…….,

18years ago which is four years later, I asked you out as a University Student and you looked into my future, you chose conviction instead of convenience, you said “let’s start”.

14years ago, I asked that you be my wife with no certainty of the good life we now have and you jumped into the overflowing water to say Yes. Hmmmmm

14years later, I know I have truly chosen the best for myself, who else would have been suitable for all my faults and excesses.

Deborah Amarachi, my Honey, my Woman, my Wife and the mother of my able Children, my Queen, my Co Lead Pastor, a Believer to what I do, my greatest Seed Sower, my No1 audience.

Today is not enough to celebrate you as my wife and it’s not the only day I say this to you, you hear this often from your Bobo.

I just want to let you know am grateful for what you represent in my life, you are my precious Jewel from God and you mean so much to me.

I love you my Baby, thank you for all your contributions to where we are today. We shall celebrate 50years Anniversary together in Wealth, Strength and in Health.

Congratulations my Baby,
Happy Anniversary to us.
Your ManG, MC.
I live you

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