Everything rises and falls on leadership, even in the home paul Adefarasin

As a man, you are not superior but integral as the Priest, Prophet, Provider of the home; partnering in parenting and for the success of each individual member of the family.

Even if you didn’t have a good model growing up, you can learn how to incorporate God’s values so you can succeed and grow together as a family.

When you feel overwhelmed by it, get empowered – read and speak the Word of God, speak to someone you trust, and pray about it. You are winning!

Father, today I pray with my friends and brothers who have the responsibility of being the head of their homes, that you will grant them wisdom to be true leaders, and grant them understanding to know how that role works within the home and with other roles. Cause those who have missed their way to retrace and rebuild. More importantly, let them know to rely on you and all you have said concerning them.

Amen 🙏🏽





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