Faith Abiola Oyedepo : If you can’t make him feel secure with you, then, you are not honouring him

Faith Abiola Oyedepo wrote

Honour Your Spouse with Your Words Respect is not all about kneeling to greet, using words such as ‘sir’ or ‘ma’ or speaking so highly about someone when in their presence. It is truly exhibited in the way you treat or talk about someone, in their absence. In fact, being good and gracious to someone in their presence while doing the exact opposite in their absence is called eye service, and that is a high level of disrespect.

So many people are guilty of speaking negatively of their spouses, especially in the midst of family and friends. At times, it is a way of gaining sympathy, which unknown to them, sells their spouses out. At that instance, you might gain the sympathy you crave, but the outcome is that your spouse loses his/her respect. This easily makes you an object of
mockery and you may also lose personal respect amongst these people.
Your best option is, therefore, to communicate with your spouse, commit him or her to prayers, constantly seek his/her good, and at all times, speak words of edification. It is better for others to see your spouse as the best and envy you, than for you to be used as a case of pity. If your partner is honoured, you would be honoured too. For instance, if you laugh while in a conversation with a friend, can your husband be certain you aren’t laughing at him? If you can’t make him feel secure with you, then, you are not honouring him. So, it is high time you honour your spouse in your conduct and conversation. Remember, honouring him is also honouring God and when God is honoured, He blesses.

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