False Christians follows false Preachers

{You have to be false to follow what is false}
{You have to be Truthful to follow the Truth }

  • It is when people are doing what is wrong that they expect a preacher who is wrong to rise and protect their lack of restraint and lasciviousnes – nobody can lie to God and say they never knew the Truth.
  • Truth Lovers always take careful consideration before they follow – they hate anything that will cause them to be defiled.
    •If you can observe closely those who follow false Prophets and false teachings you will discover the following:
  1. Most of them are jealous and bitter.
  2. Most of them are trapped in immorality ( sexual sins and greedy)
    3.Most of them are lawless they hate correction they think they are equal with their Pastors (self deluded)
  3. Most of them have no relationship with God such that they don’t belong to any Church but they want to difine what Church is and how it must be operated.
  4. Most of them have a record of failed relationships due to pride and refusal to listen to their partners.(not all)
  5. Most of them love competition so they were beaten at their own game – and in trying to come back they start a new doctrine that nobody understands so that they may lead.
  6. The worse part is bitterness they accuse the Truth and hate those who live a Holly Life
    8.MOST OF THEM ARE HAVING SEX OUTSIDE MARRIAGE ( they call it I’m in an open relationship or entanglement)
  7. Most of them are Lovers of themselves and Lovers of money more than lovers of GOD.
  • The only cure to the followership of false Prophets and false doctrines is to SINCERELY LOVE THE TRUTH AND WISH OTHERS WELL.
    { A pure heart can not be easily deceived deception always attracts those with wrong motives}
  • Avoid competitive life style.
  • Never be in a Church where you don’t respect and honor the man of God from your heart ( just depart in peace or seek God for the Church God has called you to support)
    {Scripture references read for yourself don’t always expect others to interpret scriptures for you }
  • Romans 1:21-24 – When people reject the Truth God give them the reflection of their hearts he allows them to follow their choices.
    A.Second Timothy 3 read the whole chapter.
    •2 Timothy 4:3 – For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine but after their own LUSTS shall they heap to themselves teachers having itching ears 4. And they shall turn away their ears from the Truth and they shall be turned unto fables.
    I will live it here for now …..
    { If you feel otherwise we call it conviction don’t shoot the messenger just repent Jesus Loves you}
    Ps B

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