God’s Ancient Weapon for Salvation and Divine Protection : REVD. DAVID OGBUELI

SUNDAY: 5.04.2020
-Rev. 12:9-11: They overcame him (Satan) by the Blood of the Lamb and by the Words of their Testimonies.
One powerful weapon of salvation and protection is the blood. Wherever the blood is applied, Satan cannot touch.
-Job 1:4-10: The blood must be applied on you, your family and all you have, CONTINUALLY. It is one weapon that can take the devil out.
The Second weapon is the words of our testimonies.
-Learn to speak the word.
-The Word we speak is like a trigger.
-You can’t keep quiet in this season.
-The devil goes about looking for whom he may devour. That means he cannot devour everyone. He cannot touch who is connected to God. He can only attack the one whose hedge is down or broken.
-Being connected to God keeps us away from risk and at ease.
Benefits of Being Connected to God
Job 1:10
Hedge of Protection around You
Security and Protection around your House
Protection on your Property
Blessings on the Works of your Hands
 Increase on your Finances
This blessing enjoyed by Job can be for everyone connected to God if we do what Job did.
What did Job do? Job 1:5…
-Job consistently sanctified his household and offered sacrifices on their behalf. So there was a blood covering round about Job’s household.
-This plague, coronavirus can be stayed from your household because of the blood of Jesus.
-Our physical and entire destiny depends on Jesus Christ. If you are not in Christ, you are in crisis.
-The devil knows the power in the blood even if we do not know it.
-The blood covenant ensures our healing, health and wealth.
-In the midst of this global calamity, we can apply the blood and run into the ark of defense. The blood secures and increases prosperity.
-Gal. 3:13- Curses cannot come upon us because of Christ who has redeemed us.
-The blood not only ensures salvation, but protection and even financial prosperity.
-2 Samuel 24: 20-25: The blood stops plagues, the devil and death.
How to deal with the Plague Numbers 16:46-48
 Make Atonement: Atonement is made by the blood.
 Offer Incense: This is prayer and worship.
-Intense intercession stops plague.
-2Chronicles 7:13-14
Intercessory prayers of God’s people can heal the people and the land- nation.
Steps to making Atonement
Seek God’s face
Turn from wicked ways
-There must be true repentance that leads to a change- a turning away from evil, vices, habits, wrong associations.
 Then God can hear and heal our land.
_We have been called to fast this 7days. It may mean skipping a meal or 2. Do what works for you but ensure there is self denial during this 7days of Camp Meeting._

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