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Buzz is a professional wordpress web development. You can find below his summary.

Work Experience
Web Developer 2016 to present.
Work with a team of four web developers who create and manage a platform for organizational development and employee education. Use JavaScript, PHP, and AJAX, among other tools, to design the platform. Write two to four pieces of SEO content every month to use in building the company’s online ranking.

Web Developer
Created website layouts for three to five clients each month. Managed everything from formatting to scripting to SEO. Monitored traffic usage to determine which areas needed to be modified for increased visibility and recognition.

Web Developer Intern
Contributed to writing code and SEO for 15 regular clients. Participated in quarterly training regarding development strategies and effective practices for web design. Presented an end-of-term demonstration of the skills I learned to members of executive management.

Education and Training
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology2010
University of UtahUtah
Graduated Magna Cum Laude

Web Developer Intern

Detail-oriented and thorough to avoid mistakes that limit platform efficiency and user navigation
Skilled in JavaScript, PHP, and AJAX and willing to learn other software programs
Competent writing skills and experience in creating SEO that highlights brand characteristics and organizational authenticity
Great communication skills and ability to work with others well in a team setting
Creative and innovative to develop unique platforms to enhance brand and company growth
Hobbies and Interests
Enjoy kayaking and backpacking. On the Bonneville School District’s Board of Trustees and a substitute teacher at Bonneville Elementary. Teach a youth coding class at the local YMCA. Passionate about modern art.

I am a passionate web developer with 5 years of experience building virtual platforms for organisations at a professional level. My experience with web development software is primarily html, php and JavaScript, but I am very comfortable using wordpress among other open-source content management system (CMS). I am creative and detail-oriented in designing platforms that are functional and user-friendly. I have a strong understanding of the use of SEO and social media in building brand awareness and gaining visibility in search engine rankings. I also value the use of mobile programming to design a well-rounded platform that caters to the unique needs of each customer I services.

Henry Ifesinachi “also known as Buzz”

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