Government Attempt to use CAMA to Regulate Churches


Although the attempt could have a so called Good Reason, due to the bad egg amongst church ministers

I understand that it is only Bishop Oyedepo who seem to be speaking up and standing up to the government in this matter.

However, we should all come together in a constructive way to stop certain persons in govt, who desires to assume the power to witch Hunt and desolve, the trustee of Churches and at the same time apoint new trustees

Once the govt begins to desolved and re-apoint a fresh Trustees for Churches, it’s becomes very easy to take over the church from the founder and his God given mission. Simply by changing his trustees to install there trustees, who in turn would change the vision of the Church to their own vision

This Govt is just window shopping and trying to use us to invite them into our midst just to open their govt eyes into all church internal activities both for taxation and control

Let’s be careful not to hand the Church of Christ into the hand of Govt of this corrupt world, who wants to take over the Church of Christ, for their worldly control and manipulations

Please sir I appeal that you use your influence to constructively support the Bishop to stop this Govt take over strategy no matter the Good reason s behind it.

There are no reasons good enough to hand over the sacred Church of Christ to the world

Govt is quickly trying to use CAMA to craftily bring in this Church control Policy because they’re aware that the churches had been tamed via the Pandemic and that CAN / PFN are presently weak and unable to regulate her churches into having one voice

Now Pastors are afraid to talk because they fear that their own members would be the first to criticize them. Therefore the Bishop was left alone to fight this battle. Which shouldn’t be.

They’re using the COVID 19 effect on our members to create a mutiny of Pastors vs members interest

This could also have an Islamic undertune. Owing to the fact that the present President no later longer needs our Christian vote because he only has two terms

They use our vote to get into power and now, while their candidacy is rounding up, they decided to smartly introduce their Islamic Agender. Using us against ourselves.

They are using our members and the Social Media to fuel their Agenda. Let’s lunch out prayerfully and tactically.

Kaduna Government under a Muslim leader also tried in the past to introduce the bill that would regulate Churches and assume the power to issue , renew and withraw our preaching license.

And right under our nose Sharia, which was meant to be a mere Cerimonial law is now issuing death sentence to blasfamers and offenders

Sponsored Muslim mobs out on the street in public demonstration demanding death penalty for blasfamers of Islam.

Not only that, by this new law and move, once ,the founder or G.O of the Church or Ministry passes on ,after his demise, the government or CAMA,is the one empowered to choose who become the head or G .O of the church in a bit to remove issue of sons or wives of G.Oes becoming the head or to prevent continuity. A sinister move indeed. The issue of God speaking or having a say on who head or become the next G .O of the church is not allowed .Do not be surprised that,Christians in the government ,at the corridor of Power because of envy ,hatred or personal interest are behind all these and so many of such .I have my source.The Judases. They shall not end well. But ,the Church must be united against forces that have Judases to use against the church.

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