Guilty Wife

Oga returned from work and removed his suit and proceeded to shower.
Madam, after serving food went to hang Oga’s suit properly and suddenly saw a pink pant liked material with white foldings around it.
Out of anger that oga has been cheating to the extend of having another lady’s pant in his suit pocket, madam dropped the suit and frowned.
As oga came out of the bathroom, everything changed. The entire house became hostile and oga couldn’t phantom what could have happened given the fact he received a worm welcome from the same wife that suddenly started frowning at him. All efforts to know what happened failed as madam refused to talk or respond to him.
The food was getting cold on dinning table. As madam refused to join oga on the dinning table, Oga kukuma abondoned the food and went to bed.
Thirty minutes later, madam joined oga in “za oza room” but refused to lie down. When Oga noticed she was boiling more and more, he started pleading for forgiveness even when he doesn’t know exactly what he did. Madam didn’t still show concern as she was busy imagining how her husband was “doing it with his mistress”. Oga tried using a hug to calm her down, she pushed him away and screamed “go back to her and leave me alone”!
It was at that point Oga realised where his ordeals were coming from. But deep inside him as a man, he has never cheated on his wife since a year and seven months they married. As Oga was trying to swore that he has never cheated on her before, madam drew out a kitchen knife she hid in her clothes and threatened to kill oga right and there if he tries to rub his unfaithfulness to her face by denying it. At that point, Oga picked his car key and ran out of the house.
It was almost midnight. Oga didn’t want to disturb anyone as almost all his close paddy are married. On getting to a hotel, he realised he wasn’t with his wallet/ATM card as he was in his nightwear. He was forced to call his “manext man” who resides in another city to transfer 7k into the hotel’s account to enable him secure a room for the night which the guy did without hesitation.
Oga drove back home in the morning to prepare for work and madam locked him out shouting he should go back to wherever he slept and prepare to work from there (insunating it was in the sidechick’s house he slept).
After many pleadings fell into deaf ears, oga called one of his colleagues to bring extra Black shoe for him while coming to office. He also called his laundry man and pressured him into coming out by 6:40am. He explained his ordeals to the laundry man who out of pity allowed him pick any black suit that could size him.
Arriving 15 minutes late to the office in suit and slippers before Ben(his colleague) rushed out to give him the shoes he brought for him made every one to believe his story and he wasn’t queried.
His manager in his magnanimity consulted his deputy and they allowed him a day off to go sort out the issue with his wife but advised him not to return home alone again to avoid meeting hot water or acid bath.
Oga decided to involve his wife’s family since they stay in the same city.
On getting to his house with his wife’s Dad, Mum and elder sister, the wife narrated what happened and what she saw in her husband’s suit pocket. Without landing, her mother shouted “I knew it! Men, they are all the same!! IHYULA LA KA I AGBTUTUU?. They will never stop exhibiting their relationship with dogs”. The husband cautioned her to stop and asked her daughter if she has a proof to what she was saying? Without altering a word, she walked into their bedroom and came out few minutes later bending her face….
It happened that it was an emergency face mask oga bought as he went for lunch the previous day forgetting his main facemask at the office. And the restaurant was operating on “no facemask, no entry” and he bought that one beside the restaurant….
Now, madam is on her knees, begging for forgiveness.
She is pregnant and had planned on how to break the news to her husband at the dinning table before or after dinner.
*What will you do if you are the man, his relation or friend?

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