“I never thought about the effect alcohol could have had on my life- kanye West

Kanye West speaking to the crowd at the Awaken 2020. an evangelical prayer rally hosted in Tempe, Arizona, Said that he considered himself a “Trojan horse” for God – a man who gained prominence as he worked for the devil, but would later use his fame to spread Jesus’ gospel.

West speaking about his past struggles with alcohol, including his infamous 2009 VMAs incident that immediately put him at odds with the general public.

“I never thought about the effect alcohol could have had on my life. I was drinking on the red carpet, and then running on stage a few minutes later,” he recalled. “And everyone around said, ‘Nah, he ain’t really no alcoholic.’ And then you get to the point where you’re drinking Grey Goose and orange juice for breakfast, thinking, ‘Nah, I ain’t really no alcoholic.’”

There was some vodka in the refrigerator at my office, and sometimes I would just go ahead and take a drink from it in the middle of the day, and I was walking toward that kitchenette area, and I stopped myself and I said, ‘Devil you’re not gonna finna beat me today,’” he recalled. “And it’s something that we take on, day by day. Every day that I don’t pick up that drink, I beat the devil.”

He added,No matter how long you’ve been away, no matter how long you’ve been in the dark, the light is right there, ready to save—to give you the confidence.”

Kanye West believes that he is a living proof that God sometimes gets the last laugh in your battles.

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