IMMORALITY start as a thought through- Baldwin Baloyi


– It start as a thought through observation (eyes)
– Then the mind process it
– Then the devil say approach it won’t hurt to greet
– And most of the time the devil arrange this occurrences to neutralize the anointing
– Just think about this – Before Salvation it was difficult to get a girlfriend now it’s like you are a magnet
– Then planning of execution
– Then Booking of Hotel careful planning( this involves making sure the place is very hidden such that no believer will come in that environment)
– Again the final stages of going there
Please take note : All these time the Holly Spirit will be saying no my Child please stop it
From stage 1 to the last stage I believe the fear of God can caution us to stop before the final stage of the act of immorality
Immorality is a long process it does not just happen over night it’s a long process that can be easily resisted before it reaches the final stages
After that I wonder how the believer feel because some they even want to lay hands on others , some they even want to Prophecy, Some they want to sing in toungues
Family can we look at this matter with sincerity of conscious – Let’s do a little self introspection
I get so seriously convicted to share on this lines , many times I thought what will people say and the burden just remain (All of us always want to be accepted and understood at the expense of the Glory of God)
IT PAYS TO OBEY GOD – ( and obeying God is a choice)no person can Blast this issue just for fun – I feel very free when I obey .
Baldwin Baloyi

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