Judas In The Church! 1-End

Judas In The Church!
Episode 1.
Pastor King has seen that there was need for the church to move forward after the death of his assistant pastor. He held a few hours meeting with the deacons and deaconesses of the church telling them of his intentions to get a new assistant pastor and most of them agreed it was a great idea. And so after weeks of praying and seeking God’s face he decided it was time to announce who his new assistant pastor would be.
The church was filled up to the brim, the news had spread like wild fire that a new assistant pastor would be announced and so all the deacons and deaconesses were all present in church. Even those who had stopped coming to church for some time now, they were all present in church.
Pastor King climbed on the pulpit and cleared his throat ad he began to address the congregation.
”Brethrens in the Lord, children of the most high God, my deacons and deaconesses, you are all welcome to church today. It is time for us to move forward after our pastor departed to glory. It is time to chose a new assistant pastor who would help pilot the work of God to the glory of His name and shame of the devil.
I have fasted and I have prayed for weeks now, and by the grace of God, God has chosen who he wants to move his ministry forward.  He is someone that you may not expect, he is someone who may not even be expecting this.  But this is the will of God and we must honour it. We must work with this man that God has chosen and as you do so HE will bless you in Jesus name” And the entire church chorused ”amen”.
When the announcement was made, everyone was shocked.  But they clapped and the congregation cheered as the ushers ran to his seat and led him to the alter. He was also in absolute shock.
Pastor King smiled as he handed over the mic to him. He stood and looked at the crowd, he could see some persons clapping, some where smiling , some were frowning and some were murmuring. He later found his voice on the mic.
”I am totally speechless, for days now God has been speaking to me and telling me He will use me for his work. I surrendered myself to Him and told him to use me as he willed, but I didnt know it was this big. Assistant pastor in this great ministry wow” with this he laid on the floor not minding the white shirt he was wearing, and then he rolled from one end of the alter to the other end. His voice was so loud as he cried out.
”Lord I humble myself before you, use me as you will”
Brother Chuks who was the music director kwt out his voice and started singing a melodious worship song, the church was thrown in an atmosphere of worship. Some persons were already high in the spirit as they spoke in different tongues. Some stood up and left. Others were just there, moodless. It was a glorious moment!
Episode 2.
At the end of the service, everyone came to congratulate brother Chris now pastor Chris. Some were very excited to congratulate him. The deacons and deaconesses all came in one after the other shaking hands with him and congratulating him, brother Chuks the music director led the choir members and one by one they moved to congratulate and shake hands with pastor Chris. Pastor King was happy, he knew he heard God right and he was glad the people loved the new assistant pastor.
Deacon Igho and deacon Duncan walked up to pastor Chris and also congratulated him. Deacon Duncan could not contain his joy as he kept opening his teeth and laughing and talking plenty.
”Brother Chris, erm sorry! Pastor Chris I am so happy for you. I always knew that God designed you for great purpose and achievements. Congrats sir.”  Pastor Chris bows his head as he shook hands with deacon Duncan and deacon Igho as sign of respect to them.
”Thank you my deacons, thank you so much sirs. Honestly I was surprised when pastor King called my name, I mean who am I in this church that God will just single me out from the congregation. Am just a nobody” deacon Igho nodded in agreement, ”of course brother Chris you are just a nobody” pastor Chris looked at him before continuing. ” But God decided to uplift me and selected me from the crowd to lead his sheeps.”
They all smiled and laughed together o. Deacon Duncan laughed even more as he asked. ”Were you aware of this position before? As in did pastor King tell you about it?” ”No” pastor Chris replied, excited he never mentioned it, and that is why I was even surprised when he called my name. I was expecting that the new assistant pastor would either be any of you. Deacon Igho or you deacon Duncan, or any of the deacons. But I was obviously wrong. God has other plans.
”Yes yes, he sure does replied deacon Igho.  ”Congrats again pastor” they shook his hand again before leaving so that the choir led by the MD can also see the new pastor.
As Duncan and Igho left to go, Duncan gave an eye to Igho who understood immediately that he was asking him to come along. And so they went same direction to Duncan’s car.
Duncan: did you see what just happened?
Igho: Duncan my friend, I should be asking you that.
Duncan: So after all mg Yeats of worshipping in this church, it has now reached for me to eat the fruit of my labour, pastor king just decided to pass my glory to another person. Brother Chris. Who is brother Chris.
Igho: A nobody!
Duncan: a nobody o, even himself knows he is a nobody. He even knows he is not qualified for that position he just received. He even said it that he thought I would be the new assistant pastor.
Igho: or me
Duncan: yes or you, but from no where pastor king just decided to spoil things for us.
Igho: Do you know right now he will have to move into the church quarters and occupy the house of the assistant pastor? He will also be given an official jeep. I hope you know that?
Duncan: That same house we all suffered to build o. I carries 40 bags of cement when building that house, and that is what this nikompu, this slimy dog will now come and enjoy while I still pay rent and drive this old 505 Mercedes Benz.
Igho: my brother such is life and there is nothing you can do about it. Its already a done deal.
Duncan: You lie o, I must do something. Listen I will make sure I frustrate him from that position. I will make it unbearable for him.
Igho: and how do you plan on doing that.
Duncan. Don’t worry your head over that, you will see things for yourself.
Mr Duncan started his car engine and drive off not minding the speed.
Episode 3.
Mrs and Mrs Odogun in their car home were laughing so hard. Mrs Odogun could not hold back the tears that followed. Odogun had to ask his wife. ”Is it so funny”? ”Yes o,” it is funny, it is very funny, brother Chris that is not even able to buy a pair of good trousers for himself. Did you even see the one he was wearing today?”
”Honey I saw it to, pastor King should just say he pities him and that is why he chose him as the new assistant pastor, if not who is brother Chris? Is it not Chris? Chris when never fit baff and chop?” ”My husband I tire o, you see the way he walked up to the alter, and started talking, am sure that Chris will even have small mouth odour, or is it poverty that still scattered his mouth like that? She starts laughing again.
”No no no dear, he does not have mouth odour, I’ve spoken with him at close range before.” Odogun answered. His wife was shocked, ” you mean am? You mean you spoke with that Chris in close range? What could you be possibly discussing with him?” ” Nothing o dear, he just came to borrow two thousand naira from me that’s all” she burst out laughing again. ”And did you give him”? She asked! ”Give him what? I told him in don’t have, that day the money with me was the one I was using to go and buy you ice cream and Burger, then also to buy some suya. So I told him I didnt have”.
”Ah, but pastor King do this one sha, in the full church. He couldn’t select a handsome and clean guy that knows how to baff, he went to chose that Chris. Did you see the way he was rolling on the ground with that his condemned white shirt? Am sure that shirt is what he will still wear tomorrow to church.” Mrs Odogun lamented. Odogun smiled before answering. ”He get luck sha, the church will now take care of his needs. His rent, his food, his clothes and even pay him a food salary.”. ”Yes o, he is one lucky guy. The wife replied before she quickly added.
”Honey, did you see deacon Duncan’s face? When they called Chris as the new pastor. He won die o, I think he was eyeing the position” are you serious? Odogwu asked, yes o my dear, his face was like shit.  Odogwu could not hold back his laughter as he kept driving on,  ”But I saw him greeting and congratulating Chris”.
”I saw him too dear, but I can tell you that, that congratulation nor come from he mind. He just did it for doing sake. You need to see the way he and deacon Igho were carrying their frustration to that his 1960 car”,  she burst into laughter again. Even the car was frustrated by their frustration that it refused to start, he had to march it hard before the car made that its cassava engine noise griiiin, griiinnn, hahaha hahaha” she continued her laughing.
Odogun laughed behind his wife. And then he said. ”Pastor King eh, he has this soft spot for Chris sha, that is why he made him his assistant. And the both of them are birds of the same feather, if not for church that has polished King, dont you know he would be worse than Chris?” Its true my dear, Mrs odogun replied, ”with all the money and car and care church gives to him he still doesn’t know how to dress. See the expensive trouser he wore today and the thing still didnt look good on him. Did you notice that the trouser bent to one direction?” Oh my wife odogun answered you saw it too, he starts laughing. ”I even took my time to access the belt, he misplaced the pin so the pin was pointing upwards like, I salute to Jesus”. They burst into laughter again
”If he had chosen deacon Wealth now ehn, we will know we has a pastor”.
Duncan immediately stopped the car. ”What do you mean by that? How can they chose Deacon wealth when I am here, is he more handsome than I am or does he dress more than I am? That one that does not even shave his moustache well. Did you notice tooth paste on his moustache?
Mrs Odogun immediately apologized, no my husband its not like that, I didnt know all the members of the church would be considered, I was thinking they would chose only from the deacons fold. Of course you are more handsome than that deacon. And you have more swag, you are more than qualified for the position. Pastor king sef.
Odogun started the car again and they continues their gossips analyzing every single member that came to church and the clothes they wore that day.
Episode 4.
Brother Chuks was the last to leave church that day. He congratulated pastor Chris and was praying for him that the Lord will use him mightily in Redemption Power Ministries.
Pastor Chris on the other hand told brother Chuks how he loved thew way he sings and is leading the choir. He then told brother Chuks that worship connects him to God and encouraged him to keep up with the good work he is doing for God. When brother Chuks turned to leave, pastor Chris stopped him.
”Brother Chuks I have a favor to ask of you. I am a lover of music especially worship songs. I do not know when I’d be called upon to preach. But I wanna request that whenever I am called upon to minister, please sing one those your holy spirit moving worship songs”  Brother Chuks nodded as he replied pastor Chris saying that was not a problem.
”Pastor I have allowed myself to be swallowed up in God. Singing is what He has called me to do and that is what I’d continue to do. By his mighty power I will do my best and I pray the holy spirit continue to bless souls through my ministrations.” They both chorused ”amen” and brother Chuks left church.
Brother Chuks was a young handsome man that was admired by all the ladies in the church. Even married women sometimes rhow complements at him. His nice body and melodious voice plus the way he carries himself with much swags made the girls in the church go crazy about him.
So many girls wanted to throw themselves at him but he had always told them that he has someone that Hod had chosen for him as his wife. He never forgot to remind the girls who never get tired of coming around him whenever they were in church. Because of his constant reminder to them of a girl they’ve never met and his constant preaching of how he was burning with desire for the Lord many of the girls kept their admirations to themselves.
One of those girls was sister Happiness. Sister Happiness has secretly admired brother Chuks and has wished countless times that he was hers. Every time when brother Chuks sings in church she just wishes that she could reveal to him him she feels. She has sent him a love letter once anonymously. She even went as far as buying a new sim card and sending him love text messages but he never replies any of them. The only time he ever replied was one day and his words were. ” who are you? Reveal yourself to me” But sister Happiness was too shy or scared or embarrassed to reveal herself to him. Instead she allowed herself lost in her own wishes and imaginations.
She had returned from church immediately after congratulating the new assistant pastor, she had made food and eaten then slept off. She stayed alone in her one room  apartment, her parents were in another town and it was because of her work that she moved to this place.  The continuous knock on her door woke her up. She grabbed her phone and checked the time it was some few minutes past 6pm. She wondered who it was that was knocking on her door. She had no friends and she wasn’t expecting anyone. But she got up to answer and check who it was. Her heart skipped when she saw brother Chuks standing right her door.
”Jesus! Brother Chuks what are you doing here? Please come in”. ”Thank you”, he said and stepped right in. Sister Happiness offered him a chair.
The room was a small room that contained a bathroom and a kitchen. In the room was a table and a chair, a small wardrope and a small bed.
”Welcome sir, to my small room” what do I offer you”? She asked. ”You can give me anything you have” Brother Chuks replied. Sister Happiness quickly opened her bag and brought out a can malt she had collected earlier from a wedding she attended the previous day. Thank God she hadn’t drank it she muttered to herself.
Sir Chuks, to what do I owe this visit? Brother Chuks looked at her and smiled. It was then she realised he was just coming from church. ”Have you been in the church since morning?” She asked. ”Yes dear, I had to make sure everything was in shape and in the right place before I left” he replied.
His passion for God made sister Happiness even admires him the more. ”May God bless you for your devotion to him”
They both chatted for a while and before you know what was happening it was almost 7.30pm in the night.  ”Oh sweet Jesus” sister Happiness jumped up. I didnt realize it was this late. ” brother Chuks checked his time and also jumped up. ” I have to go” he quickly picked his Bible and got up to leave. ”You may not get a bike anymore o. Once its 7pm bike stop coming to this place o, and its already 7.30pm. However let’s try” yes o, we have to brother Chuks replied.
And so they went out and tried to get a bike but they found non. They started stopping private car owners but no body stopped for them.
Brother Chuks, am so sorry but I dont think you can get a bike anymore. We’ve been standing for almost an hour now. ” oh my God!” Brother Chuks said looking frustrated, my place is like 3hours from here if I should treck, what do I do now?”
Sister Happiness thought for a while before answering. ”Brother Chuks please dont be offended o, but why dont you just pass the night?”’. ”What”? He exclaimed,  ”yes, the truth is you won’t get a bike anymore so I suggest you pass the night then tomorrow morning you leave as early as possible. She replied.
”But won’t that send a wrong message to your neighbours?” Brother Chuks asked. ”OH no dear, you will leave as early as possible, let’s say 6am. Before they will start getting up you must have left” she replied.
”Are you sure of this?” Brother Chuks asked again. ”I am very sure sir come on let’s go, besides its an honour having you in my house tonight, there are many songs you will teach me before morning”
Together they walked back inside the compound.
Episode 5.
Sister Happiness prepared jollof rice that night. She was super excited that her crush was in her house. After eating and chatting into the night. She finally gave him the bed to sleep, while she spread her wrappers on the ground and laid on it.
”Brother Chuks let’s pray” she said. And then she led the prayers. ”Thank you sweet Jesus for today has come to an end. Thank you for the gift of life, thank you for bringing brother Chuks to my house, thank you for everything, as we sleep tonight let your angels watch over us and keep us safe in Jesus name”  and they both said ”amen”
There was silence in the room for some minutes and then after a while, brother Chuks broke the silence.
”Are you sleeping?” ”No sir” she replied. ”Why”? He asked.
”Not sleepy yet” Happiness replied.
”Come to the bed,” ”what”? Happiness asked. ”Come to the bed” brother Chuks repeated.  Am not just comfortable that I came to your house and drove you from your bed to be lying down on the floor”.
”Its okay sir, dont worry about it, besides I love sleeping on the ground, I even barely sleep on that bed”. But brother Chuks wouldn’t hear of it. ”The bed is big enough for two, just come to the bed and if you refuse then I will come to the ground”.
Happiness saw that he was serious and so she got up, dusted her wrappers and laid on the bed beside him.  The atmosphere was tensed, her heart was beating fast, here she was lying down besides a man she was madly in love with. Her heart paced up and down with different thoughts flying through. She decided to close her eyes tight so she can sleep off.
”I know” brother Chuks said, breaking the silence between them. Happiness was confused, ”you know, you know what?” She asked, ”I know you’ve been the one sending those texts and also the anonymous letter. I know everything”
Sweat was pumping from her face, she was confused, she didnt know if to lie or accept or run. She just kept quiet and then she finally found her voice.
”Since when sir”, since the moment I stepped into this house he replied. ”I’ve seen how you’ve looked at me, I’ve seen how you taken care of me, I’ve seen how you can’t look me in the eye, I’ve seen how you hold your phone so close, and so I added one or two and I just know. He concluded. ”I’m so sorry sir, I’m sorry, happiness said. She wanted to explain but she didnt know what to say.
And then he turned and he faced her, looking at her straight in the eyes and smiling, it was dark but she could feel his eyes staring at her. She wasnt comfortable. And then he drew close to her and kissed her lips, and then he started touching her all over.  Happiness was confused, she didnt know or understand what he was doing.  He kept touching her and squeezing her breast and kissing her. Her body was responding fast because this is a guy she liked so much but she didnt know if this was a test or it was real. If it was a test, she didnt want to fall for it because he would hate her and so she summoned up courage and Finally she found her voice and spoke.
”Brother Chuks please stop, please stop”.  But Chuks wouldn’t listen, he kept touching her, and so she continued. ”Brother Chuks I know you dont want this, I know this is a test so please stop it for am not falling for this” still brother Chuks ignored and continues with what he was doing. ”Listen brother Chuks, I know you have a girl whom the Lord chose for you, so stop already. Still he wouldn’t listen, but sister Happiness still believes he was testing her, and she was detwemined not to fail and so she pressed harder. ”Brother Chuks, I know you love the Lord, I know you are sold out to him and you want to serve him clean. I know you dont want this. Stop already please.”
”I want this” he said, I want to make love to you” she tried to talk more but he covered her lips with his and then took her hands down his bossom, that was when she realized he was completely naked. And that was when she realized that this was not a test. She didnt argue anymore, she didnt persuade him anymore, she just left herself free for him and allowed him have her way with her.
***Episode 6***
Sister Happiness felt her happiness left her the minute she slept with brother Chuks, she wasn’t happy with what had just happened but she couldn’t do anything about it. She laid there motionless for some time before finally sleeping off.
In the early hours of the morning, he started touching her again, she felt she had nothing more to defend or protect and so she said nothing, she didnt try to stop him or argue, she just allowed him have his way. And after the second round of sex, he got up, took his bath and left.  Before he left he suddenly went quiet and had a sad facial expression.
What is it? Sister Happiness asked him, but he was silent. Instead he was sobbing and talking to himself. Tell me, what is it? She asked again.
”Oh my sweet Jesus” he muttered, ”what have I done? What did I just do?” Sister Happiness was looking at him, she was confused.  ”I don’t understand, what is it?” She asked again. Then he went on his knees with hot tears running from his eyes.
”Sister Happiness, please am sorry, am so sorry, I dont know what happened, I can’t explain what happened, I dont know what came over me, please forgive me, please am so sorry”,  Happiness was confused, she was quiet and she stared deep into his eyes, and she saw the tears running out, she looked at him and saw as he raised his hands up to heaven and cried.
 ”Lord Jesus, have mercy on me, please forgive me, I am so dirty, I am so unclean. I am not worthy to be called your own, but please dear Lord, cast me not away, cast me not away oh Lord. Take not your sweet holy spirit from me, restore unto me the joy of my salvation and renew a right spirit within me, sweet Jesus look me not with disgust but let your blood shed on calvary speak mercy for me……”
He kept on crying and Happiness was even more sad. ”I would have tried harder” she said to herself. ” I would have been stronger, I wouldn’t have assumed and just fell for him, I would have resisted more. ”
Then she knelt before him.
”Brother Chuks am very sorry, I tried to stop you, but I failed, am very sorry, I would have tried harder, I knew you didnt want that, I knew I was a temptation to you, I know its all my fault and I am very sorry, forgive me sir, please forgive me.” Sister Happiness cried and then knelt down and also prayed.
”Lord Jesus, please forgive me, forgive me for seducing your son, do not hold this sin against him, its all my fault. I would have allowed him go last night, I would have been strong enough. Lord forgive me, Lord forgive me.”
As Happiness kept crying, brother Chuks picked up his wallet and Bible and left the house. He disappeared like air without saying a word to her. This made her even cried even more. She laid on the bed for hours crying and sobbing and begging God for mercy.
Finally she got up and went to clean herself up. It was while bathing she noticed she was having itches on her vagina. She wondered what was wrong with her but she ignored and had a thoroughly clean up after which she went about her daily activities.
Few days later she noticed that the itching had grown worse and has started embarrassing her, it has even been accompanied by vagina discharge that had a terrible odour. She had stood with her neighbor that evening and she heard the neighbour complaining that something was smelling like rotten fish around. She watched her neighbor look around trying to find the rotten fish, she even assisted her neighbour to search around though she knew fully well that the smell was coming from her. It was at this point she decided to visit a doctor.
The doctor recommended some tests for her which she did and by the next three days when she went to get her result she was told by the doctor that she has ”STAPH”
”Doctor please what is staph?” She asked, the doctor looked at her and explained. ”Staph is the short word for staphylococcus. Its an STD a sexual transmitted disease.” ”What” she exclaimed. ”Yes” the doctor said. ”Who have you been sleeping with?” ”But doctor” Happiness explained, ”I only had sex once after four years of no boyfriend. And am so certain that he is also abstaining and can’t possibly have STD”.
The doctor laughed hard before explaining. ”Listen my dear, you can only speak for yourself. Be glad its not HIV. I cant tell you anything o, but what I can tell you is that whoever this guy is that infected you with this disease is either a chronic womaniser or he has a woman who is a chronic maniser”.
Sister Happiness was shocked to hear the doctor. She wondered if brother Chuks knows of this disease or not. She collected the treatment the doctor gave her and booked an appointment for a three weeks thorough treatment. She was confused but she chose to believe one thing. ”Brother Chuks is not a chronic womaniser, his girl whom the Lord has chosen for him whom he is so proud of is the chronic maniser” .
***Episode 7***
Note: I’d be changing the name from deacon Duncan to deacon Douglas. Someone already started attacking me whereas I wasn’t even thinking of him when I started this story. So let’s go on. It will now be deacon Douglas! Thanks.
It is the first Sunday since the naming of pastor Chris as the new assistant pastor.  The church was filled up as usual and everyone was excited to hear the new assistant pastor preach.
Pastor King came to the alter and announced that its pastor Chris who would be rendering the message for the day. There was a loud clap from the congregation, as pastor Chris mounted the pulpit. Immediately he came forward he signalled to brother Chuks from the choir.
Brother Chuks jumped forward and began a worship song.  As he sang pastor Chris raised his hands up to heaven, there was an heavenly opening and it seems like angels had come down from heaven into the church. Men and women were lost in the holyspirit as they began speaking in different tongues. Even brother Chuks had started singing in tongues.
Sister Happiness who was sitting at the almost the front seat had her gaze on brother Chuks. She was still wondering and remembering what the doctor told her. At a point, brother Chuks eyes met with hers, he smiled and continued with the worship. It was as if he didnt remember at all what had transpired between them, he acted like everything was normal. This got Happiness thinking a lot.
”How could his heart not even skip for once, here she was sitting and her heart beating like drum at just the mere sound of his voice,  and there he was singing as if he was the younger brother of Jesus, how is he doing it?” She thought aloud. When she couldn’t get an answer to her question. She quietly let her mind divert to other things.
And then pastor Chris mounted the pulpit after  a thirty minutes session of worship led by brother Chuks. He preached on what he titled ”WOLVES AND SHEEPS”.
”You can’t call yourself a christian, dead to the world, buried to the world, and then still live in the world, and do the things of the world. You can’t be a sheep and a wolf at the same time. Its either you are a sheep or you are a wolf”.
”For you to be for Christ, you must be a sheep, for a sheep beget a sheep, if you are a wolf. Then you can’t dwell with sheeps.”
”He further went ahead and summoned the church to state where they belong and who they are in Christ. Dont pretend to be a sheep when you are a wolf.” He made an alter call at the end of the message and so many persons stepped out to rededicate their life to Christ.
Happiness was really touched by the message from the pastor. She didnt come out, but she prayed within her for God to help her to live as a sheep instead of a wolve.
***Episode 8***
It was a beautiful service and the people loved it. At the end of it most persons waited to see the pastors and he prayed with them. Others left. An hour after the service and the church was completely empty. Pastor King and pastor Chris sat in their office discussing.
Mr Odogwu had forgotten his black bible in the church had hurried back to church to pick it up. When he saw that the church was empty he decided to check the pastors office if an usher had seen and dropped a black bible with them. He loved that Bible because it was a gift from his wife and could not afford to tell her that she misplaced the bible. And so he quickly walked to the office. On getting to the entrance he heard the two pastors discussing inside.
Pastor Chris: pastor that’s a  great idea, opening another branch
 be wonderful.
Pastor King: For sometime now, God has been giving me the idea. We will be opening it at the outskirt of town.
Pastor Chris: But who would pastor it?
Pastor King: I dunno, God will chose his servant.
Pastor Chris: indeed sir. When are you travelling again and how long will you be spending?
Pastor King: as soon as the new branch is set up, I’d be travelling. Salvation Gospel Ministries is moving to the next level. I will be managing the branch overseas for at least three months before coming back. I trust you to be able to manage this branch and the new branch with whoever God is going to chose before I get back.
Pastor Chris: God will help me sir.
Mr Odogwu, immediately after hearing all of this, turned and walked away from the church in a way that no one will notice he was there. He had gathered enough information. He quickly drove away very fast to his house.
Mrs Odogwu: Honey where did you go back to, before I turned I didnt see you again.
”Honey, that’s not the issue now, sit sit let me tell you what’s up?” Mrs Odogwu sat down and watched her husband as he narrated in details what he heard from the two pastors to his wife.
”So how does that affect us?”
Mr Odogwu: oh oh oh, I dont like it when you are not thinking fast the way I am. See ehn, I am going to pastor that branch.
Mrs Odogwu looked at her husband surprised at him. ”You? Pastor? How on earth do you think that King and Chris would make you pastor the new church. You are not even part of the deacons in the church so how on earth do you think they will leave the deacon fold and just pick you up” she asked.
”Look at you, woman of little faith, was Chris a deacon before he was picked? Look I am telling you I will pastor the new branch. Just  know that you are talking to the newest pastor in church” he replied!
Mrs Odogwu stood up with a wild smile as she began singing praises on her husband. ”My husband, my handsome,my king, my swaggar pastor, my the main the main. And me I am going to be the newest mama of the church. ” oh I just can’t wait. Honey see anything you want to do to make it possible, just don’t because I am already seeing myself as the new mama of the church.
They both burst out laughing. As they continued chatting.
Episode 9.
Pastor Chris walked into the office and saw pastor King sitted writing on his note.
”Good morning pastor,” he greeted, good morning pastor , pastor king replied.
Pastor Chris: What is it that is so urgent that you called me to come immediately.
Pastor King: oh am so sorry about that. Even I dont know yet. Brother Odogwu called me that he has something very urgent and important to discuss with us this morning. That was the reason I called you to come.
Pastor Chris: what could that be? He asked, dragging a chair and sitting beside him.
Pastor King: I really dont know.
Just then Mr Odogwu came in and took a seat and sat beside them shaking hands with them.
Odogwu: My pastors I greet you all in the name of the Lord. I am so sorry for keeping you waiting. I was held up on the road by traffic.
Pastor King: you are welcome sir. Its okay.
Pastor Chris: its alright sir, I even just for here. How is your wife and family?
Odogwu: oh the name of the Lord be praised, they are blessed sir.
Pastor King: Thank God for that sir. You said there was something very important you wanted to discuss with us. I hope there is no problem sir.
Odogwu: yes! (He said adjusting his seat) There is really no problem. I just want to tell you the message I got from the holy spirit and then seek your opinion on it.
Pastor King: Really? What could that be?
Odogwu: Well, the holy spirit has been talking to me in diverse ways for some time now and I have been ignoring and trying to run away just like Jonah, but the more I run away the more he keeps pulling me and now I have decided to let myself be available for HIS use.
Pastor Chris: Halleluyah! Am glad to hear that you have made yourself available for God’s use. We can’t run away from HIM.
Pastor King: brother Odogwu, what is it that God wants you to do?
Odogwu: Thank you pastor. God has been telling me to come and serve in the outskirt of town. I didnt understand what He meant by that but then He told me to come to you that he has given you the message also. He told me, he said. ”My son Odogwu, I want to use you to raise my people, I want you to be a shephard to my sheeps.”
” pastor, I have seen this in my dreams and even when sitting down it comes like a trance. I do not understand what is going on or what God meant by saying I should come to you that he has also given you the message. This is why I have left everything I have at work today to come and see you. The Lord’s work is more important.”
Pastor Chris turned and looked at pastor King before speaking.
Pastor King: Actually brother Odogwu, the Lord spoke to me. He told me to open a new branch at the outskirt of town. And just yesterday I was telling my partner here about it. We even deliberated on who would be the pastor of the new branch. I guess God has already chosen who he wants to head his church.
Pastor Chris: God is not an author of confusion. If he has chosen you then who are we to say otherwise.
Mr Odogwu: (acting surprise) you mean I will be the pastor of SALVATION GOSPEL MINISTRY? Pastor, no na, who am I, I can’t pastor a church na, maybe God wants me to serve in another way not pastor.
Pastor king: the message is clear enough brother Odogwu. God has called you and if you say you’ve made yourself available for him, then be available. Together we will start work immediately to set up the new branch.
He stretches his hand for a shake with Odogwu.  ”Congratulations sir and welcome to the pastoral team” congrats sir,  pastor Chris said , shaking hands with him.
Episode 10.
Its been three weeks since the pastors started working tirelessly to set up the new church. Odogwu was assisting them financially in the bringing up of the church and finally it was set and ready.
Pastor Chris spoke at length with pastor King. Telling him the need to pray very well before announcing Odogwu as the new pastor of the new branch.
”Pastor, (he said) I have fasted and prayed about this but I have not heard anything from God. Not a confirmation and nor a rejection. I hope we dont make a mistake in this. Pastor King listened carefully to his assistant before speaking. ”Pastor Chris you are very right, I have prayed and prayed asking God for confirmation but I have not gotten anything. Your case was not like that, God kept giving me your name like music to my ears. But in this case nothing.
Pastor Chris: Do you think we should hold on a little longer before announcing this?
Pastor King: I would have done that but you know my travelling is next week. Besides the church is ready, we cant just shut it down.
”Its true sir, anyways let the will of God be done.’**
 Pastor King was ready to announce the opening of the new branch and also name the pastor. He stood on the podium and watched as the church cheered and clapped for him.
Odogwu and his wife was gorgeously dressed and sitted at the front of the church with their children. His wife could not hold back her smiles as pastor King stood to address the congregation.
”Church of God praise the Lord”, there was a loud chorus of halleluyah, as the pastor continued. ”Today is a good day, it is with great joy in my heart that I announce to you that SALVATION GOSPEL MINISTRY is moving to the next level.  Another branch has been opened in the outskirt of town”.  There was a loud sound of joy and shouts. There was clapping and celebration from the congregation.
Pastor King: calm down, calm down. I also want to announce to you that God has also chosen someone who would pastor that branch and pilot its welfare. Church of God are we excited about this?
The people choruses ”yes”
Pastor King continued!, ”Before I go ahead to announce our new pastor, I will want to inform all of us here that I will be travelling for a period of three months. In my absence, our pastor, pastor Chris will be the senior pastor and will be in charge of every activity of the church here in Nigeria. I said Nigeria because of our new branch. Pastor Chris will be the senior pastor of this branch and the new branch. You must respect him the way you respect me. (Turning to the deacons and deaconesses) my deacons and deaconesses you must listen to our pastor and accord him same respect you will accord him. His voice is the voice of God. I hope we are clear on this.
”Yes sir”’ they all chorused.
Pastor King: Meanwhile in my absence, pastor Chris will be assisted by deacon Douglas formerly known as deacon Duncan……
When deacon Douglas heard his name he was shocked.  He wasn’t expecting this. The whole Church clapped for him as he stood and walked majestically to the alter.Deacon Igho who was also clapping was filled with envy as he watched Deacon Douglas address the congregation.  After his address, he sat close to pastor Chris and pastor King continued his speech.
Pastor King.: moving forward,  our new branch is located at the outskirt of town. Let’s do well to evangelize and win souls for Christ and grow the church. The church will be headed by our new pastor. Non other than pastor Odogwu…..
The church cheered as Mr and Mrs Odogwu stood smiling and grinning from teeth to teeth, with their friends clapping for them.
 Brother Chuks raised a song and the choir followed, and soon the congregation joined as they sang and danced to the glory of God.
To be continued!
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***Episode 11***
Deacon Igho and deacon Douglas sat outside his house chatting and drinking a bottle of beer. Deacon Igho started the discussion.
”Deacon, you are happy now o, you are now a pastor o.” ”Which happy? What should I be happy about? Douglas asked.
”Ah ah, shay you were angry when they made Chris the assistant pastor, you wanted the position and now you’ve gotten it so why are you still angry?” Igho asked.
”Assistant pastor to who? To that Chris? That small boy? That nobody? When did he give his life to Christ that he is a pastor and I will be his assistant. Besides what benefit do I have from been his assistant for only three months. Abeg dont say it again o. Am not happy at all. ”
”But at all at all na im bad. Dont you think so? Igho asked.
”I would have preferred they made me the new pastor of the new branch than make me an assistant to that rat Chris. That small boy that I cleaned his yanch as a small boy.” Douglas lamented.
Igho: But deacon, serious politics is going on in this church o. From no where they just gave Odogwu pastor.
Douglas: ehn, such is life na. You get money? He has money, he must have bribed King and Chris. I heard when they were building the church he was always there, pumping his time and money into it, why won’t they make him pastor. See ehn, heaven is far. We know those that are going o. Forget the big big names you are calling.
Igho: (laughing) you know those that are going? Because you are Jesus, do you think you are going to heaven?
Douglas: what kind of talk is that? I am going to heaven, my place is secured there already.
Igho burst out laughing.   ”Be there deceiving yourself, you are not going anywhere, you that has bad plans and drinking beer. Which heaven? (He continues laughing)
Douglas: (raising the bottle of beer up) this beer, you are judging me because of this beer, listen let me tell you why I drink. Sometimes i go to beer parlours to preach to them about Jesus. I dont want them feeling awkward and so I take one bottle. To make them feel secured. The Bible says when you are with the Romans behave like the Romans. So I drink to win them to Jesus.
Igho  continued laughing. ”I hear you ,na you be ROMANUS, continue. Abeg let me go and meet pastor King o before he travels let me see if I can hustle to be the assistant pastor to Odogwu.
He stood up and left as Douglas continued with his beer.
**Episode 12***
Brother Chuks had asked sister Gift to wait after rehearsals that he has something to discuss with her. And so after the rehearsals sister Gift waited. Happiness had asked her to come let them walk home together but she had insisted on waiting to see brother Chuks. Happiness felt somehow but decided to go.
After sometime brother Chuks came to sister Gift and asked that they walk home together.
”Sister Gift, do you know you are a very beautiful girl and a very talented sister” he asked. ”Ah MD, you have started teasing me o, me talented singer, anyways thank you. I have a good MD and he is teaching me well.” She responded.
”Sister Gift, I want to settle down, a lot of sisters are on my neck in this church and I dont like it, I just want to settle down with one so that the others can let me be”.
Gift looked at him before answering. ”But everyone knows you have someone you are engaged to and you love so much.  And so even if many of us are attracted to you we just have to stay off because you are taken already.”
They both laughed for sometime and then brother Chuks continued. ”Actually dear, there is no one in my life. That was a story I just put up to scare girls away and still they keep flocking around me. No matter how hard I try. I really just wanna serve God. (He raised his hands up to heaven as he was speaking) Am burning for Him, my life my everything is for him, I dont want these distractions but theses sisters won’t let me be.” He finally concluded.
”That’s really bad o Gift said, I love how you love the Lord. I just hope these sisters dont drag you to sin o.
Chuks then held her hands. ”Sister Gift. I have observed you in the choir for some time and you are different, I want you to be my special friend. Together we can work for God and make heaven proud. I am really attracted to you. Let’s be one. I have prayed about this and the holyspirit  has assured me that you are the one. Please dont say no to me please. ” he was almost going down on his knees.
”MD, sister Gift replied, God is faithful. If only you know how much I have secretly prayed for you to be mine. Yes! I accept yes! Together let’s make heaven proud. ” she jumped on him and gave him a tight hug.  ” But you have to keep this within us for the now okay? Whenever I tell of my special friend now, be aware that its you. Okay my love?” Chuks asked. ”Yes yes yes she replied giggling excitedly.
They walked a little distance before they parted ways. Brother Chuks had told Gift he would want her to visit him later so they can sing together. He was very happy that he was able to win her. He looked at himself over and spoke silently to himself.
”The Lord is good” he smiled and went his way.
To be continued!
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Episode 13.
Brother Chuks arrived at sister Happiness place, he turned and looked around before entering into the compound. When sister Happiness opened the door and saw it was him she was surprised. Since that day he hasn’t spoken with her and so she wondered what he came to do.
”Welcome brother Chuks” she greeted! He stepped in and opened his hands for an embrace, she went to him and hugged him. He held her right not wanting to let her go. But finally she pulled away.
”Brother Chuks I hope all is well, this one you came visiting.” Happiness asked. ”Sister Happiness”, he began, I know you still feel awkward from the last time and I am sorry about that. I have made peace with God and I hope you have too?” She was silent.
”However, I came to inform you not to flog yourself too much. You know why?” He asked her smiling and holding her two hands with his gaze fully on her. ”No ” she responded shaking her head in the negative.  ”Come here” he said as he dragged a chair and sat on it, then he carried her on his laps. ”Because God told me I shouldn’t let you go, He said I should love you and keep you close to my heart” Happiness was looking at him trying to understand what he was saying.
”But you have a fiance, you’ve always told us that” Brother Chuks started laughing loud. ”Happy baby listen, that was just a made up story to scare girls away from me. But right now I do have a fiance in you. God has told me not to let go and so I will hold on tight to you Happy my treasure.” He was by now fondling and playing with her breast.
Happiness just laid mute, she didnt know what to think or believe. Gradually his lips found hers and they kissed. He gradually laid her on the bed and for the second time he slept with her.
When he was through this time, he felt no remorse, he just put on his trousers, gave her a Peck and left saying he would see her later.  Happiness stood up to clean herself up and then she noticed it.
Itching has started again!
She quickly remembered her ordeal and the treatment she had been on since two weeks which she just concluded days ago.
”Eh!”. She shouted!
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***Episode 14***
That same evening sister Gift had dished the correct chicken stew and rice that she had prepared and she had taken it to brother Chuks. As they sat and ate together they chatted. Sister Gift was really excited.
Gift: MD, do you know am the luckiest girl in the world?
Chuks: why do you say that?
Gift: of all the girls in the church. Pretty girls at that. You chose me. Ain’t I lucky?
They both laughed for a while and then she continued.
Gift: I cant wait for the whole church to know that I am the new Mrs Chuks…..
Chuks quickly stopped her, ”no no no, dont o, you want to go out there and start announcing it? You can’t do that o please. I want to take it slow okay?, do you know how many desperate girls are in the church that want me to themselves? I want to take it slow and before another ear will hear of what is happening they will see our wedding card”.
At the sound of wedding card, Gift melted in his arms, she was so excited she didnt realize when she blew him a kiss. When she realized what she did she quickly became sober and apologised. ”Am sorry, I am so sorry, I didnt mean to do that”.
Brother Chuks smiled before talking. ”It’s okay my dear, its okay. Can I ask you a question? ” he asked, ”anything ” replied Gift. ” do not feel awkward about this okay? I’m just asking okay? Are you a virgin?” Gift became sad and quiet and Chuks immediately understood the meaning of that.  ”Nah, nah dont do that. I told you not to feel somehow am just asking okay?” He said trying to lift her chin to make her smile.
”I am so sorry about that” Gift said trying to explain. But he shut her up with his hands. ”I said its okay” I was only asking. And if you must know I am a virgin, I’ve never been with any woman before, so you have a lot to teach me , I hope you dont mind”? Gift’s face lighten up as she smiled. ”I’d do my best” she said.
They continued chatting until it was dark. And Gift stood up to leave, but Chuks held her and wouldn’t let her go.
Chuks: oh I wish you can stay, I’d be so lonely without you, you’ve lighten up my day and am beginning to feel things I’ve never felt before.
Gift: (excited) I could stay if you want me to.
Chuks: really? You would stay with me?
Gift: yes na if you dont mind.
”Of course I dont mind, please stay with me please.” He begged.
Gift: MD you dont have to beg me to stay because I will stay.
Chuks was happy, ”oh am happy now, I won’t be lonely tonight, if only you know how lonely it gets at night. Am glad I have you with me and for me” he tickled her by the side and she laughed. And then he quickly added. ” And you can start teaching me some of those things tonight”’
Gift: MD…….
Chuks: hey babe, stop that, stop calling me MD, call me by my names if you dont have any sweet name for me, I am your husband to be remember?
Gift: alright I will call you……..MD, only this time it means My Darling. And its still coded, no one will suspect.
Chuks: that’s smart of you babe. I like it. Come here ”he said”
She went before him and started kissing him and of course they ended in the bed.
**Episode 15***
Its been 2months since pastor King traveled and things have not been easy on pastor Chris. Him and pastor Douglas are not working together at all. Pastor Douglas was always opposing him and changing plans. He has told himself he would be calm but he was losing his patience.
He had organised for a three days program in church and had invited some guest speakers he was working seriously on how the program would go and has been praying for the success of the program. The program was to begin next week and so he had lots of things he was busy arranging since Douglas wouldn’t help him. He was in his office this Friday evening when he saw people coming to church and the choir was singing and more and more persons were coming in. Then he came out of his office and he saw brother Chuks on the alter singing , ushers well dressed welcoming people in, and much more persons trooping into the church. Pastor Chris did not understand what was going on and so he signalled brother Chuks to handover the mic to someone else and come over.
Brother Chuks gave the mic to another member of the choir and quickly went to see pastor Chris.
”Chuks, God bless you” I dont understand, what is going on? Are we having a program in church today?
Chuks was confused by the question because he expected that since pastor Chris is the acting general overseer he should be aware of the program.
”Papa, I dont understand this question o” he replied. ”Listen” pastor Chris continued, I have been in my office hearing music going on, seeing people come into church, the truth is I dont know what is going on. Is there a program today?” He concluded.
”Papa but you have been the one announcing the program na? ” chuks said.
”What program”? Pastor Chris asked
Chuks was confused, ”Moment of his peace” he managed to answer.
”Moment of His peace is not until next week, was it today I have been announcing?”
”No sir, you’ve been announcing that it will begin next week, but pastor Douglas announced it three days ago that moment of HIS PEACE have been brought forward to today. I thought he is your assistant and you asked him to do that.” Chuks said.
Everything became clear to pastor Chris, he was filled with anger. How could Douglas just wake up and change everything he had been working so hard for. He could feel his anger rising but he didnt want to show it before Chuks and so he asked Chuks to go.
”Dear Lord” he prayed, give me the grace to pass through this, give me the strength to overcome this, give me the wisdom to scale through this”.
He quickly went into his house which was in the church compound and freshened up, changed his clothes and went into the church, then he took his seat all full of smiles.
Douglas who was already sitted and handling the affairs and activities that was going on was shocked to see pastor Chris, he didnt think pastor Chris was going to come at all. He had thought that out of anger, pastor Chris would stay away and he will be the one to hand and take charge of everything. But he was shocked to see him take his seat as the acting general overseer of the church.
The invited guests were already stepping in, which means Douglas had informed them of the change in date but could not tell his pastor. As soon as they came in, they went straight to pastor Chris and shook hands with him before taking their seats. Douglas felt neglected and angry.
And his anger rose even more when pastor Chris rose up and came to him at the alter all smiling. The crowd cheered and clapped and some people were screaming at the top of their voices. ”We love you pastor”, pastor Chris still smiling calmly took the mic from Douglas and hugged him lovingly. ”Thank you pastor, let me take it from here”. Douglas couldn’t argue as he gave the mic to pastor Chris and went to take his seat with his heart boiling with anger.
”Church can you please put those hands together for pastor Douglas”  the church clapped and shouted as pastor Chris continued, ” I appreciate God for this program. I want to appreciate pastor Douglas for his effort in making this program happen today. I had thought it would be next week but pastor Douglas had said no, it can happen, it can happen.  And he put in much effort and today it is happening. Put those hands together for him.” (He turned to Douglas still smiling and said) ”thank you pastor, God bless you” and then to the congregation he asked. ”What do you tell our pastor? ”. ”God bless you sir” they all chorused and clapped for him.
Douglas was forced to smile even though he was filled with anger. The program started and he kept to himself all through. He didnt want to participate in anything anymore. But by the grace of God pastor Chris handles everything perfectly well and people were blessed.
***Episode 16***
The non stop of the ringing phone made pastor Chris jump from his sleep. He quickly checked and saw it was pastor King calling.
Chris: my pastor! God bless you sir!
King: oh my pastor, how are you?/and how is the church of God.
Chris: we are good Sir, though we all miss you and await your return.
King: pastor , dont worry I will be back soon before you know it, the Lord still have use for me over here.
Chris: when God calls we must answer so please take your time.
King: The reason I called you is to know how far?/how is the church?
Chris: God is faithful sir, we are doing our best.
King: God gave me a vision and that is the major reason am calling. I saw you and I at the top of a mountain, people were falling off the mountain and it was my duty and yours to pull them up and help them from falling down. But the people were falling and dying. The ones we already pulled up were pushing the ones we were trying to pull up down. So many persons were yet to climb and you and I we were struggling to help them but the more we tried the more the ones we’ve already pulled pushed them down.
Pastor Chris I do not know exactly what this vision mean, but I think its a message from God. We need to be careful and very prayerful. We cant afford to let the children of God fall to their death. It is our responsibility to help them up and that is what we must do.
Chris: pastor honestly its not been easy. But God is going to help me.
King: amen, when last did you visit our new branch that is been headed by pastor Odogwu.
Chris: honestly I have not been there in a long while.
King: pastor you need to go there immediately. God asked me to tell you to go there immediately. I believe there is something he wants you to see. I want you to worship with them this Sunday okay?
Chris: yes pastor, I’d do that.
King: God bless you sir, it is well. I will keep in touch with you.
Chris: thank you so much sir for this call. God bless you.
When the call ended, Chris went on His knees and prayed seeking for God’s help and direction.
In the morning he tried to speak to pastor Douglas to inform him that he would be visiting the new branch on Sunday and so he pastor Douglas would be in charge that sunday. When he got to church, he saw Douglas with some members of the church, re arranging the chairs in the church and re arranging the alter. He exuded him and demanded to speak with him.
Pastor Chris: God bless you pastor!
Pastor Douglas: Bless you too. (He said turning away from looking at his face)
Pastor Chris: Why are you re arranging the church seats and the alter.
Pastor Douglas: is it not old? Can’t you see its old pattern? The world is changing and going global, we need to change with it.
Pastor Chris: we are not of the world pastor. Besides you didnt tell me before you started making this changes.
Pastor Douglas: so I now have to take permission from you before doing things in this church, I am your assistant not your boy, I dont owe you any permission or explanation. Look at you, small boy of which day, you no longer have respect, simply because pastor King travelled and put you in charge. I dont blame you, why won’t you ask me to seek your permission before doing anything. I am now your mate na right? I dont blame you at all. Please I have something I was doing before you came and I am getting back to it.
Before Chris could say anything, he turned and walked away. Chris just stood and watched him, surprised at his out burst. Then he walked up to him.
Chris: pastor Douglas, I wanted to inform you that I will not be in service this Sunday, I’d be visiting our new branch. So please you will be in charge here.
Douglas: safe journey, you dont need to tell me when or when not to be in charge. I will be in charge anytime I want. So bye.
He turned and walked away. Pastor Chris stood and watched him shaking his head;
Episode 17
It was Sunday and pastor Chris was excited to visit the new branch. He had earlier informed pastor Odogwu that he was coming to worship with them. And though he responded poorly he didnt object.
When pastor Chris entered the church he was surprised to see the many changes that had taken place in the church. In less than two months, the church had grown so big. The members were mainly youths, young girls and boys.
The boys were dressed like thugs and the girls were almost half naked.
”Blood of Jesus” pastor Chris exclaimed as he went inside the church and sat at one end of the church. He looked at the many big crosses that was hung on the wall, he looked at the different colours of candles burning at the alter. He was speechless.
And then Mrs Odogwu walked into the church, and the people cheered and clapped hailing and calling her ”mama! Mama!” She had different shades of gold jewelries on, from her ear rings to her neck chain to her bangles were all gold. She saw pastor Chris behind but pretended not to. She walked straight to the alter and sat on a very big chair that was there.
The service started, the choir did a hip hop song as if the church was a club house. And then deacon Igho took over the podium, he was the new assistant pastor of the church, pastor Chris and pastor King had no idea about this.  He held the mic and asked the congregation to stand up and welcome the man of God, the bishop of the church, the one and only Reverend Odogwu.
Pastor Chris watched as the entire church stood up and welcomed Odogwu like a king. He was dressed like a bishop, he walked gallantly passed pastor Chris and took over the podium. And then he started preaching. He preached for about 30 minutes on BLESSING AND GIVING! pastor Chris listened as he preached and he felt it in his spirit that the holy spirit was not present in the church.
Pastor Chris was not even recognised or introduced in the church as anybody, instead the ushers kept pushing him back ward and backward and backward until he had no chair to sit on. He virtually stood through out the service.
When they had closed he went over to pastor Odogwu and Igho. He turned and looked at Igho. ”I didnt know you were now an assistant here”, ”well now you know” Igho said.
”Brother Chris”, Odogwu began, to what do I owe this visit?
Pastor Odogwu, firstly I am not offended that you didnt recognise that I came all the way from the main branch to worship here, but I am offended that a lot has been going on here and nobody knows anything about it.
”Nobody knows anything as in how,? Igho asked, turning to Odogwu, Reverend I dont understand what is this man talking about?
”Calm down my pastor, calm down and let me handle this. Odogwu said.
Chris: And since when did you become a Reverend. The last  time I  checked you were just made to pastor this branch just two months ago and you’ve suddenly risen up to become a Reverend? And what is this dressing style am seeing around, girls almost half naked? What is all of these? Candles burning in the alter? Where did all of this come from?
Odogwu: Listen erm pastor Chris or whatever you call yourself you have no right and I repeat, no right to come here and dictate to me how to run my church, like who the hell are you to do that?
Chris: what? Did I hear you right?your church? Since when? For your information, nobody owns the church. The church is God’s church, not mine, not pastor king and definitely nor yours.
Odogwu and his wife with deacon Igho burst out laughing loud and pastor Chris wondered what was so funny that is making them laugh.
Mrs Odogwu; Chris I must commend you, you’ve really done well for yourself. Pastor King really did a good one on you. When he chose you to be his assistant.
Chris: He didnt chose me, God did.
”Ahn whatever, I can see the position has polished you and changed your life. At least you now dress like a human being and not a zombie” she said. ”What?” Pastor Chris shouted, pastor Odogwu, you are here and your wife is insulting me?
Odogwu: She is not insulting you, she is simply telling you the truth. Abi Igho is that not so.
Igho: It is very so my Reverend.
Odogwu: Listen Chris, you are not welcomed here, so please take yourself and leave we have things to do.
Chris: I think its time pastor King steps into this.
Mrs Odogwu: and who is king? What can he do? What right does he have over our church.
Chris: what are you saying. He is the general over seer of this church and he needs to hear and see things for himself.
Igho: you are clearly stupid, sorry to say. There is only one general over seer that we know, that the people know and that is Reverend Odogwu.
”What has come over all of you? Or am I in the wrong place? Is this not salvation gospel ministries anymore? What is going on here?
Odogwu: aha! Now I know your problem. You are in the wrong church Chris, this is not Salvation Gospel Ministries, this is Salvation Gospel Church of Christ Mission. So you see, you are in the wrong church.
Chris: Sweet Jesus! (He ran outside and looked at the sign post and saw it boldly written. Salvation Gospel Church of Christ Mission.  Reverend Peters Odogwu.  Chris went back inside. Odogwu, you changed the name of the church?  A church that pastor King and I struggles to open, you changed the name of the church?
Igho: hey hey listen, everyone knows that our Reverend here, spent more than 60% of his time and money when building this church so what are you not saying? Please please Reverend has people to see and attend to, your time is up.
Mrs Odogwu: yes, my husband is a very busy man. So if you dont mind you can excuse us. Except you wanna come and be a member in out church. You are welcomed in that case.
Chris : Odogwu, how could you do this?
They all ignored him and walked away from him, leaving him there staring at them as they left.
Episode 18.
Pastor Douglas had earlier sent one of the ushers to buy him 10 cartons of anointing oil and drop them in his office. As soon as he mounted the pulpit
Douglas: my brothers and sisters in the Lord I welcome you to church today. I want to inform you that God is going to do wonders today in church. For days now our pastor King and I have been on a serious seven days fast. Even though he is not around he has initiated this fast. And I want to assure you today that you will experience deliverance like rain and the manifestation of God’s undiluted power in church today.
”Our able pastor Chris is seriously sicje and down with a serious disease that doctors aint given a name yet, and that is why he is not in church today.” And so in one accord I want us to pray for him. That God will heal and deliver him from this sickness that wants to destroy him. Prayers!
The church stood up and prayed fervently for pastor Chris. Even though some of the members heard that pastor Chris has gone to visit the new branch they became confused. But they kept praying.
Douglas continued, ”let’s pray for God to disgrace any power that wants to disgrace our pastor Chris in Jesus name. Prayers!”
Let’s take a pause and pray this prayer point.
”Dear Lord use my enemies to raise prayer points that will hunt them in Jesus name. Amen” Now let’s continue.
After the prayers, he asked them to sit down. And then he started preaching on ”the power in the oil” After praying he said:
Douglas: pastor King and I after days of fasting and praying got an oil from the mount olive. This oil will do great things in your life. Heal the sick and do the unexpected. I’d be selling this oil to each members here. Because of the special anointing that has been releases on this oil. It will be sold for 5,000 naira. So hurry now and get one for yourself and your family before it gets finished.
Peoole trooped out to collect the oil from the pastor. An oil he bought at one hundred and fifty Naira for one, he sold at five thousand Nair’s. He was beaming with smiles.
At the end of the service he was able to sell a whooping sum of 380,000 naira from the sales of the oil.
Douglas: sisters that seek husbands, use the oil on your daces and private parts and your husband will come, those who seek children use them on tour stomach. Everyone has something to do with the oil.
He finally ended the service and everyone went home. Douglas felt satisfied with himself. And he wished king or Chris will never return.
He was shocked to see as Chris stepped into the church feeling very sad.
Judas In The Church
Episode 19.
”Pa pa pastor, Douglas stammered, you returned early hope all is well? ”Pastor Chris looked at him before answering ” all is well, pastor Douglas. How was service?”
”Never been better” Douglas replied with a big smile. Am on my way home , he continued. ”So soon? Why are you in such a hurry? ” Chris asked, staring at the bag on his hands. ”Ah , nothing o, I just have few things to do at home that’s all. Goodbye ” he said and hurried away.
Pastor Chris entered his office wondering what pastor Douglas might have done that is making him uncomfortable. He sat down and re collected all that  transpired between him and pastor Odogwu. He was still in shock of what happened. He decided to call pastor King.
After a very long hour of conversation, pastor king finally spoke.
”Pastor, its all my fault, I remember you telling me to shift the opening of the church so as to create time to pray, but I didnt listen. I guess this is the result of my impatience. I do not know what to say about this. My vision is becoming more clearer to me. We cannot go and fight Odogwu or lay claims to the church. We fight our battles in prayers. Firstly we will ask for mercy from God for not waiting to hear from him before deciding. Now Odogwu is misleading HIS people and its all my fault. We need to ask Him for mercy for that.
Secondly I will call and speak with pastor Douglas, I dont like the fact that he is doing things on his own. The two of you are supposed to be working together.”
”That is the issue pastor, once i tell Douglas something so we can pray and plan together, he turns it into a fight and then gets angry. Once am not around he changes every single thing I’ve done turning the people against me. I dont know what to do anymore.” Pastor Chris complained.
”Its okay my pastor. The Lord is your strength and he will see you through. And one more thing, I will be returning by next week. The Lord has told me it is time to come back”
”Really?/oh my God, am so excited, I can’t wait to have you back. The church can’t wait to have you back. We have really missed you and we are excited. ” pastor Chris replied excitedly.
”Pastor Chris, please you must tell no one that I am coming back. I want it to be a surprise. So tell no one. On Sunday I will be in church. You will know when I arrive.”
”That’s no problem pastor. Oh am so glad. Thank God you are coming back. Let’s try to mend what has been broken. I really can’t do it on my own.”
”God bless you pastor. See you soon”.
Pastor Chris ended the call because someone was knocking on the door to his office. He stood up to see who it was. He met a young girl outside.
Girl: Good afternoon pastor.
Chris: God bless you sister, what can I do for you?
Girl: Pastor my daddy said I should bring one more special oil.
Chris: Special oil? What special oil he asked surprised.
Girl: The one pastor Douglas and pastor King brought from the mountain.
Chris: special oil, mountain, what mountain? I have no idea what you are talking about?
Girl: Pastor Douglas sold the oil today in the morning. He said its a special oil that he and pastor King brought from the mountain. He said you are very sick and that’s why you are not in church, maybe that’s why you are not aware.
Chris: me, sick? God forbid it. I am not sick. (He paused for a while thinking but then he finally spoke) Anyways tell your daddy that there is no special oil here okay!
Girl: oh oh oh! Okay, it means its finished. Anyways he said I should drop this 20,000 for the two oil he earlier collected. Since pastor Douglas is not around I hope I can drop it with you
Pastor Chris was shocked to hear the amount called.
Chris: 20,000 naira? How much did he sell the oil?
Girl: one is 10,000 naira. My daddy collected two.
Chris: Blood of Jesus! (He collected the money from the girl and dropped it at Douglas’s table ) its okay, you can go. God bless you child.
The girl turned and left and Chris called the security man.
”Are you aware of the special oil that pastor Douglas sold today in church?” He asked.
”Yes pastor, I helped the usher sister Ann, to carry it inside his office. ”
Chris: And how many did he sell.
Security: I can’t really say now but am sure its more than 10cartons.
Chris: Jesus is Lord! At 10,000 naira each. Its okay you can go back.
Pastor Chris stood with his hands folded round his body thinking what is going on?How did the church get to this level?
Judas In The Church
Episode 20.
”Where is he? That scoundrel, that small boy that calls himself pastor, that rat that was born in my presence, where is he?” Douglas stormed the office pushing books and everything away from him, even the Bible on the table. When pastor Chris heard and saw him coming, he stood and waited for him.
Douglas: So you are here, you are here and you are keeping your father quiet while I was shouting abi. You this stupid small boy. Let me tell you, you and I we are not mates, in case you dont know. Its your father and I that are mates and so dont think because pastor King saw that you are dying of hunger and had pity on you and decided to chose you as his assistant dont think that it has become a yardstick for you to forget tour seniors.
pastor Chris: with all due respect sir, pastor King didnt chose me, God did.
Douglas: Shut up there! Does God know you? I am asking you, does God know you? God did not see the deacons and deaconesses of this church its you he saw abi. because you are the mist righteous and the most holy one amongst us all abi. Let me tell you, if you feel because you are next to pastor King you and I have become mates you lie. You hear me? Pastor King is not here and won’t be here for a long time, its either you respect yourself and humble yourself before your elders or you face war.
Chris: Pastor Douglas, what is all this? This is a church for crying out loud. We are servants, we are called to serve the lord, you and I are not in competition over anything. Why are you acting as if we are enemies. We’ve never quarreled before and I have never disrespected you. Why are you now sounding as if I am your enemy.
Douglas: oh you dont know? So you think you are my friend? Let me spill it out to you today. We are enemies o, we are not friends, we can never be friends. You have the effrontery to call pastor King and report me to him ba? (He laughs wickedly)  you dont know what you did o. You dont know what you just did.
Pastor Chris: I didn’t report you per say. Am sorry if you feel that way. I just needed him to talk to you so that we can work together to build the church of God. We are supposed to be helping each other build the church not fighting.
Douglas: we will fight o, we will fight, I will fight you with everything I have. Work with who? You this small boy that was born yesterday, I should work with you. What do you know that I want to work with you? You didnt report me yet you told him how I changed the date of a church program, you told him how I sold oil in the church. Let me even ask you, is it your oil? Is it your money? What is even your concern in the matter? Well I have this to say to you, as you say I will not rest in this church you too will not rest. Mind your business and leave me alone. Pastor your way and let me pastor my way.
Chris: I can’t do that sir, we were called to serve together in the absence of our pastor. Besides the affairs of the church is my affairs, because I want the growth of the church and not the downfall.
Douglas: so its me that want to bring down the church abi?
Chris : I didnt say that na
Douglas: Dont worry, dont worry o. But always remember that we are two parallel lines. We can never meet. And one last advice for you boy. ”When you want to eat with the devil, use a very long spoon, a long one o”
Chris: And what do you mean by that sir?
Douglas: exactly what you understand it to be. Rubbish!
He storms out of the office with pastor Chris staring at him.
Judas In The Church!
Episode 21.
It was a beautiful Sunday, and pastor Chris was beaming with smiles. He was on his well ironed blue double breasted suit and he looked smashing.
Pastor Douglas looked at him wondering what was it that was making him smile. He focused his gaze on him filled with anger and hatred for the young pastor.
Brother Chuks as usual took over the mic singing gloriously with all the sisters dancing and smiling and winking at him. Sister Gift who sat at the front of the church didnt seem comfortable at all. She was always scratching with style. And brother Chuks was watching her with style while singing.
After the praise section, pastor Douglas took over the mic and  addressed the church admonishing them to always love God and obey him. Then he announced to them that the special oil was still available and anyone who needed to buy should contact him directly. He went further to analyze the power in the oil.And how miracles will happen once they used it.
He knew that pastor Chris was against what he was saying but he didnt care, once in a while he stole a glance at him and saw him staring but he didnt care one bit.  He continued talking about the oil and pastor Chris stood and went to stand by him to hand over the mic, but still he ignored him and kept on talking about the oil.
Pastor King was in his office watching and hearing everything that was going on. He was surprised to see how much Douglas has changed. He was surprised how much the church had changed, he stood in his office and went on his knees praying for wisdom to handle things now that he was back.
Finally when Douglas had satisfied himself, he handed over the mic to pastor Chris with a stern look and then went over to take his seat. The people shouted and screamed in excitement as pastor Chris mounted the pulpit. When the congregation has calmed down he began.
”People of God praise the Lord. I am very happy today because today is a day of joy. For some time now a lot has been going on in church and so many of us have been asking questions, well today, I can gladly tell you that your questions will be answered. Stability will be restored back to the church, honour and glory will be restored back to the church to the glory of God and to the shame of the devil. There is someone in our midst today.”.
Douglas didn’t understand what pastor Chris was talking about and so when he heard there was someone in their midst, he started looking around wondering who might that be. Pastor Chris continued…..
” I know we all will be excited to see this wonderful man of God. He is someone we all love and have missed and am very glad and happy that he is in our midst today.
Church of God with a standing ovation, help me welcome the man of God, our very own pastor KING.”
There was a loud shout and cry as the people stood up clapping their hands turning round and round looking for where pastor King would be coming from. Even Douglas was shocked he stood up turning left and right trying to see if it was a dream or if it was real that pastor King was back.
As they all wondered and watched, the office door flunged open and pastor King stepped out in grand style full of smiles. Pastor Douglas was chocked to see him. He kept on looking from Chris to King, and suddenly guilt was written over him. He wished he never talked about the oil. He felt like he should disappear but then there was nothing for him to do.
Judas In The Church!
Episode 22.
It was a glorious service as pastor King ministered , lots of miracles were taking place, deliverance happened and the whole place was filled with the glory of God. At the end of the service so many people waited to see the man of God. Some for prayers and some to collect whatever it is he brought from the united states.  It was a long hour of seeing and attending to people but eventually they were through.
Pastor King had asked Douglas to wait and see him after service and so during all the hours of meeting and attending to people, he waited. After everything, he eventually went inside to see the two men sitted opposite each other.
Douglas face looked like that of a masquerade because it was obvious he was angry.
Pastor King: Brother Douglas my pastor, its so good to see you.
Douglas frowned even more and one can easily see his anger.
” why is your face like that?” Pastor King asked.
Douglas: pastor king honestly am not happy, am not happy at all. Am been treated like a nobody in this church.
King: How do you mean by that?
Douglas: I mean how can you be returning from the US after almost 5months and am not aware. Your pastor here (referring to pastor Chris) did not tell me anything, he kept it to himself, he his it to himself as if I am a wizard that will cause your plane to crash or what? I just dont understand, how he does things by himself. (Turning to Chris) , okay you want pastor to think of me as a bad person that’s why you went Alone to bring him from the airport na. You did not even me mention it that pastor was coming how can your heart be so deep this man. See eh! Life is more than that let me just tell you. You can’t spoil me before pastor King, because he know me, and now he has seen the kind of person that you are. (To pastor king) that’s how he is o, that’s how he has been behaving since you travelled, doing things by himself, keeping things to himself, treating me as if am a nobody. Thank God you are back and you saw things by yourself. Thank God!
Pastor king: ah brother Douglas, see all the plenty things you’ve been saying, why dont you calm down. I told pastor Chris not to tell anyone that I was coming.
Douglas was shocked to hear this from pastor Chris.
Douglas: including me?
Pastor king: Douglas, that is in the past. Let’s move ahead.
Douglas dropped his head without saying a word.pastor king continued.
”Douglas I heard you talking of special oil, I do not understand. Please can you explain to me what special oil, where it came from and why is it been sold in this church. ”
Douglas kept quiet without saying a word.
”Pastor Chris, what is going on?” He asked again.
Pastor Chris: Honestly I dont know pastor. I came back and met pastor Douglas selling the oil, I tried to ask questions but he shawned me
Douglas quickly interrupted him.
Douglas: May the thunder of sango strike you there if you ever mention my name again. (Chris and King were shocked to hear him talk like that)
Pastor King: Brother Douglas, sango?
Douglas: pastor dont talk to me now I will talk to you another day. (He picked up his bag and Bible and turns to Chris) as you’ve turned yourself to an enemy, an enemy you will remain and the reward of an enemy will you see.
Pastor King: Brother Douglas, even in my presence?
Douglas: you have come I have become brother Douglas right?/just because you have cone back. No problem.
(He storms out of the office with pastor King looking at him, pastor Chris just laid his head down shaking it slowly)
Pastor King: what just happened?
Pastor Chris: pastor thank God you are back, this is what I’ve been seeing since you travelled. Thank God you are here now to see by yourself.
Pastor King: How do I even start? Where do I even start from? This is gone very far beyond me.
Pastor Chris: my pastor, that is what I’ve been telling you.
Pastor King stood up pacing up and down in the office with pastor Chris staring at him.
Episode 23.
Happiness could not understand the way she was feeling, for days now she has been feeling sick every morning and vomiting. And so her neighbour advised her to go for a pregnancy test.
Happiness was scared as she sat at the chair waiting for the test result. She didnt know what to expect. So many thoughts went through her head, if it turns out to be positive what would she do? How would she tell Chuks, what would he do or say about it? If it was negative she swore never to be involved in any premarital sex anymore.
Just then the nurse walked in with the result and stretched it out to her. She collected the result with shaky hands and went home. She was too scared to open it. Finally she gathered herself and decided to open the result. What she saw scattered her heart. Boldly written. POSITIVE!
Happiness was confused for a minute but she decided to calm herself down. Later in the evening she will go to Chuks and tell him she was carrying his baby.
Chuks sat down shaking his legs and head without saying a word. Happiness was calm watching him.
Chuks: What kind of wahala is this? What kind of problem is this? Happiness what have you gotten me into ehn? So you dont know how to take care of yourself as a lady abi? How can you just get pregnant like that? Don’t you have plans for your life ? For your future? Why will you just allow yourself get pregnant
Happiness just sat down calmly waiting to hear what he has to say.
Chuks: So who is responsible? Who got you pregnant.?
Happiness was not surprised to hear this from him, she has been expecting it since he Startwd mopping up and down. Suddenly his true nature flashed before her eyes as she saw a real ugly monster that was dirty in heart.
”What did you say”? Happiness asked him.
”Exactly what you heard me ask,  I said who got you pregnant?” He repeated his question
Happiness smoked before answering. ”Brother Chuks you are! You are responsible for this pregnancy, or have you forgotten  so soon?
Chuks: what what what are you talking about , well I just want you to know that I am not responsible for your pregnancy. You better go and look for who got you pregnant or you go and remove that thing inside of you.
Happiness: Chuks, I saw you like an Angel on earth, I saw you like a mini god. I respected you. I practically worshipped the ground you walked on I never knew you were a wolf amongst sheeps. Twice I slept with you, twice I treated chronic staphylococcus and in all I refused to believe that you were a flirt, well now I know better. I will not argue with you, but the God I serve will judge you.
Happiness picked herself up and walked away from his house. She was so confused. Not knowing what to do, as she walked along she saw sister Gift sitted at one uncompleted building crying seriously.
Happiness: sister Gift, are you OK? What is it? Why are you crying.
Gift tried to hide her tears, but Happiness already saw it and so she just let it flow.
”Talk to me Gift, what is wrong?” She asked again.
Gift: Nothing am fine
She said standing up. But as she got up she collapsed into Happy’s  hand. That was when she realized that Gift was bleeding.
”Jesus” she screamed as she shouted for help.
Judas In The Church!
Episode 24.
Pastor Chris was sitted in his office studying his Bible. He didnt understand the way he has been feeling since morning, the holy spirit was trying to tell hi. Something but he seemed not to understand and so he just kept reading his Bible.
Pastor King had gone to see Odogwu and his wife to confirm all he has heard and so pastor Chris waited patiently for him. It wasn’t long before he had a knock on his door and before he could answer she stepped in.
Pastor Chris took a look at her, she was like Jezebel sent from the marine world. She dressed seductively and immediately pastor Chris sensed that she was on an evil mission.
”Young lady who are you and what are you here. ” he asked  angry in his spirit
”Habba pastor, calm down, is this how you treat your members? She asked sitting down and raising her two legs on top of the table exposing her thighs.
”Young lady remove your legs from my table now”. Pastor Chris shouted lifting up his voice in an angry tone.
Then she stands up and walks up to him and tried to hold him against herself.
”What the hell do you think you are doing, if you dare lay your marine hands on me I will beat the hell out of you” pastor Chris shouted raising his hand which was already set on a fist ready to strike.
She moves backward when she saw the anger in his eyes.  ”Ah ah take it easy na, can’t someone play with you again, I just want to play with you and you are setting blow.
Pastor Chris pushed her aside and opened the door and then ordered the gate man to lock the gate and come.
The young lady became terrified as she didnt understand what was going on, she picked her bags and tried to run out buy pastor Chris caught her by the hand.
”Come on stand here, where the hell do you think you are going?
She went on her knees, ” pastor please just let me go, I don’t want trouble please”.
Pastor Chris went into the children class and picked up a cane which was normally used to caution the children. The girl became scared when she saw him stepping out.
”Pastor please, just let me go, i beg you” she kept pleading.
”Listen young lady, I want to know your mission in this place. Who sent you and why this church” pastor Chris asked swinging the cane in the air.
”Please sir, I am begging , forgive me let me go please”
Before she finished talking pastor Chris landed the cane on her body three times and then she screamed in pains crying and shouting.
”I will talk sir, please for give me o, dont flog me again please sir, I will talk please. I will talk” she cried and begged.
Chris: Go ahead am listening.
”Okay, hey, Jesus o, okay, pastor forgive me o. I was on my own o, when one man contacted me o, he paid me 15,000 naira o, he said all I need to do is lure you to bed and video it, that’s all. He said even if I can’t get you to bed, a kiss or hug is okay. Am very sorry sir, please forgive me.” She cried.
Chris: who is this man? Talk before I beat you up.
”I don’t know his name sir, he said you came from no where and took his position and that you are challenging him in the church so he wants to teach you that you are a small boy and you are not age mates”
Chris: pastor Douglas! Pastor Douglas! Must you go to this length?
”Forgive me o, I am very sorry sir, please let me go please”
Pastor Chris dropped the cane and helped the lady up. Then gave her a seat and they both sat outside, then he started preaching to her and telling her about Jesus. And after about 15minutes of talking, she started sobbing. While pastor Chris prayed for her, gave her a cloth from the church to cover her half naked body, he also gave her some money before sending her away.
Gate man: pastor me I nor know where that girl pass enter, true to God.
Pastor Chris just looked at him without saying a word, picked his cane and went back inside his office.
Episode 25.
The nurses explained to Happiness that Gift had done an incomplete abortion and now she needs an evacuation to clear off the remaining particles of baby in her and that she also need to be transfused with blood fast if not she would die. Happiness was confused, she didnt know what to do?
Sister Gift was staying alone like her and she didnt really know the girl so well to know her family, she only knew her from church. Confused on what to do she asked the nurses to go ahead and do whatever it is they needed to do to save her life, but they told her she needed to drop a deposit of fifty thousand naira.
Happiness didnt have that kind of money on her, she wanted to ask Gift who was responsible for her pregnancy but Gift was already unconscious. She had no one to run to so she made up her mind to go to pastor King and explain everything to them. Somehow she felt Gift won’t be happy with this hut she didnt have any other option and so she took a bike and went straight to church.
When she arrived church she asked the gateman if pastor was around and he nodded yes. She quickly ran into the office. She saw pastor King and Chris sitted and chatting. She quickly fell on the ground crying.
King: Sister Happy, what is wrong? Why are you crying?
Happiness: Pastor please you need to cone with me fast. Please
Chris: young lady calm down and talk to us. Come with you , where?
Happiness: pastor, its sister Gift, she is dying and I can’t help her by myself , please you need to cone with me right now. I dropped her at the hospital but the nurses won’t attend to her, please I have no other person to call.
Pastor Chris and King quickly stood up and they carried Happiness. They all drove in pastor Kings car straight to the hospital.
When they arrived, the nurse explained everything to the pastors. And when she was through, pastor King asked them to go ahead and save the girl’s life while he pays the deposit money at the counter.
Pastor Chris took Happiness aside and asked details about Gift and also on who was responsible for her pregnancy. But Happy had no idea and explained to pastor Chris how she met Gift along the road.
After waiting for a while the pastors left but instructed Happiness to stay by Gift until she becomes conscious and she should update then for developments. And pastor Chris gave his phone number to sister Happiness.
It took 4hours before Gift finally opened her eyes. She looked around wondering how she got to the hospital. Happiness had to explain everything to her.
Gift: so you mean pastor is aware that I did an abortion?
Happiness: am sorry sister Gift, I didnt know who to meet, I didnt know where else to turn to and I didnt have that kind of money on me.
Gift: oh shit! What have you done? You shouldn’t have gone to them. Oh oh, what have you done now.
Happiness: am sorry but I couldn’t let you die and I didnt have the money and I had nobody to go to in don’t know your family members….
Gift: You would have gone to meet Chuks na, oh oh oh….
The mention of Chuks on Happy’s ears sounded like a slap on her.
Happiness: wait! Did I hear you mention chuks? I mean which chuks?
Gift quickly realized herself.
Gift: forget it dont worry, let me bother about getting out of this mess you just caused.
Happiness: Gift, I will not forget it. Which Chuks are you talking about?/which chuks would I have gone to?
Gift: what is all this questions na. Am I under interrogations, I said forget it shoo.
She shouted at Happiness. Who became quiet thinking to herself. ”I hope its not the same Chuks, I hope Gift didnt get pregnant for the same Chuks she was pregnant for?
Episode 26.
Happiness kept pacing up and down in the hospital. She was in a hot mess, pregnant and rejected and here she was with another sister who had probably just done an abortion for the same guy. The event of the day began to play in her head.
”Why did she had to see Gift just some few metres away from Chuks’s house. And why would Gift say she would have called Chuks instead of the pastors?” Could it be the same Chuks? She has to find out”
And so she sat close to Gift.
Happiness: Listen Gift, I have called pastor Chris and I know in no moment he and pastor King will be here, they will also want to know who is responsible for your pregnancy, because they previously asked me and I couldn’t give them the answer and you and I know that you cannot lie to a man of God. So if there is any thing you can tell me, start telling me now so that we can plan together. I can assure you that I am trustworthy.  And I also want to know why you said I should have gone to Chuks. Which of the Chuks were you referring to? Is he someone I know?
Gift kept quiet and reluctant to talk not until Happiness added.
Happiness: Is it church Chuks? Choir master?
Gift dropped her head when Happiness said it. And Happiness jumped up hitting the table.
” I knew it, I knew he was the one. Immediately you said I would have gone to Chuks I knew he was the one. That bastard, that liar, that devil……”
Gift: Stop it sister Happy, stop talking like that as if he is a monster.
Happiness: of course he is a monster. Sew what he did to you. He is a monster.
Gift: But he didnt do this to me, he didnt ask me to go for an abortion. He loves me and he wants to marry me, its just that this is not the right time and this pregnancy is only going to dent his image. That’s why I decided on my own to abort it.
Happiness: Just look at you. Did you tell him you were pregnant.
Gift: Yes I did
Happiness: And what did he say to you?
Gift: Nothing, he cried and begged me not to disgrace him, that he is ready to marry me but this is not just the right time. I felt pity for him, I understood him and because I love him I decided to do this on my own.
Happiness: And did you tell him what you decided to do?
Gift: yes I told him.
Happiness: and?
Gift: nothing, he didnt say anything.
Happiness: that guy is the devil I know what I am saying…..
Just then pastor King and Chris walked in.
Happiness: pastor welcome.
King: Hey Gift, am glad you are awake. How are you feeling?
Gift: am better now sir, though am still feeling very weak.
Chris: Sorry dear, you will be fine. Am glad to see that you are better. (To Happiness) thank you dear for taking care of her. Have the two of you eaten anything?
Both girls: No Sir.
King: Its okay. Happy you will go with us so that we can get something for you girls to eat. Meanwhile Gift, you know we have a lot to talk about when you are stronger right?
Gift: yes sir.
King: That’s alright, we will see the doctor and then Happy you will follow us okay?
Happy : yes sir.
The pastors left the room to the doctors office. Happiness turned and faced Gift.
Happiness : hope you know you won’t lie to pastor. You can’t do that. Shay you know.
Gift put her head in her hand crying!
Judas In The Church!
Episode 28.
Meanwhile in the hospital, Happiness encouraged Gift to speak up but she felt adamant and is only interested in protecting Chuks.
Gift: I dont want to hurt MD. He loves me and he promised to settle with me, this pregnancy was just a mistake and I dont want to destroy his ministry with this. He loves God and this will destroy him. How can I say the truth now.
Happiness: just look at you, see the way you are defending someone that you know nothing about.
Gift: what do you mean by that. I know him very well.
Happiness: The pregnancy was a mistake, the staphylococcus was it a mistake too?
Gift: What? Sta what?
Happiness: Be there asking me like you dont know what I’m talking about. Tell me you didnt experience itching after your sex escapade with him, and tell me you didnt go for treatment , infection treatment.
Gift puts her head down in shame.
Gift: I did, (she answers slowly) but how did you know (she asked raising her head) I tried to make sure nobody sees me, so how did you know? Besides I dont think its his fault. Maybe I got it through toilet or something.
Happiness: Dont be so stupid. I can’t believe you are so dumb. Lemme just spill the beans to you. Your so called holy righteous Chuks also  gave me Staphylococcus, thank God its not HIV. twice I went to treat for that infection and as I sit here with you I am pregnant for him.
Gift: what? No no, I dont believe you, you are just saying this so that I will speak the truth. I dont believe you.
Happiness: see you, and what is my own if you lie or not. If you like you believe me, if you like you dont, that’s your business. Where do you think I was coming from when I saw you on the road crying. Lemme tell you that I was coming from your self righteous MD’s house. Where I went to inform him I was pregnant. And he bluntly denied me. He denied me. After sleeping with me on two different occasions. Well I dont have anything to say to him now. But I know God will surely expose him.
Gift was crying heavily by now.
Gift: sister Happy please tell me its not true, please because I am ready to endure the shame alone just to save his face.
Happiness: you are still there thinking of how to save his face. After you almost died. Well be there. Am glad you are awake I am going home now. In the evening I will go see our pastor and I will tell them everything because one thing I am very sure of is that I am not going to abort my baby.
Gift: so you will confess? Won’t you be ashamed?
Happiness: its better to be ashamed than risk my life. Not everything I’ve seen you go through. I can’t do that.
Gift: what if he keeps denying you.
Happiness: Let him deny. God will stand by me because He knows the truth. I will beg him for mercy and I will also beg my family for mercy.they will be disappointed but I know they will forgive me and accept us. (She said rubbing her stomach, Gift began to cry)
Gift: if only I knew, if only I am as strong as you are. What if I had died during this abortion I would have gone to hell.
Happiness: stop crying. The deed is done already. You have to move on. You have to ask God for mercy and move on. As for me I’d be with our pastors by 5pm. Its time to come out clean.
Episode 29.
Happiness was locking up her.
 door when Gift came. She was surprised to see her. ”Gift how are you?/and what are you doing here?” Happiness asked.
”I came to accompany you, I want to come out clean. I dont want to protect him anymore”. Gift replied.
”And why the sudden change of mind” Happiness asked.
Gift: (crying softly) I went over to his place to confront him. He wasn’t expecting me because I didnt call him that I was coming. I knocked on his door over and over again but he refused to open for me even though he was inside. After waiting for hours I decided to pretend to leave, I went a bit from his house and I hid behind another house and he came out. A lady was with him.
Happiness: (smiling) why am I not surprised!  What lady was that?
Gift: I dont know , she is not from our church. But I confronted him and then he introduced her to me as his fiance and I , me, Gift as his choir girl.
Happiness started laughing.
”I knew it, that guy is a chronic flirt. I fell for his lies the first time but now am wiser.
Gift: I wanna expose him, I won’t allow other girls be deceived.
Happiness: Am glad you changed your mind. Let’s go.
The two girls walked away silently to church.
Pastor Chris sat outside his office studying his Bible. When pastor King walked up to him.
King: here you are, I came to your flat but you were not there.
Chris: yes pastor i decided to sit outside to take some air.
King: But you didnt lock your door. I just pushed and it was opened.
Chris: yes pastor, the key is bad. Though I’ve called for a carpenter to have it fixed.
King: okay! You should do that fast. Its not normally safe to leave your doors opened.
Chris: I know that sir. Thanks a lot. He said he would be here by tomorrow.
Just then, Gift and Happiness came in.
Past King: wow, Gift dear, am glad to see that you are well and better.
”Good evening sirs” the girls grewtws simultaneously as they both took their seats before the pastors.
It was Happiness that started the discussion.
Happiness: Firstly sir, I am here to lay down a confession, I know I would be scolded and probably suspended but I dont mind, I just want to make peace with God and myself.
Pastor Chris and King listened to the young lady as she narrated everything that has happened between her and Chuks from the day he first came to her house till the point he denied her pregnancy.
Pastor Chris was both shocked and speechless, because Chuks was one person he loved and admired.
Chris: I still find it hard to believe all of this.
King: Do you mean you are currently pregnant for Chuks?
Happy: yes sir, I am, and he has denied it, but I really dont care. I will take care of my child alone I dont want to hurt God anymore.
Pastor King: (turning to Chris) pastor, I was coming to tell you what God told me this afternoon just before this girls came in. God told me something big is coming and that  we must be strong to scale through. God said if we are not strong enough we may drown in it. I do not understand what that is and I that’s why I wanted to talk to you about it. Do you think that this is it?
Pastor Chris: probably sir, but I do not know. (Turning to Happiness) how long have you been pregnant?
Happy: it’s two months Sir.
Pastor Chris: wow! What is going on? Dear Lord have mercy.
Then Gift raised her head and started narrating her own story. When she finished the pastors just stood up looking at the two girls. They were both in shock
To be continued!
[04/03, 2:35 PM] +234 806 810 5200: Judas In The Church!
Episode 27.
Pastor King and Chris sat in their office discussing the events of the last few weeks.
Since deacon Douglas stormed out of their office and sent that lady to seduce pastor Chris, he hasn’t returned to church. Him and his family disappeared front the church.
Pastor King had tried to call him severally but he has refused to pick his calls and has ignored all the invites sent to him.
Instead he had gone ahead and started a miracle centre at his house. He called it a miracle solution centre. The story had gone round how he sells a special anointing oil, how he does deliverance for ladies seeking for husbands and children. He has even gone as far as taken ladies to the stream to bath them in the names of cleansing. His story had gotten to the ears of pastor Chris and King and they sat discussing about it.
”I am really shocked at deacon Douglas, I never expected such from him.” Pastor King said. He is even into deliverance and healing now. I heard that plenty people are trooping down to his place.”
”Pastor you know the world lives miracles, they dont want to know weather you are using God’s power or any other power, as long as they see miracle they are okay.” Pastor Chris added.
”Thank God I returned when God asked me to, if not only God knows what would have happened in this church” pastor King added.
”Some members of our church left with him, even some deacons and deaconesses left with him too.” Pastor Chris said.
Pastor King: well that’s just how life it is. Some will stand with you while others will fall from you. But in all, God is still God and he sees the heart of all men and he will judge them accordingly. Our own is to continue doing the work he has called us to do. My prayer is that we do not fall by the way side and God helps us to stand till the end.
”Amen” pastor Chris replied!
Episode 30
Still recovering from he shock of all he has heard pastor Chris went into his apartment. He still could not believe all he heard about Chuks. However he and pastor King has decided to summon Chuks and the girls the next day to discuss with him.
 He was exhausted as he stepped into the bathroom to take his bath. After a warm shower he stepped out to dress up and  he got the shock of his life.
A completely naked woman was standing face to face in his room. Pastor Chris was shocked , he felt like he was in a dream and he cleaned his face over and over just to be sure of what he was seeing,  and it dawned on him that it was real. She was there, beautiful and naked.
Chris: Blood of Jesus, who are you and how did you get in here?
Like a flash of lightning she jumped on him and dragged his towel from his waist leaving him completely naked. He rushed at her to try and collect the towel and then she just started screaming, ”help, help, help, ”
And from no where four guys and a lady pushed the door opened, including the gate man and pastor King.
Pastor King:( shocked) Jesus is Lord! Pastor, what is going on here?
Pastor Chris quickly jumped to the wardrope and luckily he found a trouser, he quickly wore it to cover himself.
The lady was on the floor still naked  and sitted on the floor crying.
Pastor King: pastor what is going on here? Who is this? What i s happening here? Young lady who are you?
Lady: he raped me, pastor Chris raped me.
”What?” They all shouted ,
Pastor King: Rape?
Pastor Chris: me? Rape? How?when?
The lady stood up pointing to some clothes that was thorn and scattered on the floor, pastor Chris had not even noticed them until now.
”See, see,see my clothes, he tore everything , he slapped me and then he raped me, oh my God!” She kept on crying.
Pastor Chris just stood there looking at her. He didnt even know what to say.
”Pastor talk na, you don lost  your tongue?” One of the guys asked. But pastor Chris stood there, he obviously has really lost his tongue!
Episode 31.
The news spread light wild fire that the new assistant pastor of the church was a rapist and he was caught in the act. And in few minutes the whole church was jam packed and everywhere filled up.
Pastor King had to take pastor Chris into a hidden office alongside with the Lady who kept crying uncontrollably. Some elders and deacons were also called into the office so that the issue could be trashed. When they were all sitted ready to start the meeting there was a loud knock on the door and when they opened it, it was deacon Douglas.
Pastor King: Deacon , why are you here?
”What kind of question is that, I am a member of this church and a deacon at that, a pastor at a time and I am supposed to be in this meeting especially during a serious crises like this, except you want to tell me that you have driven me from the church.” Douglas said
Pastor King:  But for sometime you stopped coming to church and you ignored all of my calls, you even went ahead to form a deliverance and miracle centre at your house. So how can you still be one of us when you obviously have left.
Douglas: who told you all of this? Did you come to the miracle centre. I am the one to officially tell you if am not or am still a member of this church.  Is that not so my fellow deacons.
One of the deacons told pastor King to forget Douglas and move ahead with the meeting and matter at hand which was more pressing than Douglas. They all sat down and the Lady was asked to come forward and state how she got into pastor Chris’s room.
” I am a new member in this church, last Sunday I met with pastor Chris and I told him I was having some spiritual cases and I needed prayers. He assured me that he will pray with me but I should come today. Today before I came he sent me a text saying I should wait in his room that the door was not locked. And so I waited for him. I so much trusted him because he was a good pastor according to all I have heard about him. When he came. He told me to hold on for him to have a change of clothes that he was hot on what he was wearing and I sat and waited for him in the parlour. And suddenly I heard him screaming that I should come up that something flew into his eyes and he cannot see anything. I quickly ran to him, when I go to the room I didn’t see him, I was still trying to find him since he had gone quiet when he grabbed me from behind and before I could say anything he tore my clothes and pounced on me and he he he (she starts crying again and kept quiet sobbing slowly)
Douglas: say it, he what?
”He raped me” she burst out crying!
Douglas: ”Eh! pastor, pastor, you raped her, I said it, I knew one day you will be exposed and the God I served has finally done it. See how you’ve been exposed and disgraced. My God never sleeps, all your sins will catch up with you soon……..
Douglas kept on blabbing until pastor King shunned him down.
King: deacon please stop all of  this, you’ve passes judgement on our pastor even before he is found guilty. You’ve not even heard from him.
Douglas: what does he have to say? Oya sorry, pastor talk what happened. How come you were seen stack naked with a woman.
Chris: I dont even know how to begin.
Douglas: Begin anyhow you can.
Chris took a look at him before narrating everything the way it happened. But as he finished, Douglas burst out laughing.
Douglas: Chris Chris, I hope you know you ain’t talking to babies. You expect us to believe this trash you just put up abi. Okay you came out of the room and she was there. How did she enter your house without you knowing? Secondly you didnt see her all through until you’ve had your bath and you are naked abi?  Please give us a better story abeg.
Chris looked at the faces of the people in the room and he knew nobody believes his story. Even pastor King’s  facial expression couldn’t be explained by Chris and so he just places his head down and waited for their judgement.
Episode 32
The news of pastor Chris raping a lady has spread round like whirled fire across the city and why some persons gossipped about it, others defended the man of God.
So many people left the church with claims that they cannot remain in a church where the pastor was a rapist. And pastor King was unhappy about the whole occurrence. He called pastor Chris to his office for a heart to heart discussion.
King: Pastor, I trust you completely and totally. But I wanna do this because the deacons and deaconesses have asked me to call you and ask you again.
Chris: Its alright pastor. Ask anything you want, I am ready to answer.
King: thank you pastor. I just want you to tell me everything that happened that day again. Right from the moment you left me. What happened.
Chris: pastor, you know we left each other quiet late. I was tired and exhausted. I even waited that late because I was waiting for the carpenter who was to fix my door. If you can remember you will know I kept calling him and he kept on saying he was coming but ended up not coming.
King: yeah I remember, and I even promised you that we will call someone else the next day. I remember well.
Chris: Thank you pastor. I went home and I entered the house and locked the door from inside. I went straight to my room and inside the bathroom.  I never knew or expected anyone to be inside my room and so I just walked out with just the towel on my waist. How was I to know a naked lady was there?
When I got out, I saw her naked, standing there I was in shock wondering how she got there, I asked her what she was doing but instead she grabbed my towel and dragged it off my waist, I was still trying to take my towel back from her when she started screaming and then before you know it the people started coming.
Pastor, I know my story is hard to believe but this is the truth and nothing but the truth.
King: But what about her clothes that were thorn on the floor beside your bed? How about the marks on her body from beatings?
Chris: pastor I do not know about the clothes and I do not know how she got any mark on her body. All I know is that someone is out there trying to tarnish my image and bring the name of the Lord down but I know the God I serve and I know He will vindicate me and give me victory in this.
King: (he breathe heavily) I believe you pastor, I know the devil is fighting and doing some pranks here. I had my suspicions first when I saw those boys and that young lady hitting on your door. Where did they come from? Because they are not members of our church, why where they in the church at that time? What was their mission?  This is going to be tough. I believe this is the vision God was trying to warn me about. I believe you pastor. God will surely give us victory.
The case has been charged to court. I am going to join you and from now till the next 15 days when the court will sit, we will be fasting and praying. God will surely give us victory.
Tears flowed from Chris’s eyes, he was thankful that pastor King believes him. At least he has someone on his side and that was a plus. He put his head down on his hand and cried like a baby.
Episode 33
It was the first day of the court case and the court was filled to the brim with members of the church, lovers and haters. Odogwu and his wife, Douglas and his crew, everywhere was jam packed.
As pastor Chris walked in with the pastor King there was a loud murmur from the people. Some threw paper at him, some were shouting rapist, while some shook their head in pity for him. Pastor King had urged him to ignore whatever he hears or sees and so he just walked to his seat and sat down. And soon the judge walked in and the case began.
The lady who says she has been raped came in, led by deacon Duncan and some people. She took her seat and then the case began.
After about 15minutes of interrogating the lady pastor Chris was called to the interrogation box. As he stood the female lawyer who was standing as defence for the lady looked at him and asked him to narrate his story. When he was done she asked him.
Lawyer: you say your door was bad and that’s why you didnt lock it.
Chris: that’s right sir.
Lawyer: how many persons knew that your door is bad.
Chris : I did tell my pastor, pastor King and aside him its just the carpenter who knows.
Lawyer: According to what you have said, its just the carpenter and pastor King who knows that your door is bad. How then do you explain it to this honourable court that this young lady knew that your door was not locked.
Chris: I do not know how she knew and came in.
Lawyer: I put it to you pastor that you are lying and you called this lady to come to your room, you also told her about your door that was not locked because you wanted her to come in unseen by anyone because you already have your plans and my client here who is innocent and unaware of what you wanted to do came in blindly and you took advantage of her, overpowered her and  raped her.
Chris: But that’s a lie, I never touched her
Lawyer: if you didnt touch her, how do you explain the scratch marks in her body and thighs, how do you explain her clothes that was naked in your room, or are you saying she tore them herself or she came in naked and dropped the clothes on your floor?
Chris: its possible I dont know.
The lawyer laughed before turning to the judge.
Lawyer: your honour I have seen many cases like this and the accused always claims to be innocent to cover up their shame and avoid sentencing. Your honour I want to suggest we argue this case no more but the accused should be persecuted and dealt with immediately so that we can all move ahead with other things and my client get the justice that she deserves.
After about 10 minutes of deliberation the judge stood up and spoke.
Judge: Rape is a serious offence in Nigeria that demands some Years of imprisonment. Right now we demand to see more evidence from the accused and the defence to be able to pass judgement. However this case has been adjourned next to 20th of next month which is exactly a month from today. In this time of waiting, the accused in the person of pastor Chris will have to remain in the prison custody. I rise!
Pastor King was shocked, he didnt expect that pastor Chris would be remanded in prison. He turned and looked at pastor Chris as the police put a handcuff in his hands and led him off,bye wanted to say something but couldn’t find his voice. Tears fell from his eyes and pastor Chris saw it. He smiled and turned to pastor King just before the black maria drove off.
Pastor Chris: weep not pastor, just pray for me, pray for me.
The bus drove off!
Episode 34.
As pastor King sat outside waiting thinking of what to do brother Chuks walked in, smiling. Pastor King has since forgotten about his deals with the ladies because of the issue that rose up with Chris. But immediately he saw him, he remembered.
Chuks: papa, good afternoon sir.
King: Chuks you are welcomed please have your seat. How are you?
Chuks: am fine sir (he said as he took his seat beside the pastor (
Chuks: papa how is everything? And how is the ministry.
King: Everything is good by the grace of God. Am glad you are here, I’ve been wanting to discuss something with you but because of the issues that has been going on I totally forgot.
Chuks: Papa I understand. Its so pathetic that all this is happening here in our church, to think that our very own beloved pastor will be involved in such a scandal is outrageous. This is the reason I dont make friends with females because I dont want to fall for this kinds of problems. Its so pathetic papa, really!
Pastor King was silent as he spoke, he just stared at Chuks as he was talking. When he finished , he asked why he came.
Chuks: well papa, I just came to inform you that  we have to move on despite the issue with pastor Chris, life goes on.
King: True Chuks.
Chuks: papa, I came to tell you that I want to settle down. I have finally found my missing rib.
Pastor King’s eyes opened wide as if he was hearing double.
King: your missing rib?
Chuks : yes pastor.
Pastor King kept silent for a while before speaking up.
King: wow, congrats Chuks, that’s a very good news. Who is she please?
Chuks: oh papa her name is Lawretta, she is not from our church, she is a member of another church. I hope to bring her to see you very soon.
King: really?
Chuks: yes sir. Am very sure you will love her once you meet her .
King : I sure will. (Then he adjusts his seat) so what plans do you have for sister Gift and Happiness?
Chuks’s face changed as he was shocked by pastor Kings question.
Chuks: (sweating immediately) Wh wh wh what do you mean sir? Sister Gi Gi Gift and Happiness? Wha wh wh what about them?/( he stammered)
King:  why are  you sweating suddenly and stammering at the same time? Is everything okay.
Chuks: ye yes pastor, everything is fine, I was just taken aback by your question.
King : And why is that if I may ask?
Chuks: Nothing sir. The question just came to me as a surprise.
King: Well Chuks, I know about their pregnancies, the two of them and I also know about the abortion that you pushed Gift to do, I also know how you wanted to push Happiness to commit an abomination and she refused, I know everything. And now what I want to known is why you did this and now you are running off to marrysomeone else.
Chuks: ehn papa its not my fault na. Its not my fault, the deed is done already now its the time to move forward.
King: move forward how?
Chuks: papa nobody is  above temptation, you see those ladies, they came to me, they seduced me and it’s unfortunate that I fell for the temptation but I have made peace with God and I just want to live myself and forget them.
King: fine let’s assume they seduced you and you fell and you made peace with God as you claim, what about their pregnancies? Do you know Gift almost died? And she stayed in the hospital for three days and  you didnt care?
Chuks: Pastor I was not aware.
King: you were not aware of what? The pregnancy or the abortion?
Chuks kept quiet.
King: How about Happiness?/what plans do you have for her?
Chuks: plans, I dont have any plans for her o.
King: so you just want to get married and forget about her?( Chuks remained quiet) what about her pregnancy? What is your plans for the baby?
Chuks: papa. It was just a one night mistake o, and it couldn’t have resulted into pregnancy. I dont think am responsible for her pregnancy o. Let her go and loom for who got her pregnant. Its not Chuks.
King : in order words you are denying her and the baby right? ( he didnt answer) . Chuks how can you a music director be involved in sexual activities with your choir members? What came  over you. ?
Chuks: papa it was a one time mistake and I have prayed and asked God for mercy and he has forgiven me. Nobody is above temptation. Those girls tempted me and I fell for it. I am human too o papa. And I didn’t rapen them.
Pastor King looked at him.
King: And what do you mean by that?
Then he stood up to leave. ”Papa I just came to inform you about my wedding thats all. I wasn’t expecting any of this?” Chuks said.
King: what did you mean by your last statement? Have you joined those who are ridiculing our pastor?
Chuks: Papa am not ridiculing our pastor, how can I? I love that man. Am just saying nobody is above temptation. If a whole pastor could be tempted so much to the extent of rape. How much more a mere singer like me. Papa its not easy o, its not o.
Pastor King looked at him and shook his head. Its OK Chuks, I’ve heard you.
Chuks: thank you papa.
And he left.
Episode 35.
Pastor King has been fasting and praying for pastor Chris since he was remanded in prison. It just a week left to the next hearing and he has intensified the praying. The population of the church had reduced drastically. And the ones very big church that counted up to 400mbers every Sunday now counted about 47 members.
The people whom pastor King believed would stand by him were the first to leave the church, some had gone to join Odogwu in the church which he claimed for himself. So many people criticized pastor King for standing by pastor Chris and some accused him of supporting evil because he was evil and also left the church.
Mr Thomas who was just a casual member in the church had boldly confronted pastor King and asked him to his face why he was supporting pastor Chris.
King: I stand and support him because he is innocent of the charge labelled against him.
Thomas: and how do you know that pastor? The evidence is so glaring and clear that he is guilty how then can you say he is innocent.
King: The evidence nay be strong and he may even be convicted for it , but I know he is innocent because God told me he is innocent and I should stand by him.
Thomas: Do you really mean what you say pastor?
King: I cannot tell lies against God.
Thomas: I do not know pastor Chris so well, I am not close to him, but I know you very well and I am very sure it was God that called you and so if you say pastor Chris is innocent, if you say God told you he is innocent then he is innocent, then I will believe it too. Do not worry pastor, I will join you in prayers too. And I will tell my lawyer to take over the case, I do not trust that lawyer. He seems to have been compromised.
King: How do you mean?
Thomas: During the last case when the other female lawyer was attacking pastor, he couldn’t do anything in his defence. And so I draw my conclusion that, its either he is a lazy lawyer or he has been compromised. I have a very food lawyer, he has never lost a case and he is a christian too. I will ask him to take over the case.
King: But the case is next week, can he still take it up?
Thomas: Yes pastor, he can and he will. Just leave it to me.
Pastor King was so happy. He stood and hugged brother Thomas. This was the only person that have encouraged him since the whole saga. He was really happy as he watched Thomas walk away. He never even knew that Thomas of all people in the church would be the one to stand and encourage him. As he left, Happiness came in looking sad.
King: sister Happiness how are you feeling today?
Happiness : am fine sir
King: And how is the baby, hope you are taking all of your medications.
Happiness: Yes sir. We are good.
King: so why are you sad. Your face look gloomy.
Happiness: I tool food over to pastor Chris in the prison, but he refused to eat. And pastor he is looking so thin now. I dont know why he refused to eat. He said he will not eat and just took only water. That was what he did two days ago when I went there. Am not happy at all. He should not go and die before the court case.
King: He is not going to die. He just wants to talk to his father. Only God can deliver us from this and so leave him. This too shall pass.
Happiness: Bit he is so thin. What if he falls sick.
King: Happy, what pastor needs now is not food but prayers. All you need to do is pray for him. No matter how sweet what you have prepared would be no man will enjoy eating it in a prison yard. So my dear, do not worry much. Just remember us in your prayers. These are trying times.
Happiness: its alright pastor. I also came to inform you that I spoke to my parents about my pregnancy and they were very mad at me but finally they forgave me and have decided to support me.
King: That is great news. How bout Chuks, have you heard from him?
Happiness: No sir, I heard he is getting married. But I dont really care. I have made my peace with God and that’s all I need. One day, a man who would love me and my child will come and marry me just as I am.
King: I love your spirit girl. And so shall it be for you in Jesus name.
(And they both said amen)
Episode 36.
God was raising helpers and supporters for pastor Chris and pastor King was grateful to God for this. As soon as Happiness left, he was about going into his office when the gateman opened the gate and some of the church elders and deacons came in. Deacon Douglas included, Odogwu included. As soon as pastor king saw them he began pleading the blood of Jesus. They were 8 in total.
He offered them seats and also tool a seat close to them.
King: You are all welcome, to what do I owe this meeting?
Elder Joseph: pastor thank you for welcoming us. We are here to talk about the young boy you made your assistant  that have succeeded in dragging the name of God down in this church.
King: God forbid, nobody can drag down the name of God, not even angels nor man.
”Amen” they all chorused
Elder Joseph: however that is why we have come.
Pastor King: once again you are welcome. And please may I correct this impression. I never made anyone my assistant, God chose an assistant for me. Secondly I can only discuss church matters with members of this church. And not outsiders.
Douglas: And who is an outsider amongst us. We are all members of this church and elders of this church. Together we started this church from bottom and now that it has risen up, one small boy who cannot control his libido wants to bring it down and you are there saying non members. Who is not a member of this church here king? Who was not here from the beginning of this church that is among us now?/answer me king.
Elder Joseph: Calm down Douglas, just calm down. Pastor , you know that everyone sitting here is a member and an elder in this church. I do not need to start introducing us one by one. So please do not bring unnecessary argument with things that are uncalled for. Let’s discuss the reason we are here and the way forward.
Pastor King: well as far as I know, Odogwu sited here is not a member of this church. Douglas has turned himself to an enemy of this church by taking side with the enemy. I will not sit and discuss the welfare of the church of God with an enemy of the church of God.
Douglas: I knew it, i knew he was going to mention my name. Immediately he started talking of non members I knew he was talking of me. (Turning to the people) my deacons, my elders, where did I go wrong? I heard a story from two people and it was glaring that one party was lying and I am a deacon I will stand by the truth weather Satan likes it or not, and because I decided to stand by the truth, pastor King has turned me into an enemy of the church. No problem, no problem, I will leave.
Elder Joseph: calm down Douglas, we will settle this issue. Pastor King. You cannot send Douglas out of this meeting because he took his side. You also took your side and no one is blaming you for choosing sides. Everyone is entitled to who and who not to believe and so Douglas will remain in this meeting.
King: Elder, I will not argue with you. How about Odogwu, what is he doing here. If you allow Douglas you cannot allow Odogwu for he is not a member of this church anymore.
Odogwu: pastor I am a co pastor like you, why are you so filled with hatred.?
King: I am not filled with hatred. But as long as Odogwu is here I will not say a word in this meeting.
Odogwu: Though we are many, we are one body in Christ, my ministry was born from this ministry and you should be proud of that. This remains my root so why the hate? We are serving one God. That the names of our ministries are different doesn’t make us enemies King, I came here to support my root and help assist it from falling.
King: God forbid it, no matter what, the church of God will stand and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. We do not need your support. We are not enemies but we ain’t friends either. We do not need your help or support in anything so thank you for everything.
Odogwu: you mean I should leave? ( he turns to the people and asked again and everyone was silent, and so he picked his Bible, did a sign of the cross and left)
Episode 37.
When Odogwu left, the place was quiet and then pastor King told them to rise for prayers.
King: my dear heavenly father. I thank you for this gathering. As we have gathered to dialogue sweet holy spirit come and be in our midst. Anyone with a negative mind here, anyone with bad intentions, anyone who is acting as a spy. Anyone who wants to fight with you. Father we ask that you expose and disgrace them in the name of Jesus. Whatever intentions BG which we have gathered here today. If its for our good place your sweet spirit in it, but if its for our bad expose and disgrace in the name of Jesus. Thank you sweet Jesus in tour victorious name I have prayed. Amen
”Amen ” they all chorused as they tool their seats.
Elder Joseph: pastor king we are here to know what is your plans for the church?
King: plans for the church? How do you mean?
Elder Mike:he means what is the way forward for the church since that boy who is your assistant has been jailed.
King: He has not been jailed. He is only remanded in prison until the next hearing which is in a week time.
Douglas: its all the same , weather remanded now or later its the same thing. When they finally finish the case and he is sentenced is it not the same thing?
Elders: its the same.
King: He won’t be sentenced, he will be free.
Elder Joseph: anyways we dont know about that, we came because you have to chose a new assistant pastor to assist and head this church. We cannot say because one rapist is in prison we will now put our beloved church on hold. Never.
Elder Mike: Even if that boy is freed he can no longer be our pastor.
Douglas: he is not even supposed to be a member of the church anymore. He should be driven out. Because if we leave him here it will scare people from the church. Our daughters won’t be safe here, our wives won’t be safe. How then can we worship God in spirit and in truth with fear in our hearts. So its better we send him away before he kills the little glory left in the church.
King: my elders and deacons, the glory of God is not brought down by man, the glory of God comes at the will of God. And nothing can bring it down. As for chosing a new assistant, God has not told me that. When he speaks I will listen and obey. For now pastor Chris remains our pastor.
Douglas: And the church continues to take care of his court case? Do you know how long this case will take? And how long will the church continue to carry his responsibility.
King: As long as it takes Douglas. The church of God will stand by our pastor until the very end.  Besides Douglas I don’t see why you suddenly have the church interest at heart, and you suddenly now care for the money spent in the church. Didnt you sell your so called special oil to church members for 10,000 naira. Did you care where they got the money from or how they got it?  Didnt you leave the church and went to open a prayer house doing miracles and conducting deliverances on people. How come this same church you abandoned suddenly become of interest to you.
Douglas: I do not know where you heard or got your Info’s from but I do care about this church and that’s all that matters.
Pastor King smiles.
King: deacon Douglas, you cannot hide it from God, God knows and sews the heart of every man and no matter the things you cover and hide from men, you cannot hide them from God. My elders I have this to say before I step into my room. Pastor Chris remains the assistant pastor of this church and this church will continue to stans and support him till the very end. Even if the whole church turns their back on us, as far as God remains on our side, our victory is assured. And be rest assured that judgement will definitely fall on anyone that has a hand in this. The church of God will stand and the gates of hell will not prevail against it
Pastor king gets up and walks away from the men who sat down speechless watching him leave.
To be continued!
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Episode 38.
The accident was a terrible one. But the crowd .managed to drag him out and carried him straight to the hospital. There was blood everywhere and people were not even sure if he would survive the accident or not.
It was deacon Igho that first heard the news and he ran straight to his house shouting, ”mama, mama, mama” Mrs Odogwu who has been feeling funny since her husband left the house jumped up in fear and dashed outside the house.  From the look on his face, she knows something was obviously wrong.
Mrs Odogwu: what is it?/where is my husband?/what happened to my husband?
Deacon Igho: Mama, you have to come with me o, just pick your bag and come with me.
Mrs Odogwu: Come with you where?where is my husband? What has happened to my husband?
Deacon Igho: I just had a call, they said he was involved in a terrible motor accident and he is in a critical state.
Mrs Odogwu: Jesus o, ( She fell on the ground crying) where is he? How is he? Where did they take him to? Where is he now?
Deacon Igho: All these your questions I dont have answers to them o, come let’s just go to the hospital where they took him to.
Mrs Odogwu ran inside got her purse and together they rushed to the hospital. Outside the hospital was a small crowd. Churxh members. The news had gone round that pastor Odogwu was involved in an accident and so they all rushed to the hospital.
When Mrs Odogwu got to the ward where Odogwu was laid, the sight of her husband brought her to tears.
Mrs Odogwu: honey, is that you? Jesus o, what happened, can you talk to me? Honey please talk to me.
Odogwu couldn’t say anything because he was in so much pain.
Mrs Odogwu: I told you not to go for that meeting but you won’t hear me, I told you not to go. You are just too stubborn. Now see what happened. If only you listened to me. You wouldn’t be here. See now, see! (She starts crying).
Deacon Igho: Madam, its okay he will be fine, pastor is a strong man. Am sure he will get past this.
Mrs Odogwu: which pastor?/which pastor? Can’t you see what is happening? This is God already releasing his punishment on my husband and you are saying pastor what?
Deacon Igho: how do you mean? What punishment I dont understand.
Mrs Odogwu: What dont you understand?/you are a very wicked man o. You always give my husband bad advice. You should be the one on that bed and not my husband.
Deacon Igho: mama, I don’t understand what are you talking about?
Mrs Odogwu: dont mama me, who is your mama? All my husband wanted was to be a pastor and he got it, but you came with your evil suggestion to take the church and then against pastor King which we did. Now this is the repercussion and you are there calling me mama. What mama is that?
Deacon Igho: But mama, the accident is just a co incident and has nothing to do with the church.
Mrs Odogwu: Please just leave us alone with all your wicked advices. You are so filled with evil. You are the one that lured my husband to take over the church and now he is suffering alone. God will punish you. Get out of this place just get out.
Deacon Igho was confused, he didnt understand anything that Mrs Odogwu was saying. However he left.
Episode 39.
It was the last Sunday before the case. Pastor King was determined to raise a prayer point for pastor Chris. He sat with his wife and son waiting for the members of the church to come. He was beginning to get worried that at this time there was not even one person in church.
Just then Brother Thomas came in with his family.
 Thomas: Pastor, what is going on? Where is everybody? At a point I almost turned back because I felt no one was in here. Where is everybody?
Pastor King smiled before answering.
Pastor king: brother Thomas, the people is who you are seeing right now.
Thomas: I dont understand, what do you mean these are the people.
Just then sister Happiness walked in,her pregnancy has already began to show very well. She came in with a friend. And not quiet long four other persons joined them. Pastor King began the service and he led the praise and worship and began to preach. In total they were 12 in number.
Pastor King preached on the topic. STANDING FIRM IN GOD IN TIMES OF TRIALS. he spoke and have examples with job in the Bible and how he stood firm in God refusing to cause him even when his own wife turned against him. At the end he told the people not to be discouraged by what they see or hear because victory is near.
Then he raised prayer points on behalf of pastor Chris, urging them not to be carried away by whatever proofs would be presented in church. He told them that God has told him that pastor Chris was innocent and even if the court says otherwise he will hold onto what God told him. He encouraged the church to do same and stand by their pastor till the end. He prayed that as they continue to stand by pastor Chris, God will also stand by them.
At the end of the service, brother Thomas expressed his fear for the church as the number of persons kept reducing.
King: Brother Thomas this is how the judgement day will be like. The road to heaven will be scanty with people while the road to hell would be filled with people. Do not be discouraged. The church will rise again.
Then he went ahead to ask Brother Thomas about the lawyer for pastor Chris.
Thomas: yes pastor, everything is in place. Tomorrow he will be in court and I believe with God on our side he will be able to bring pastor Chris from prison. I can’t imagine the pains our pastor have gone through in this one month.
Pastor King: I believe in God, I have prayed I have fasted. And I know by tomorrow he will be released.
Thomas : amen. Pastor worry not
They shook  hands before Thomas walked away.
Meanwhile somewhere in Lagos, brother Chuks was having his wedding done. It was a big party and the whole place was jam packed.
The girl seems to have come from a prominent  family and there were so many dignitaries around.  Nobody knew how Gift got to hear about the wedding. But she sat at a corner there watching as Chuks marries someone else and she could not help the tears that keeps falling from her eyes as she thought about the pains that she has gone through in the hands of this man.
Episode 40.
Everyone was sitted in court as they waited for the judge to come in. Pastor Chris was led in by the police in chains, he was looking so dark , thin and pale. He turned to look around to see if pastor King was there, because he was earlier told by one of the policemen that all his supporters have abandoned him and that even pastor King would not be coming to court. When he didnt see pastor King in the room he became so dull and sad.
Douglas and the lady who had accused pastor Chris stepped into the court, different people who were obviously supporters to the lady were all there. Some members of the church were in court also but from the way they talked with the lady and frowned when looking at pastor Chris he knew they were not for him.
He wondered if pastor King has really abandoned him. He stood in the investigation box and looked up to heaven, the judge was yet to come and there was murmuring and little gossips in the court room.
Pastor Chris raised his voice to heaven and with tears in his eyes he called out to God singing.
” Why should I feel discouraged, why should the shadows come,
Why should my heart be lonely,
and long for heaven and home,
When Jesus is my portion?
 My constant friend is He:
His eye is on the sparrow,
and I know He watches me;
His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.
I sing because I’m happy,
I sing because I’m free,
For His eye is on the sparrow,
And I know He watches me.
”See him singing like an angel where as his heart his that of a devil” one of the women murmured,  ”shut up there o make I nor hit you with this stick when day my hand o, one of the policemen shouted at him.
Just then the judge walked in, and everywhere became quiet.  The people all settled in their seats. As the case was about to be called, pastor King walked in, with sister Happiness, brother Thomas and the new lawyer. When pastor Chris saw them his face lit up as he smiled.
The case was introduced, and the lawyers stood up to introduce themselves. Brother Thomas lawyer introduced himself as Pastor Chris new lawyer who is now in charge of the case. The lady suddenly became uncomfortable.
”What is it?” Douglas asked her
”I dont know, I suddenly became uncomfortable, I have a funny feeling that this case is about to take a twist” she replied.
”What do you mean by that? What kind of twist?” Douglas asked.
”I dont know but something doesn’t just feel right.” She said
”Cou……..rt” the cleric man shouted and everyone kept silent.
The case was about to begin…..
Episode 41
The lady was called into the box and brother Thomas lawyer stood up to question her.
Lawyer: Please ma, can you please relate your story just to refresh this honourable court on what happened on that fateful day.
Lady: I have been a member of the church and I have been seeing pastor Chris for special prayers on a particular issue.
Lawyer: sorry to interrupt you madam, but please can you state what that particular issue is?
”Objection” her lawyer shouted, your honour, there are some things that my client would want to keep personal as they are issues that concerns her integrity” the female lawyer said.
But brother Thomas lawyer quickly countered her saying.
”Your honour , the integrity and the freedom of a man is at stake here, your honour not just an ordinary man but a man of God, whose church is at the risk of folding up, what could be more personal that is worth keeping compared to the life of this young man.”
Judge:Objection sustained. Let the question be answered.
”Thank you, your honour, please ma answer the question,  what is that personal issue that made you go to pastor Chris?”
Lady: Well, I am 36 years old and I am yet to be married and we know in Nigeria age has a very big effect on a lady when it comes to marriage issue. And so I went to see the pastor so that he can pray for me so that I can get a husband.
”Go on” the lawyer urged her.
Lady: And so he prayed with me that day and he told me that I will be needing special prayers and that I should come to his apartment later for it.
”And did you not bother to ask why his house? Why not the church?
Lady: I didnt ask, because he is the pastor and knows what he is doing.
”Go on” he urged her.
Lady: on that fateful day, I called pastor Chris that I was coming by 6pm like we agreed and he told me to wait that he was in a meeting and he would let me know when to come, later I got a text from pastor Chris telling me to come now that he was home, and that when I come I should go straight to the house that his door was unlocked. And so I went to the house.
”Did anyone see you come in?” The lawyer asked.
Lady: no sir, the gate was opened, the security man was not at the gate and so am not sure if he saw me.
”Alright go on”
Lady : when I got to the house, I entered and waited for almost an hour before he came in, he apologised for coming late and then said he wants to quickly take his bath that I should give him few minutes. He went inside and I heard the shower running. After few minutes I heard him calling me to come and help him out for something, I asked him what was it but he said I should come. When I got there he was on his towels and before I could say anything, he pounced on me and tore my clothes and he raped me, I was screaming but before people could come and force the door opened he had already raped me.
”Did you struggle and try to fight back?” He asked.
Lady: yes sir I did, I tried but he kept on slapping and pinching and scratching me, he beat me up and overpowered me, my whole body was filled with sore.
”And after everything , I mean after he was caught, what happened”?
Lady: some persons escorted me home to rest and the next day I came to the police station to read it.
”Home? Why home? You said you were beaten up badly, injured, scratched and raped and you didnt go to the hospital you went home, why?
Lady: nothing I didnt see any reason to go further to expose myself to the world and that is why. (She answered feeling uneasy)
”That will be all for now” the lawyer said as she stepped out of the interrogation box and pastor Chris was called in.
Episode 42.
Pastor Chris stood in the interrogation box. When the lawyer saw him he recognised him immediately. Its the same Chris back in school who would wake up and drag them to the middle of the compound for morning devotion. The same Chris who would give his food out to those that dont have and stay hungry, the same Chris who would teach his friends for free, the same Chris who would pray and lay hands on lecturers, the same Chris who was loved by all. The lawyer almost shouted his name and hug him but then he remembered he was in the middle of a case.
Lawyer: Your honour, I would beg to request that these handcuffs be taken away from my client, he is just an accused yet to be persecuted. He shouldnt be treated like the common criminal. He is not found guilty yet and this chains on him is not befitting on him. Every man is innocent of any crime until proven guilty and so until then I demand that these chains be taken off your honour.
The judge nodded in agreement , and the policemen on duty who had brought pastor Chris in went forward and removed the chains.
”Thank you, your honour”
Turning to pastor Chris he asked!
Lawyer: Pastor, please could you please tell this honourable court what happened on that fateful day.
Chris: That day, I was with pastor King and two other sisters from church, sister Gift and sister Happiness, we were discussing on a very important matter.
We discussed late into the night before they finally left. After they left I still discussed with pastor King for a while before going home. My door key had gone bad and I have been calling the carpenter but he didnt come that day either.  Pastor King has even told me that the door should not exceed the next day.
 And so when I entered my house, I locked up immediately, I went straight into my room to have my bath and I locked the door too.
After having my bath I stepped out in my towel, I was not expecting anyone to be in my room and so  When I came out I was shocked to see a naked woman in my room.
I screamed and shouted because I have never seen this woman in my life and I dont even know how she got there and before I could understand what was happening, she grabbed my towel and pulled it. I was trying to drag the towel so that I won’t be naked and then she started screaming and before I knew what was happening there were people at my door already.
I tried to run to the door to unlock it but she held me down and prevented me from reaching the door. It was during this struggle that the door finally opened and people rushed in and she came up with the story that I had raped her
”If I heard you right, you said you’ve never seen this lady before?” He asked.
Pastor Chris: Never sir, I have never seen her.
”What about her clothes that was seen on the floor of your house thorn to pieces?”
Pastor Chris: I didnt even see those clothes until she pointed to them. I never knew there were torn clothes on the ground. This whole thing is still like a dream to me.
”Its alright pastor, you can step out that will be all for now”
The judge after some minutes of silence demanded that the court should go on recess and should reconvey after 30 minutes.
In this 30 minutes recess, the lawyer was able to speak to Chris one on one and reminded him of himself back in school days. It was a few minutes of reunion.
The lawyer assured them that they have a good case and that with God on thier side they would come out victorious.
Happiness quickly brought out the food she had packaged in the flask and gave it to pastor Chris, and once again pastor Chris refused to eat, but on the insistence of pastor King and brother Thomas he had no choice than to eat.
Pastor King: (to the lawyer) sir, is there anything that can be done so that he wouldn’t have to go back to prison today? See my brother is not looking good at all and I dont want him to go back there today.
Lawyer: I will do my best. Like I said with God on our side, we will smile.
”Amen” they all said
Lawyer: And pastor please forget about the charges I earlier discussed with you. Dont pay me anything. I know how many times this man fed me in school. This is a little thing compared to what he did for me.
King: oh am happy! God bless you so much sir. God bless you.
Thomas: Dont worry pastor, victory is sure in Jesus name.
Then they said a word of prayer before going back into the court.
Episode 43.
Mrs Odogwu has vowed never to step her legs in that church again. She was also going to make sure that when her husband stands up he won’t go back to the church. Since her husband was brought to this hospital all she does is cry and cry.
Mr Odogwu finally opened his eyes and gradually was able to sit down but he couldn’t speak. Each time he tried to talk he ends up struggling to breathe and coughing.  Mrs Odogwu had to run to call the doctor.
The doctor checked Odogwu and demanded for some tests to be carried out on him. The tests was done and in few minutes the result was ready.
Doctor: Mrs Odogwu am afraid that the accident must have affected your husbands speech and he may not be able to speak for some time.
Mrs Odogwu: okay, what is the some time, how long is the some time.
Doctor: Madam we ain’t certain about the time, it may take weeks or months, or even years I can’t give you a specific time. He may not even talk again but God forbid it.
Mrs Odogwu: Amen o ( she starts crying) she turned to her husband. Honey, if you can hear me please nod your head.
Odogwu nodded.
Mrs Odogwu: honey did you hear all the doctor said, do you understand it?
Odogwu nodded.
Mrs Odogwu: okay, that’s a good start, I will get you a paper and a Biro, so that if you have anything to tell me you just write for me okay?
Odogwu nodded again.
Mrs Odogwu opened her bag and brought out a pen and a Biro and handed them over to Odogwu. Odogwu drafted out something on the paper and gave it back to his wife.  Who held it and read it loud.
”Please send for pastor King, I need him to pray for me”
Hot tears flowed from her eyes as she watched her husband who was still struggling to write. Finally when he was done he gave her the note.
”Honey, this is my second chance, I died and went to hell, an angel told me that I was there because I was a selfish person, a liar, a cheat and worst of all that I turned the house of God into my personal business place and took possession of it leading people astray and to hell. I begged and begged to be forgiven. I do not know how but I suddenly woke up and found myself here. Please send for Pastor King, I need him to pray for me, I need him to take back his church, I need him to beg God for me to not send me to hell. Honey please call me pastor king please.
Mrs Odogwu could not hold back her tears as she kept reading the note over and over again. She saw how scared her husband looked and she saw him crying from his heart. She quickly kept the note on her bag and ran out of the hospital in search of pastor king.
Episode 44.
The court gathered and everyone sat quietly waiting. Thomas lawyer re invited the lady back to the interrogation box.
Lawyer: Young lady, in the few hours of recess I’ve had time to go through your statement and some things are not straight forward and if possible I will want you to clarify them for me.
Firstly at 36 you are unmarried and then a single man of God invites you to his house and you go there, and the next thing you claim he wants to rape you. I find this really strange for someone who is urgently looking for a man. Most ladies will see this as an opportunity to grab and marry this man.
”Objection your honour, my honourable colleague is embarrassing my client” her lawyer shouted.
Judge: over ruled.
”Sorry your honour” the lawyer said, I will rephrase my statement.
Lawyer: sister, I also noticed you said pastor Chris came and then demanded to go take his bath. For someone who has kept you waiting and it was getting really late, I find it a little bit strange that you would just agree to stay and wait patiently and you know very well that it was not an all night meeting.
Lady: I was the one in need of prayer so I had to wait.
Lawyer: Interesting! And another thing I find really strange is that, pastor Chris called you to come up to his room and you went, and immediately he grabbed you, is that correct?
Lady: yes sir, that is correct.
Lawyer: This means you were the last to enter into the room right?
Lady: (feeling uneasy) what is your point sir)
Lawyer: is that correct or not?
”Objection your honour, the defence is badgering my client” her lawyer shouted.
Lawyer: your honour there is a point I am trying to prove and I need her to answer me as for me to get there.
Judge: sustained, answer the question.
Lady: ye ye yes (she stammered) I was the last to enter the room.
Lawyer: And you said the pastor tore off your clothes and forced himself on you right?
Lady: yes!
Turning to the judge the lawyer said
Lawyer: Your honour, according to her she was the last person to enter the room, and without saying or doing anything the pastor jumped on her and beat her up and then raped her. From the story told by both party the door was locked. Now my question is , if you are the last person to enter the room it means you locked the door and why would you do that? And if you are not the one who locked the door, it means pastor Chris’s story is the truth. For he said he locked the door when he went in and that means you were already in the room, probably hiding somewhere waiting for him to come so that you can lie and frame him up.
”Objection” her lawyer shouted, but Thomas lawyer ignored her and continued!
”Your honour these are the clothes she claimed was torn by pastor Chris, if you look carefully sir you will see these are scissors cut and not hand cut. There is a difference between when a hand tears a cloth and when there is a neat cut and this is obviously a neat cut” he carries the clothes and showed them to the judge who looks at them carefully and shook his head.
Lawyer: your honour I demand that this be kept and recorded as evidence. ( he submits the clothes to the police who wraps and takes them away) your honour, this lady also claims that my client sent her a text and that they’ve been in communication before that very day. Your honour I would love to request that this lady present to the court the text message sent by pastor Chris to her.
The judge shook his head in approval to what the lawyer had requested.
Lady: Please I didnt keep the text, I have deleted it already.
Lawyer: madam you know that there is a court case and nothing is to be tampard with, why would you delete it. Anyways no problem. Can you please show us or call it out for us pastor Chris’s phone number?
Lady: I dont have it either. How can I be keeping the number of someone who raped me. I have deleted it.
Lawyer: (smiles) young lady I put it to you that you dont have this mans number and he never sent you any text message, you were hired to set this man of God up and you lied about having his phone number and a fake text message. I also put it to you that you cut your clothes by yourself with a scissors and dropped them on the floor of his room to make it seem like he tore them and you were never beaten or raped if not you would have gone to the hospital for treatment.
The lady quickly pointed to Douglas who by now was trying to walk out of the court.
”He was the one who took care of me, he mr Douglas. He took care of me, he was the one ask him.
The whole court turned and looked mr Douglas who was already scared and terrified.
Douglas: who me? No ooo o its not me o, I did not take care of anybody o ,not me o.
The whole court was by now staring at him.

A.k.a Mummy E

Episode 45.

The whole court turned to see Douglas as he was shouting and saying he wasn’t the one that took care of this lady. There was a little disorder in the court. As a policeman stopped Douglas from going out.

Douglas: Officer why are you blocking my way? Excuse me! I want to go out.

Officer: The case is still on sir and the lady just involved you in it so you just can’t leave yet. I’m sorry.

Douglas: But I have somewhere I have to be right this very minute. So please, if you don’t mind kindly step out of my way.

The lady still at the interrogation box has sensed that Douglas was trying to get away from the court and so she quickly shouted.

Lady: Please don’t let that man go o, don’t let him leave abeg. He is my witness in this case and he can’t leave.

The judge signalled that Douglas be brought forward.

Douglas: Me? God forbid! Do I know you? How can you say I am your witness? Are we related? What kind of talk is that? How am I your witness? Do you know me?

Lady: Ah! Mr. Douglas, what are you trying to do? Are you trying to deny me? Because if that’s what you are trying to do, you better have a rethink because it won’t end well.

Douglas became quiet.

Pastor Chuks’s Lawyer: Young lady what are you talking about? How is this man involved in this case?

Douglas: Lawyer, please o, I am not involved in this case o, Pastor Chris here is my pastor and I just came here to support him, I don’t know this lady and I don’t know what she is talking about o? (He turned to the lady) and you, do I know you? Do you know me? Why are you trying to drag me into what does not concern me? Was I there when Pastor Chris raped you? Why are you calling my name?

Lady: See this man o, hehehehe (she laughed sarcastically clapping her two hands) make una see this man o, so you think you can push me into lion’s den mouth and then abandon me. Oya let me kukuma talk.
She turned and face the judge.

”Oga judge, oga lawyer please don’t be angry, let me just say the truth. This Pastor Chris you are seeing here ehn, he is innocent”

The whole court shouted ”eh” as she continued.

Lady: He is innocent o. There was nothing like rape. Me as I am here and as you are seeing me, I am a commercial sex worker, a well known ashawo.

There was an uproar in the court as the clerk shouted ”order”. She continued.

Lady: I was on my own jejeje when this man came to me, he said his name is Douglas and that he has a Job for me o. He said this job was a very simple one and he would pay me 500k for it. How can I reject that kind of job that will pay me 500k when my ashawo work will give me just 1k in a day and 30k in a month. He told me that all I needed was to convince everyone that Pastor Chris here, that he raped me. ”Eh! ” the people shouted.

That fateful day. (She continued) This Douglas told me to go to Pastor Chris’s house, when we got to the church compound I hid behind his car. Then he came down and asked the gateman of the church to go and buy something for him. When the gateman left, he personally took me to Pastor Chris house. The door was opened. I asked him how he knew the door would be opened. He said that Pastor Chris had invited a carpenter who also works for him to come and fix the door. And that the carpenter was at his house working when he got the call from Pastor Chris that his door was bad and cannot be locked. He said he was the one that engaged the carpenter and lured him with much money so that he wouldn’t be chanced to come and fix the door.

He told me what to do and arranged the torn clothes. Then he hid me inside the wardrobe in Pastor Chris’s room and left. He also planted the three guys and the lady who came to break the door open when they heard me shouting.

When Pastor Chris came out of the bathroom he was surprised. He never touched me. I was the one that tried to drag his towel. And that day was the first time ever that I saw him. I didn’t know him before neither have I gone to him for any special prayer before. This man Douglas here orchestrated and planned everything.

Before she finished her statement, Pastor King and Pastor Chris had knelt down, they raised their hands to heaven appreciating God with tears falling from Pastor Chris’s eyes. Even Happiness joined them in kneeling down as they sang praises to God.

Douglas: It is a lie o! She is lying! What are you talking about?

Lady: Who is lying? Officer see my phone, this is the first 300k he transferred to me as advance for the job. When things went sour and the case came to court. I told him I was backing out but he assured me that Pastor Chris’s lawyer was working for him that I shouldn’t be scared and so he promised to add another 200k to my money. Just yesterday he transferred 300k to me. See the alert here. (She showed the policemen and the lawyer the evidence) My balance with him is 100k. He promised to send that one after the case. And now he is trying to deny me and run away.

As soon as the judge saw the phone messages he ordered for the immediate arrest of the lady and Douglas who was by now already peeing on himself as handcuffs was placed on him.

Lady: See you! You don day piss for body. I go down, you go down with me. Rubbish!

The judge also ordered that Pastor Chris be released immediately and the case was adjourned to the 2nd week of the following month.
Pastor King could not hold back his joy. Even though he was surprised at what Douglas did.

Sister Happiness who was so excited raised a song and Pastor Chris joined her and before you know it the whole court was singing.

”Can God change?
My God will never change
Can God change?
My God will never change

The same yesterday, today and forever,
Can God change?
My God will never change!

Episode 46.

Pastor King could not contain his joy as he threw a party in church to welcome home Pastor Chris. It was so surprising as the whole church was jam packed with people. It was during the party that Mrs. Odogwu ran inside the church and went straight to the altar crying on her knees.

Mrs. Odogwu: Pastor please help me, please help my husband. I know we are not worthy of your mercy but please have mercy, forgive us please. My husband is dying please we need you. Pastor please!

The party was immediately stopped as Pastor King gave the woman a listening ear.

Pastor King: Woman what is wrong with your husband?

Mrs Odogwu: My husband was involved in a terrible accident on his way from a meeting attended here. Since then he has been unconscious until two days ago when he regained consciousness.

She quickly dipped her hand in her purse and brought out the note that Odogwu had written for her. She stretched it to Pastor King who read and shook his head.

Mrs Odogwu: Please pastor! I know what we did is unforgivable but I am begging you on my knees, I am begging you all, Pastor Chris I am begging you, I am begging the entire church, please don’t allow my husband to die and go to hell, please. (She cried out, rolling from one end of the church to the other shouting and wailing) God have mercy, Lord have mercy, please forgive me, forgive my husband. Forgive oh Lord. Please forgive us o.

Pastor Chris spoke with Pastor King for a while, and then they urged the congregation to continue with the party and enjoy themselves as there was lot to eat and drink. They all entered into Pastor King’s car and drove straight to the hospital.

Pastor Chris could not hold back his tears when he saw Odogwu struggling to speak but couldn’t. He hurriedly grabbed a pen and paper and wrote on it.

”Pastor Chris I am glad you are here, please forgive me, forgive me Pastor King forgive me. I can’t begin to give reasons why I did all I did but all I can say is have mercy and pray for me, please pray for me I don’t want to go to hell.”

Mrs. Odogwu confessed on behalf of her husband how he had deceived the pastors in making him pastor of the new branch. She cried and begged for mercy.

As Odogwu was writing he was shivering in fear and Pastor King and Chris understood that of a truth he has seen hell.

They both prayed for him and assured him that God has forgiven him and all will be well with him. He also wrote on a paper that after the prayers he now felt an inner peace within him. He told them that the church would be restored back to It’s original name and purpose.
Before the men of God left, they gave Odogwu and his wife money to support the hospital bills.

They decided to pay a visit to the new church before going back to their party. When they arrived there they were shocked at what they saw.

Deacon Igho had emptied the church. He had carried the instruments and valuable things in the church and left to an unknown destination.

Pastor King: we have a lot to do pastor, we will start from the scratch.

Pastor Chris: Yes Pastor! With God we can do anything and we will build the house of God again. They turned and left the place back to their party.

Episode 47.

As Douglas was led to the court alongside the lady the people screamed and hooted at him. Some were throwing papers at him, others were cursing him and the lady. He was looking so thin and sick.

When he saw Pastor King and Chris he hid his head in shame. It was not long before the judge stepped in. It was the day of judgement.
Douglas was kept in the box and asked if he had anything to say. He shook his head and the judge gave him the opportunity to speak.

Douglas: I know why I am here today and I know it is because of my selfishness, greed and jealousy. I was jealous of our new pastor. I was angry at him from the first day that he was made a pastor. This is because I was supposed to be made the pastor but Pastor King went ahead and chose a small boy without a background. They gave him a house and an official car, all of these increased my jealousy for him and I never saw anything good in whatever he does.

In all I did to him, he respected me and never insulted me not for once. But my quest and zeal to become assistant to Pastor King pushed me to do things I now regret. I was aiming to be the Senior Pastor by taking out Pastor King when I finally become his assistant. I planned on poisoning him so that after he dies I would take over as the senior pastor. But no matter how hard I tried I always failed.

Pastor Chris, God has vindicated you today because you have a good heart. I apologise for all I did to you, Pastor King I apologise to you too for everything. I can’t begin to say how much I am sorry please forgive me. I hope that every man and woman out there learn from my mistakes. Do not try to fight God’s anointed, if you do that, you will be fighting God himself and if you fight God you are bound to fail. To everyone I am sorry.

The judge finally decided that it was time to give his judgement.

Judge: Well! After carefully going through this case and with all the evidence presented before this honourable court, this is my judgement.

”Pastor Chris of the Salvation Gospel Mission. For the charges of brutal beating and rape labelled against you, I found you not guilty You are thereby discharged and acquitted of all crimes.

And as for you Mr Douglas, I find you guilty for planning to destroy a good man, for tarnishing his image and making him suffer unjustly.

And as for you young lady, for conspiracy and plot to ruin a good man I find you guilty. I hereby sentence you to 7years imprisonment with hard labour.

As for you Mr Douglas, being the orchestrator of everything, I hereby sentence you to 15years imprisonment with hard labour. Meanwhile during your stay in prison, this honourable court will take over all of your properties, houses and all as Pastor Chris would be compensated with the sum of 250k for the unjust punishment he endured for one month in prison. This is my judgement. I rise.


The court rose and the judge stepped out followed by Douglas and the lady who were handcuffed by the policemen and led straight out of the court into the black maria van.

Pastor King and Chris stood with their hands on their waists as he (Deacon Douglas) was led away. His wife and children were crying as families supported and tried to console them.

The lawyer shook hands with the pastors as they appreciated him for everything he did for them. If it were not for him that God had used to bring victory only God knows what would have happened.

Pastor King: Where is Brother Thomas, I didn’t see him in court today. (Brother Thomas that brought the lawyer that defended Pastor Chris)

As they turned and looked around for him, they saw him walking in with a gloomy face.

Pastor King: Brother Thomas! Why is your face like that?

Thomas: Pastor I just heard a terrible news and I drove off to confirm it and behold it was true.

Pastor King: What did you hear?

Thomas: It is Deacon Igho, I heard he emptied the church and ran away with all the valuables in the church but as he was getting away he was involved in an accident. He drove into the sea under bridge with everything he carried. Ever since then they’ve been trying to find his body for almost a month now. And just this morning his body floated along the river. When I was called I didn’t believe it but when I drove there I confirmed with my eyes. It was really him. Deacon Igho is gone.

Pastor Chris: Oh Jesus! Sweet Jesus!

Pastor King: Oh my God! This is so sad. How about Odogwu? Have you heard or spoken to him? He and Igho were very close.

Thomas: Yes! I saw him at his house just now before coming. You know he was discharged last week. He is learning to talk gradually. His wife even told me how they’ve been trying to find Igho since that day but to no avail. Nobody knew he was gone.

Pastor: This is so sad. However we cannot question God. He knows and does His things the way he wants it. May the soul of Deacon Igbo rest in peace. ”Amen”

Episode 48
Season finale!

The church was filled with people, some were standing and others were sitted outside. Pastor King soon held the mic and spoke.

Pastor King: Today is a very good day. Pastor Chris, my brother, do you take this woman, to be your lawful wedded wife, to love and to cherish for better for worse, in sickness and in health till death do you part?

Pastor Chris: (with smiles on his face) yes I do with all my heart .

The church clapped.

Pastor King: My beloved sister, do you take this man Chris to be your lawful wedded husband, to love and to cherish, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health till death do you part?

”Yes I do sir, with all my heart” she replied.

The church clapped.

Pastor King: By the power invested on me as a man of God, I hearby pronounce you Pastor Chris and Sister Happiness as husband and wife.

There was a loud shout and clap round the church. Music and drums came in and the people sang and danced. Pastor Chris was dancing as he held his wife supporting her as she danced slowly.

Some of the people murmured and gossiped as they saw Happiness with her big tummy. But Pastor Chris didn’t care what anyone said or thought. He heard clearly from God that this was his wife and for him, God’s words was final and nothing else matters.

They danced together for a while, so many people came forth to give them different gifts. Odogwu and his wife marched forward beautifully dressed . He could now speak but it was still a bit difficult. But daily it kept improving.

Odogwu: my pa…stor, con con con gratulations. On be behalf of myself and my family, I present this car keys to you. The car is parked outside. It is from my heart. Con gra tu tu lations.

Pastor Chris hugged him and he bowed down in respect to them. It was a beautiful moment. Few hours later, they closed and everyone went home.


It’s been four months since the wedding. Pastor Chris stood outside moving from left to right. He has not been tensed like this in a long time. As soon as he saw the doctor come out he ran to him.

Pastor Chris: Hello doctor! Hw is my wife?

Doctor: Congratulations pastor, your wife has given birth to a bouncing baby girl.

Pastor Chris broke into a dance, he couldn’t hold himself. After dancing to his satisfaction he demanded to see his wife and daughter and he was led into the room where he carried his daughter up, praying and blessing her with every good words he knew.

They stayed in the hospital that night before finally discharging and going home. Few days later they named the baby Christabel. It was a happy occasion.

After the party, Pastor King called Sister Happiness and Pastor Chris.

Pastor King: Well I know it is a happy occasion but I have a bad news.

Pastor Chris: What is it pastor?

Pastor King: Brother Chuks was yesterday sentenced to life imprisonment.

”What?” Sister Happiness shouted.

Pastor King: Yes! Chuks killed his wife in a fight. The story is that She found out that Chuks had infected her with Staphylococcus and she got angry and confronted him and instead of apologising to his wife, he told her to go and treat herself. She laughed at him and told him to also go and treat himself because she has also infected him with HIV. He didn’t believe it and so he went for the test and found out that it was true. He went and fought with her. During the process, he hit her on her head with a bucket. She fell and hit her head on the ground and died on the spot.

Happiness: Jesus Christ!

Pastor King: The case has been on and he has finally been sentenced to life imprisonment. I don’t know how he can survive in jail with that deadly virus. But he has been begging to see you.

Happiness: I’m sorry pastor but I won’t go. What does he want to see me for,? I’m not the only girl he lied to and deceived.

Pastor Chris: No honey! You will go and see him. Don’t worry I will go with you. You have to forgive and forget.

Happiness: I have forgiven him. But must I go? I don’t want to see him.

Pastor Chris: Honey please, do it for me okay?

She agreed. And the next day, they all went to the prison to see Chuks. When they saw him he went on his knees as he cried and begged for mercy.

They forgave him, Happiness forgave him, Pastor King and Chris forgave him. They carried the baby to him and as he held her he wept uncontrollably.

Chuks: I don’t deserve to be a father. I am so glad that she has a better father in you. Please take her sir. I know with you she is more than safe. I know I am going to die in this prison, either by this virus or by the pains here, I know this is the punishment I have to face for been a traitor and a Judas in the church. I only have one request. Please sir, tell her about me, tell the church about me, let them know that no matter what you do in secret there is a God that sees it all and His judgement cannot be escaped. This is my judgement and I am ready to face it.

Happiness cried as she saw the man she once loved and cherished dying in pains. She held him and prayed with him and then took her baby from him. Pastor King and Chris also prayed with him. Chuks was happy that they came. As they left him there he cried and wished he didn’t do those things he did.

Two days later, the news came that Chuks had slit his throat and committed suicide in prison. The church mourned him, people talked about him but in few weeks they’ve all forgotten about him.

Pastor Chris and King never forgot to remind the people that no matter how the devil may try, no matter how he may fight no matter how many Judases that he will place in the church, the church of God will always stand and the gates of hell will not prevail against it .

The End!
Are you a Judas in your church
check your life

Wow! What an educative story. Indeed, God is ever faithful.

I appreciate the Living God for choosing me to impact lives through writing and sharing stories. Who am I O God to be mindful of me? I give you all the praises. You deserve it all. Thank you Lord for the completion of this story and thank you for inspiring the writer to produce this story. May your name be glorified Lord in Jesus name (Amen).

I really appreciate the writer too for giving me permission to share her story. May you continue to be relevant in God’s presence. Continue to grow in God’s grace and honor in Jesus name (Amen).

Thanks to everyone for liking, commenting and sharing of the story. And I also appreciate those that are encouraging me in one way or the other, may the good and gracious Lord continue to bless your lives in Jesus name (Amen)

Please let’s share what we have learned.

Thank you once again and stay blessed!

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