Many Christian husbands are dying in silence

Dear Christian wives,
There is this un-going error among some Christian women, whose husbands love the Lord. They believe since their men are committed to the things of God, and are well known in church, they can never leave them, neither will they take a second wife.
With that believe in mind, some of these women resort to behaving anyhow, with some acting like lunatics.
To them, ‘nothing dey happen’.
madam, wake up and calm down, things are changing. Born again Christians are beginning to dig out new revelations to escape bad marriages. pastors of some large congregation are beginning to divorce and remarry, with no visible negative impact on the sizes of their CONGREGATIONS.
Stop hurting the one you were called to help, with the thinking, you a mount Zion that cannot moved.
This same man you have little or no value for, some of those sisters carrying your hand bag in church and calling you mama, are dying to have him.To shock you, some are even willing to go extra mile by displacing you, and taking your place, even to your face.
Do you know that if this same man you are treating with disdain is of the other Faith, he could have married two or three more on top of you and nothing will happen? Being on the same bed with him then will be by a roster. You will then be forced to buy cookery books, so as to always put in your best, to prove that you are the better cook. Do you desire that kind of competition before you start living like the daughter of Zion you are called?
I can authoritatively say that, just like many Christian wives are suffering, many Christian husbands are dying in silence. By His grace, I will talk to husbands, but today I am compelled to talk to the wives
Just yesterday, a prominent lawyer, who is a top leader in on of the biggest CHURCHES in town said , “I don’t know how I ended up with this Tiger in my house. I provide her care, time, attention and money, yet I don’t have peace. Even in this lockdown, I Am still making MONEY. I have made over 700k, in the past five days. She is not suffering by all standards. Still, I find it difficult to stay around her without a fight. I have practiced all the things written in books like, Love and Respect, The five love languages, but non is working on her. She nags, she’s disrespectful, she’s rude and extremely selfish. Pastor, I won’t lie to you, I now have several side-chicks. They help me cool off and switch my mind off home, whenever I am with them. In fact, I have two waiting for me right now. When I am done talking with you, I will be going to meet them”.
madam, do you know the implication of your husband sleeping around during this covid-19, and any other time for that matter?
I hope these Christian women prayer groups all over the place, are actually teaching our woman sound scriptural doctrines on godly characters? I hope they are not all about jamboree, fashion competitions and some ‘who sabi pass prayer sessions’?
Dear Christian Wife, in case you don’t know how a Good wife should behave, there are some very good wives in the Bible to imitate. You have Sarah, Ruth, Esther, the Proverbs 31 woman, and some others.
Stop practising the bad examples you see around.
Stop using the negative feebacks you get from your old girls association WhatsApp group, to ruin your home.
Stop using some of these idiotic lines from some senseless movies, to ‘deal’ with your husband.
Stop it! I mean stop it now!!

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