Meet the Doctor that miraculously escaped from being infected with Corona virus after having contact with an infected person.

This week on I testify Friday:

On 6 April Dr Uche-bright Chinecherem made a post on his facebook page for brethren to pray for him, that he has contact with a patient who test positive to Covid 19.

Working in Health Sector makes you victim of many things you advice people against ; we strongly recommend social distancing but that is impossible when your work with humans, PPE is helpful but the Global paucity of PPE’s occasioned by this COVID ‘19 puts Healthcare givers in more danger.

I am currently self isolating for 14days after having a significant contact with a patient who later tested positive for COVID ‘19.
To be frank, it is not a good experience. But just as always, My God got my back!!!
This attracted the attention of both family and friends, praying for divine intervention.

On Thursday he sent a word accross to his brother in his word, he said, “thank you my Brother and everyone for your prayers and best wishes, to say I was scared is gross understatement especially after watching several people transit through the agony of Covid ‘19 but for the Lord that is ALWAYS by my side, the test result came out few minutes ago and I tested negative… Heading to work immediately because there are many people to care for,
Once again God Bless you all.”

Thank you for standing with me in Prayers.
Glory to this Great and Amazing God for His Faithfulness.
Thank you Lord!!!

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