My Angry wife

He came back from a meeting that fateful day and informed his wife that the
next meeting of Good Brothers London Branch will be in their house. It was
now his turn to host them. He added that *the people have demanded to eat
special OFE ONUGBU for entertainment.*🥘

On the day of the meeting, she went to Nigerian market to purchase the
items to make the Onugbu Soup🥘 for the guest who are well respected
personalities, highly placed individuals with profound integrity.

She entered the kitchen and started making the food, while the husband went
out to get other important items for the meeting. Lo and behold, the people
have started arriving.

Just as they have settled down and waiting for entertainment, the wife
whispered to the husband who just arrived and was saluting the people’s
with great excitements with handshake in turns telling them that the food
was ready……..

Wooow!! He was so excited the more… As the custom demands that food
should be presented before everything thing.

The husband then accompanied her to the kitchen, decided to taste the soup
before hand.

It happened that this woman just got the Onugbu (bitter leaf) straight from
the market without knowing that onugbu must be boiled and squeezed out part
of the bitterness very well before putting into the soup. She just sliced
them like that and put them directly into the soup. The husband became
dumbfounded, not knowing what to do!!

Suddenly, a thought crept to his mind, though he didn’t disclose nor say
anything to the wife who was believing the cooked soup to be the best, and
to her, that’s indeed it going to be *”a delicious bitter leaf”.*

He said, honey, please could you take up the fufu pot to the dining for the
visitors while I assist you to carry the soup pot?

She accepted.

Just as they were approaching the center table, *he intentionally double
crossed his legs, and fell down fatally, and the whole soup poured out and
wasted to the ground.*

The people started shouting: sorry, sorry sorry oh my God, oh my God. Hope
you’re OK, no injury, etc, this delicious soup wasted. Oh nooh. Sorry sir..
And helping him to stand up… Eventually, the people ended up taking only
the drinks alone and left with joy and showing pity for the man.

However, the wife was very angry shouting at him, you are just a devil, who
came to ruin my happiness, look how honoured I could have been before this
people, you just wasted my soup. This wicked man.

The man didn’t answer nor respond anything to her wife. But was very happy
that the wife integrity and respect was wittily, handsomely and smartly
rescued. The woman continued to Abuse the husband with razor blade mouth.

Later in the night while they have slept and woke up, the husband quietly
said to the wife, *darling, do you really know what happened yesterday, I
intentionally poured out that Soup to protect your integrity. The soup
could have brought a big Shame to them. And told her the soup was very
bitter and no one could have eaten such a bitter Soup. Probably you forgot
to wash out the bitter leaf properly before putting it into the soup

There she fell down and started crying and begging the husband for
forgiveness… And, the Love for the husband increased the more.


1. Take all possible risk to protect your spouse, you’re his or her shield.

2. Women, not all your men action is against your happiness.

3. Men, don’t talk back at your angry Wife, her ears are always at her back
whenever she is so provoked.

4. Wise men talk quietly and reply to issues when the situation is calm.


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