MY LIFE PARTNER | Moyosore Teniola

Part 1
Written by Moyosore Teniola.
The door bell rang. I quickly ran to the door in great anticipation. I was expecting a special visitor. I flung the door open without asking who it was. I flashed a broad smile but in an instant, I frowned when I saw the person standing right before me. I was motionless for about some seconds or so. She stood there as elegant as ever. My heart started thumping loudly. I couldn’t bear the overwhelming emotions. Tears stung my eyes. She looked at me pleadingly for what seemed to be ages.
“May I come in Fred?” She asked quietly.
“Hadassah?” I said quietly as if I was trying to confirm if she was the one.
“Hadassah?” I repeated under my breath.
She nodded slowly with sincere tears running down her cheeks. “I am sorry Fred.”
I motioned to her to come in. She sat on one of the chairs in my living room, her head bowed. I sat directly opposite her and stared at her for a long time, then I finally asked,
“Why are you back?”
She raised her head slowly and replied,
“I just realized my mistake Fred, you are my husband to be…”
“I beg your pardon?” I interrupted her. “Why now Hadassah? We had a very good relationship. We both prayed and got enough convictions and confirmations from God that we are meant for each other. I loved you like my life. Hadassah, I am yet to figure out how you could leave me suddenly and yet feel okay to move on. You hurt me Hadassah, more than words can tell.”
“I am so sorry Fred” she replied in tears. You know my parents, especially my mum doesn’t want me to marry someone from your tribe. The pressure was too much, I had to give up.”
“You shouldn’t have Hadassah, love conquers all. You should have waited for us to fight the battle together. When God is involved, nothing is impossible. You really hurt me. I stopped ‘living’ the moment you walked out of my life but I thank God for restoring me.”
She went on her knees. “I am so sorry Fred. I am back and I will make it up to you. I promise to make up for all the sorrow you went through because of me. Please, I still love you.”
“I love you too Hadassah but I am sorry, it is too late. How I wish you showed up six months ago, I tarried a lot in prayers for us but God’s plan is different.”
“What are you talking about Fred?” She whispered in fear.
“Hadassah, I am sorry, Esther has replaced Vashti, just like David replaced Saul.” I replied solemnly.
“Nooooooooo!!! Fred please give me another chance.” She collapsed on the cold floor, weeping bitterly.
“I wish I can Hadassah, I really wish I can but…”
A knock on the door interrupted me.
“Yes, come in. The door is not locked.”
Blessing walked in wearing her ever sweet and amazing smile…
I quickly stood up to welcome Blessing.
“Hi dear, I have been expecting you, do have your seat.”
“Thanks Fred, I am so sorry for coming a bit behind schedule, there are lots of traffic on the road.”
“No problem, it’s good to see you again.” I replied her with a smile.
She sat down, then focused her gaze on Hadassah who had quickly taken her seat before Blessing came in but the tears on her face is still evident.
“Hello sis,” She said cheerfully to Hadassah but she only sniffed, wiped her face and gave no response.
“Fred, anything the problem? I hope all is well?” She asked, turning to me.
That is Blessing for you, I have never seen such a matured, cool, calm and collected lady in my life. Despite the fact that she could recognize Hadassah, I mean, she had seen her pictures in my photo album, If it were to be some ladies, hell would have let loose that very moment.
“Eeeer-mmmh” I stammered, then cleared my throat.
“Blessing, meet Hadassah, my ex. Hadassah, meet Blessing my…”
“Don’t worry Fred,” Hadassah interrupted me, “I get the message. But you know what? I won’t give up until that which belongs to me comes back to me.” She replied confidently, then stood up and walked out of the door without looking back.
A brief moment of silence took over after she left.
“So, what will you do Fred?” Blessing broke the silence.
“Sincerely, I do not know.” I replied
“You don’t know? I mean, are you now confused as to who to choose between the two of us? Fred, you have told me a lot about Hadassah and with this look in your eyes, it is so glaring that you still have some feelings left in you for her.”
“No dear, it’s just that I only feel sorry for her.”
“You think so?” Blessing pursued.
She could see through me indeed. I still love Hadassah, though I am convinced that God brought Blessing to me to comfort and complete me. She is a perfect wife material and a picture of all I need in a woman but then, the kind of love I have for Hadassah cannot be fully explained with words of the mouth. I have so built my world around her and imagined our future together countless times.
When I first met Blessing, I had to imagine she was Hadassah before I could flow with her after I was convinced that she would be my wife. I could remember three or four occasions like that, I called her Hadassah while we were talking, but she perfectly understood me and was patient enough till I got used to her without mistaking her for Hadassah again.
I am engaged to Blessing already. We have started our wedding plans. Our introduction ceremony is in three weeks time. I really wish Hadassah came back to me before I met Blessing. I am quite sure God arranged Blessing for me to be my future wife but still, the love I have for her is not strong enough to delete the memories of Hadassah.
I don’t need a prophet to tell me I was in a state of dilemma. Hadassah is a lady that sacrificed a lot for me. She helped me financially a whole lot of times when i was still struggling before I got a good job. She really loved me back then. She fought her family and stood by me but when the pressure was much, she yielded to them.
She called off the relationship immediately she enrolled for her Masters degree at a University far from home, holding on to the fact that she can’t disobey her parents being the only child and since then, I haven’t set my eyes on her till she came to me today. It’s been three good years! Yet Hadassah still holds a special place in my heart.
Blessing is the lady that brought sunshine into my clouded world after about two and a half years Hadassah disappeared. Why I still love Hadassah is what I don’t understand.
I stole a glance at Blessing where she is seated. She folded her hands across her chest and rested her back on the chair waiting for me to speak.
“Can I really love this lady like I did love Hadassah?” I thought within me.
I spoke up,
“You are right Blessing. I love you but to be very sincere with you, I think Hadassah still holds a special place in my heart. I don’t know why she resurfaced at a time like this. Please, give me some time to pray about it.”
Blessing sighed and stood up slowly. It’s obvious my response has weakened her. I looked at her full fledged height and massive beauty,
“it is difficult to say who is prettier among the two ladies” I thought.
“Fred, remember our introduction is in three weeks time and also remember the convictions you had before you proposed to me, which I also confirmed. Do not allow yourself to be distracted at this point in time. I just pray that you get the leading you need from God.”
Having said that, she picked up her bag briskly about to leave. I noticed the tear drops that escaped from her pretty eyeballs.
“Let me see you off.” I offered.
“Do not bother,” she replied dryly as she walked to the door. “See you later.” She added and left.
I became a bundle of confusion instantly.
“Is this not being unfair to Blessing? But God, I thought you are done with Hadassah and I. Why is she back at a time like this? Are you giving us a second chance? What will happen to Blessing and all the convictions I had about her?” I lamented…
Part 3
Written by Moyosore Teniola.
I prayed about Hadassah and Blessing. I didn’t seem to get a direct and clear leading from God. I had a dream some days later. I was drawing water from a well, then I found a crying baby in there. I reached out for the baby and rescued him. It didn’t really make any sense to me. I later concluded it must be Hadassah. Yes, Hadassah must have been the baby I rescued. “I love Hadassah, it won’t be wrong if I gave her a second chance in my life,” I thought.
“I will apologize to Blessing. She is a matured and understanding lady. I am sure she will reason along with me and understand the situation on ground.” I assured myself further.
I prayed that God should give her a very good husband of her own soon.
A day later, I communicated my decision to Blessing. We met at a relaxation centre near her workplace. We settled down, I sat opposite her. I decided to go straight to the point very quickly. Though I felt some pity for her but my mind was made up to go back to Hadassah. The love I have for her fueled up my energy to break up with Blessing very quickly.
“Blessing, I really appreciate you and all your love, care and efforts since we met…” I paused to check out how eager her reactions will be, knowing fully well that she is aware of the fact that the meeting is meant to communicate my final decision to choose between her and Hadassah. Her face remained calm and relax. I wonder what was going on in her mind, maybe she thinks I am sticking to her, otherwise her face wouldn’t be this calm.
I continued,
“God has a purpose for everything. I believe our meeting each other is for a purpose…”
“Sure.” She interrupted calmly.
I went stiff. For the first time since I made the decision to leave Blessing, I got scared. I started sweating. It’s as if I was just weighing the consequences. Finally, I summoned courage and said,
“Blessing, you are a wonderful woman, you deserve a man who loves you hundred percent. I may not be able to fit into that description because of the love I have for Hadassah. I am so sorry Blessing, I have to go for Hadassah. I hope you will understand and forgive me.”
I went dumb after dropping the missile. I stole a quick glance at her to check her reaction. She smiled faintly. Not the kind of sparkling smile I had been used to. I waited for what seemed like ages for her to respond. She looked across where I was seated for a long time like someone who was lost in thought. I was about to talk again, when she suddenly spoke up and nearly startled the life out of me.
She said those words with so much confidence. I will never forget them.
“Fred, why do you want to go back to Egypt? The wilderness may seem unattractive, rough and challenging but it will definitely lead to the promise land. Egypt is full of worldly pleasures and desires to behold but it’s not God’s plan for you.”
I was speechless at her response. One striking difference I forgot to mention about Hadassah and Blessing is that, Hadassah is a decent average Christian while Blessing is a spiritual giant. She is a woman of the spirit, she mostly sees beyond the present and physical realm. Hadassah is not as strong as Blessing spiritually. Of course, I ignored that side of her when I took my decision to leave her.
“I am sorry Blessing. It’s not like that at all, don’t liken Hadassah to Egypt, she is a very good person, it was her parents that misled her. I feel God is giving us a second chance.”
“Hmmmmm? And what about me? God has no plan for me?” She replied.
“Hadassah, errmmm, sorry Blessing, you are a good woman, I am sure the LORD will settle you very soon.” And with that I stood up.
“Take care of you Blessing.”
“Sure. Thanks.” She replied without looking at me. I already noticed her clouded eyeballs. I decided to leave before the tears started to fall.
“Thanks for your understanding,” I answered and left her on the spot. I felt relieved that at last, I was able to end the relationship successfully to be with Hadassah, the love of my life. But then, somehow I felt a very big weight on my mind. I also felt as if a part of me refused to stand up from where I sat with Blessing. I looked back at her, her head is bowed, I was sure she was weeping. I felt for her but I had to leave anyway.
“She will be alright.” I reasoned.
Immediately I got home that evening, I put a call across to my parents letting them know about my decision to leave Blessing and cleave to Hadassah.
“You said what?” My mum screamed at the other end of the line. You must be kidding. Now listen young man, it’s either Blessing or no other woman, you heard me?”
There and then, I knew I have another battle to fight with someone – my mum…
Part 5
I sank into the seat nearest to me at the reception room where the doctor broke the news to me. I became so weak. Anger, hatred, disappointment, sadness, pain… everything mixed together clouded my mind. It was such a rude shock. To think that I broke Blessing’s heart because of a lady who was already carrying another man’s child! I felt so cheated.”
“But wait! What was her plan? To deceive me, enter the marriage, then give me another man’s child? Impossible!” I smiled sadly. Even a  child knows that it takes nine months or at least eight months to carry a normal pregnancy. Does she think I’m a fool? This is what happens when you love too much Fred. You see yourself? She knows you love her, she capitalized on this weakness and deceived you.” I told myself.
What a life! A lady I have never had carnal knowledge of, another man was busy feasting on her?! Incredible! But wait, how did Joseph feel when virgin Mary told her she was pregnant without him ‘touching’ her? So, this is it. I can imagine it!” I slowly nodded. “It’s easier read than experienced.
Hmmmm, so I would have married a lady that was five months pregnant, then discover it after the wedding, after the knot had been tied! Of course, for her to deceive me this way, she would have drawn a perfect plan to conceal her protruding tommy.”
I stood up and walked to the ward where she was taken to. She was sitting on the bed with her right elbow resting on her thigh and her chin settled on her right palm. She stood up immediately she saw me. It was obvious that she knew I was aware already.
I walked up to her, hot tears strolling down my face. Her fear was as evident as the breaking of the day. I stood before her and whispered,
“It’s true that the greatest hurt comes from people who you love and cherish most… Hadassah, why do you choose to torture me in return of my love for you?”
She shook her head and shut her eyes, tears began to flood her face.
“Yes? I demand an explanation right now!” I commanded in a tone I had never for once used for her.
Her body shook in fear. Anger was welling up within me but the love I once had for her restrained me from pouring out my anger in torrents. Oh how I loved Hadassah! My love for her was much that I  become so hurt whenever she cried.
She sat on the bed again, weeping. I looked at her and my heart melted a bit but not for too long. I imagined her having sex with another man, I remembered how she crept back into my life and made me part with Blessing who was once my messiah that saved me from being drowned in my pool of depression, I remembered she was now with child, a child that is not my own… The deceit of it all is what I hated most.
She knew all these and yet wanted me to marry her? She was definitely pregnant a month before she came back to me… My anger returned.
“Speak up now.” I roared. She was startled. She stood up quickly from the bed and went on her knees, holding on to my feet. I shook her off.
“It is an explanation I demand from you, not your deceitful tears okay?  Am I not nice enough  to give you a chance to explain yourself!?” I thundered again.
“Fred please, let’s go somewhere to talk.” She replied weakly.
“Oh really? So, you really do have something to say? Like seriously? Hadassah, are you for real? You actually have an explanation for this madness? You know, the moment the doctor told me about the pregnancy, I was expecting you to say there must have been a mix up somewhere, that you are not pregnant. Hadassah, you mean you are really pregnant?”
She nodded quietly.
My goodness! I held my forehead in dismay. It was as if the reality just dawned on me. I was hoping everything was just one bad nightmare. Alas! It was true.
Instantly, the Holyspirit brought that famous verse of the scripture to my mind: Romans 8:28. “And we know that all things work together for good for those who love God, and for those who are called according to His purpose.”
If not that I lost my job and I collapsed at the bus stop, then hospitalized, if not that she threw up in my presence that led to the doctor unveiling her condition to me, I wouldn’t have probably known the truth until I would have found myself in a deep pit.
“God I am sorry!” I cried. “You knew I was blindly and sincerely wrong in my decision, so you went as far as taking my job from me so that I could regain my sight! You have never for once left me alone, my Lord and my God. I’m sorry Lord… You knew everything Jesus, you knew everything, you knew everything… ” I repeated and wept on and on…
Part 4
Written by Moyosore Teniola.
My mum is a strong willed woman. I thought of different ways I could use to persuade and convince her. My dad on the other hand is very understanding, he believes in you making your personal choice and marrying who you love. After much persuasion and pleading, I succeeded in convincing my mum to agree with my decision.
Hadassah was the happiest woman on earth the day I proposed to her. It was two weeks after I broke up with Blessing. She screamed for joy. I was equally happy too. I loved seeing her happy. In no time, we started preparing for our wedding. There was no need to court each other for a long time anymore. We fixed the wedding date. It was to hold three months later.
I no longer heard from Blessing since I walked out of the relationship. Her parents tried to bring us back together but I apologized and explained my reasons to them. They were not happy with my decision at all. They felt disappointed like I cheated their daughter. But I consoled myself with the fact that once Blessing gets married too, they would forget about the whole issue.
 I later heard from someone that Blessing had relocated to another town, reasons unknown. I concluded in my mind that she probably did that to avoid the shame and embarrassment that she might have to face when I get married to Hadassah.
Unfortunately for me, a week after I proposed to Hadassah, I lost my job. It was a big blow for me, very challenging. Going back to the labour market, trying to search for job, and coupled with the fact that my wedding was around the corner was all too much for me to bear. I was really dejected. How was I to cope with all the wedding expenses and the responsibilities that comes with marital life? I became a shadow of myself. Hadassah kept encouraging me, she stood firmly by me and promised her support all the time.
“But how do I cope with the expenses on my neck?” I lamented to her one afternoon. “How will I renew the rent of this apartment that will be due in six months time?”
“My dear, put your mind at rest. All will be well. As for the wedding expenses, you have my full support and that of my parents. At least you know that my salary can cater for us both, let’s make do with that till God makes a way. I am sure your parents too will not leave us to be on our own.” She replied.
 Despite all her encouragement, I still couldn’t pull myself together. It was as if my job was my life. My health started to deteriorate. I refused to eat well, I lost weight rapidly. Strong headaches became my constant companion.
One day, I and Hadassah were to go to the market to get some stuff for our wedding, we were standing by the roadside, waiting for a cab to convey us to the market when I suddenly slumped. She screamed and cried for help. Some people came by and I was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital. I spent some days there. Hadassah came to check on me every morning and evening.
The day I was to be discharged, Hadassah and the doctor were in my ward, the doctor was checking on me, all of a sudden, Hadassah started vomiting, she got tired and collapsed on the chair. I was alarmed. The doctor quickly attended to her. She was taken to another ward to be treated. I guessed in my mind that it was because of the stress she passed through these few days.
Some minutes later, the doctor told me she was okay and we can go home.
“Meanwhile, make sure she gets enough rest because of her condition.” He instructed.
“What condition?” I hastily asked the doctor.
“Oh, I thought you were aware already or is she not your wife?”
“No… Ermmm, yes. “My wife to be.” I corrected him.
“I see. She is pregnant. Two months gone already.” He replied.
I felt dizzy immediately. It sounded like a bombshell to me. “Pregnant?”
“Yes.” The doctor replied.
“For who?” I asked
“Mr Fred, you are funny. You are the husband to be, I am a doctor here.” He replied smiling.
“Oh sorry! I mean… Never mind sir. Thanks a lot.”
“You are welcome.” Take care of yourselves and ensure you register her for antenatal care when the pregnancy is three months old.”
The doctor left. I stood transfixed to the spot like a statue.
“I am in a big trouble.” I murmured.
Part 6
Written by Moyosore Teniola.
We left the hospital premises to find somewhere to talk. There was a pavement near the hospital building, we both sat down there. I was so eager to know how and why Hadassah dragged me into the mess.
She spoke,
“I am sorry Fred, I regret…”
“Oh please, I don’t want your sorry neither do I need your regrets. Just go straight to how the deed was done.” I interrupted angrily.
She sighed and continued,
“After we parted ways, I met Johnson, a member of a business association my dad belongs to. I met him the day my dad hosted the members’ monthly meeting. We started as being casual friends. He was single too. Along the line, he asked me out. I had returned to school then. He communicated his feelings to me on phone.
I was eager to have someone else in my life after our break up. I told my mum about him. She quickly endorsed him because he’s from our tribe and also well to do. Dad felt good about it too, he said he is a nice man. I didn’t bother praying about him, I believe he loved me and he is a Christian.
I liked his personality too. And that was how the relationship began. We talked mostly on phone. He paid me a visit at school once in a while and I also checked on him on any weekend I travelled home. I told him I have made up my mind not to have s*x till our wedding night. He said of course he agreed. I concluded he was truly a child of God, not knowing that he was a pretender.
He called me often, showered me with gifts, showed so much care and affection. We even prayed together on phone…
After I was done with my Masters program, I returned home. I paid him a visit one Sunday afternoon. I never knew he had plans for me. He switched on his audio music player and set it on the highest volume. He then told me he couldn’t wait anymore, that we must have s*x that very day. I struggled, screamed but he was stronger than me. I cried and cried but the loud home theatre playing in his apartment couldn’t enable any of his neighbours to hear not to talk of coming to my rescue.
He eventually had his way at the end. He was not even remorseful after the deed was done. I told him I was disappointed in him. He only hissed and walked out on me. There and then, I knew he was not a child of God.
The second day, he didn’t call me, then the third, no call from him still. I waited eagerly for him to call and apologize but he never did. The way he reacted to me on phone when I finally called him was something else. He started avoiding me since then. So, it dawned on me after all that he was only showing me some fake love just to have carnal knowledge of me. He was feeding me fat to later feast on me.
I cried a lot. I was really heartbroken. Then, I remembered you Fred. I knew you would never do that to me. So, I decided to come back to you whatever it takes. It was after you proposed to me and we started our relationship afresh that I discovered I was pregnant. I was dejected. I tried terminating it but the drugs I took didn’t work. I planned to go for a D&C this week, before you found out the truth.”
She sniffed and burst into fresh tears again.
“I am sorry Fred. It wasn’t intentional. I don’t mean to hurt you in return for your love. Please forgive me, it was the time of ignorance…” She wept.
“Indeed. Time of ignorance indeed.” I replied.
“And you think committing murder by killing that baby, then get married to me is the solution? If you had explained this to me earlier Hadassah, I might have come up with a better way out. I love you than to allow you endanger your life by committing abortion and sinning against God.
Hmmmmmm, I now see why you were able to forget me in no time when you broke up with me. You already had someone that was making you happy while I wallowed in pain, well such is life. I on the other hand, broke the heart of the person that made me happy, the lady that picked up the pieces of my shattered heart and moulded it back together. I broke her heart because of you.
So, the deed has been done. It is clear that God doesn’t want us to be together, I see the signs already. Thanks for everything Hadassah. Thanks a lot.”
“No, please Fred, don’t leave me, give me a second chance, pleeeease.
” A second chance? Hadassah, do I hear you say a second chance? Or you mean to say a third chance? The second chance I gave you, can’t you see the outcome? Hadassah, I entered one chance after giving you a second chance, so what will become of me after giving you a third chance? I am sorry sis, I have no chances left.”
“Please Fred, have mercy on me. I can’t live without you.” She wailed, grabbing my feet so tight.
“Hey! You are already creating a scene here. We are in the public remember?  Don’t make me look like a heartbreaker. You are the one that broke my heart twice…” I whispered fiercely to her.
Part 7
Written by Moyosore Teniola.
All rights reserved. No part of this write up may be edited, produced, published or used in any form without an express written permission from the copyright owner.
This Novel is a short Christian story written through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. You can forward or share with friends for them to learn but do not tamper with the story line so that the enemy will not tamper with that which is yours.
I left Hadassah at the roadside and went straight to my place. I felt very sober. I realized that I was too fast to take my decision. I allowed the love I had for Hadassah to control my mind. I was just too obsessed with her love, hence I forgot the convictions I once had about Blessing. I forgot the message I received from God when I first met Blessing. The verse of the scripture God gave to me when I prayed about her was 1Samuel 16 vs 1a:
“…how long will you mourn for Saul, seeing I have rejected him from reigning over Israel?”
Everything became clearer to me. It was God that chose Hadassah just like He did chose Saul but because Hadassah allowed her flesh to control her flesh to control her, she disobeyed God and followed her parent’s preference instead which eventually landed her in the mess she later found herself in, so God was done with her.
I remembered Blessing and I instantly longed to see her. I tried her number but it wasn’t getting through. I tried several times, still switched off.
I was too ashamed to call her mum, so I decided to pay her a visit at home. I had my bath and got dressed, I couldn’t wait any longer, I was eager to right my wrongs. I prayed to God for forgiveness and I also committed the heart of Blessing’s parents in God’s hands ahead before I got to them.
I didn’t even bother to eat. I forgot I was hungry… I got there in the afternoon. I met her parents, they were really surprised to see me. I explained myself to them, how I got it all wrong. I apologized for my actions and informed them that I was back and ready to marry their daughter.
“Thank you Jesus!” Her mum whispered. Her dad was at first quiet. I knew he was still angry. After a while, he spoke,
“You made my daughter become a shadow of herself. My heart was breaking for each of her tears… Well, the final decision still lies with her. Whatever she decides is okay by us, we just want her to be happy again.”
“I am truly sorry sir,” I apologized again.
“It’s alright. It is well.” Her dad replied.
“But I have been trying her line sir, it’s not getting through, is she around sir?”
“Hmmmmm, that is where the problem is. Since the third day you broke up with her, she had left  home without telling us her whereabouts. Her phone has been switched off since. Though she calls us everyday but she switches off her phone immediately after the call.
I started sweating. “Where could Blessing be?” I thought. “But I thought someone said she relocated…”
“Hmmmmm,” I sighed and turned to her mum,
“But how about her job?” I asked.
We called a close colleague of hers, he said she already applied for her three weeks annual leave, so she’s on leave as we speak.” Her mum replied.
There was silence. I didn’t know what else to say since I was the cause of all these…
“Okay dad and mum, in case she calls, please tell her I checked on her…”
I left their house and walked down to the bus stop, lost in thought. I heard someone call my name, it was a woman’s voice. I turned round and saw Blessing’s mum trying to catch up with me. I quickly walked back to her.
“My son, I actually know where Blessing is.” She said panting.
“You do ma?” I replied excitedly.
“Yes Fred. A mother will always know the whereabouts of her child. I couldn’t have been at ease like this if up till now I do not know where she is. She however made me promise not to tell her dad or anyone so that they wouldn’t distract her from what she went there to do, you also know she is daddy’s pet… However, since you are the reason why she left home, I think it’s expedient for me to tell you where she is. The thing is, she actually went somewhere to pray.”
“To pray? Where ma?” I asked anxiously.
“A mountain. She told me she will be there alone with God until her prayers are answered and you finally come back to her. She said she was very sure that you are her husband and that she won’t give up until you return to her.”
“What a great faith! So it was Blessing’s prayers that made me lose my job and realise the truth!” I thought.
“Okay mum. I really appreciate this. Can you please give me the description of this mountain?”
She described the place and off I went immediately. It’s somewhere on the outskirts of the city, about thirty minutes journey from her home. I got to the top panting heavily. It’s indeed a solitary place. I could sight her and one old woman from afar. There was a small house there where I believe those who came to pray like her do retire for the night.
I walked up to her. She sat on a big stone, looking far away.
“It’s possible that she must have been fasting.” I thought as I looked at her pale skin. Blessing is one of the most prayerful single lady I have ever come across. I felt sorry again for causing her all these trouble, someone who brought nothing but joy to me…
She didn’t see me until I got to where she was because she was facing another direction. I tapped her on the shoulder and said,
“Be of good cheer, God has answered your prayers.”
She looked back and gasped. I was the last person she expected to see there, her expression said it all. She stood up and faced me as if trying to confirm if I was really the one standing before her.
“Hello dear, yes it is me. It is Fred. I am so sorry for all the pains I have caused you. God has led me back to you. I am really sorry. Now, I am back from Egypt, let us journey together to the promised land.”
She screamed and threw herself at me, then she covered her face with her palms and started jumping up and down like an excited toddler. I smiled as I saw the tears of joy wetting her fingers. I never knew she could be this emotional. She had always been strong, hmmmm, the strong also cry…
“Wonderful Jesus! Wonderful Jesus!! Wonderful Jesus!!!” She repeated excitedly.
Some months later, I got married to Blessing, I never regretted it. Our love for each other grew stronger everyday. God gave us two beautiful and wonderful kids!
Oh! Lest I forget, I got my job back a month to our wedding. The management apologized for firing me and they even increased my salary! Blessing said it, she said she saw a financial breakthrough on the way before we got married, so we prayed fervently about it and the LORD did it!
*****The End*****
I hope you have learnt something from this story.
You can drop the lesson(s) you learnt in the comment box to edify others.
I appreciate The Almighty God, my source of inspiration for the success of this short story. I appreciate my husband for giving the assistance I need to enable me fulfil this mandate, and my darling children too, though they don’t understand why mummy has to write and type all the time. Smiles…
A big  THANK YOU to all my readers out there. You are my source of motivation. If you don’t read, I would not write. I sight you all. I hope you have been blessed and the reading was not a waste of time.
© Moyosore Teniola

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