Our Heights are determined by our depth

– Check the size of the challenges you are going through that tells you exactly where you are going !!!
– If you are going through too much it is because you are too much !!!
– You will be opposed, betrayed , accused , intimidated , mistreated,rejected, back bited , Mocked , Used ,misunderstood ….. you are not the only one it’s part of the Kingdom Crown journey!!!
– All these May come through people , some times through Circumstances but please we are not fighting against flesh and blood satan is our arch enemy!!!!
– satan always challenge those who pose a serious threat to his kingdom !!!
– At times you will be required to walk alone Don’t feel lonely it’s part of the Journey !!!
-The ones that you sacrifice for them to rise are the ones who will put you in the mud ,
– Your family may distance themselves from your Beliefs and reject you ,this journey requires Spiritual courage
– Those you expected to encourage you will at times discourage you!!!
-You will have to spend more time on your knees.
– You May loose the so called best friends on this journey – Dont let it disturb you JESUS is more than a friend, It is a FAITH Journey.
– At times you will shed some few tears before you sleep – weeping May endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.
-Some times you will feel like your Prayers only reach the ceiling hold on to the end …Don’t give up – God always reward those who diligently seek him.
-Learn to encourage yourself in the LORD – expect the Best out of every Crisis and challenges of Life!!!
– Sometimes obvious opportunities may pass you by whilst you have all the qualifications so that you may learn to depend on him and him alone.
-Sometimes the road is not easy – but if you refuse to give up you will always win – Stand your ground , -Having done all to stand remain standing even if you have to stand on one foot , remain in FAITH!!!
-The day you slept without food it was to get you broken so that it becomes easy for you to heed the call of the needy without pride!!!
– This are some of the puzzles you will be required to put together on your way to the top.
An Eagle always soar through the storms – May this be your testimony as you wait upon the Lord in the Name of Jesus!!
Shout out Loud to your self I cannot be defeated and I shall not Quit ( confession brings possession)
You will rise again!!
# Victory is certain!!!
(1 Corinthians 10:13)
Always Pastor B

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