Prophecies of the late Kim Clement being fulfilled /

Prophecies of the late Kim Clement being fulfilled / about to be fulfilled, word for word….

The same man that spoke about Donald Trump before his demise.

Kim Clement 7/14/2007
“For I say unto those: Korea, Korea, North Korea, once again I speak to you. You that have eaten the grapes of Sodom, you shall drink the wine of Gomorrah. For God said, this day judgment shall not come to this Nation as they have depicted”.

Kim Clement 8/31/2008
“South Korea, North Korea shall become one, says the Lord. North Korea, your President is dead, he is already dead, I have already written on the wall ‘mene, mene, tekel, parsin.’ God said, your days are numbered, you have been counted in the balances…

Therefore, Kim, it is now time now for you to face this that you have done has been iniquitous. You are no longer alive, you are a vegetable, you are brain dead. And God said, because of that, I will cause that to bring about unity…”

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