Rev Fr. Mbaka and his APC Prophecy – Kingsley Ezeme

• This is not an attack against the catholic church or it’s priesthood, it is simply an assay of a controversial preacher who happens to represent the church of Christ.
• Like most persons who were born catholic, I grew up idolizing Fr Mbaka. I still respect his office as a priest, however I can’t say the same of his personality.
• I’m from Enugu State (not Imo) and I’m not even as remotely close as knowing any distant relative of Emeka Ihedioha. I have nothing to gain or lose in this case.
Contrary to popular opinion, I disagree that God spoke through Rev Fr. Mbaka on the Uzodinma vs Ihedioha case; he is just another APC Loyalist who knows the APC game plan.
Historical Antecedence:
There is a worrisome diametrical contrast between the Fr Mbaka of today and the Fr Mbaka of 15 years ago, thus:
• 15 years ago, Fr Mbaka was known as a priest who vociferously spoke out against injustice and held government accountable. Today, he keeps mum in the midst of Nigeria’s worst impunity, injustice and incompetence; to the point that he keeps quiet even when catholic priests are brutally murdered.
• 15 years ago, Fr Mbaka was known as a man of integrity, devoid of any form of political affiliation or patronage; politicians used to be scared of him. Today, the most corrupt of politicians associate with him and fund his projects.
• 15 years ago, his adoration ministry was renowned for miraculous transformation and strange moves of God; it was all about God and his power. Today it has become an anointed ground for political campaign and discourse.
In summary, he has become more of a political commentator than an anointed and integrious evangelist/priest.
Fr Mbaka’s APC Journey:
His political journey became pronounced during the 2015 general elections. Recall that the Goodluck campaign first visited his Adoration ground. Upon their visit, he welcomed them very well and said nothing wrong to them; of course he availed himself of the largesse they brought.
Weeks later, the APC Campaign visited and Mbaka immediately prophesied a change in favour of APC. His defense was that the healthiest of his three pigeons refused to fly for PDP, indicating that PDP was bad luck and that we needed change. Well I’ve forgiven him for reducing the Holy Spirit to pigeon health. He went ahead to declare that APC will bring the transformational changes that Nigeria has been waiting for. Look at Nigeria today; Nigeria is at it’s worst in history in every area of national endeavour. He went ahead to visit Buhari at Aso Rock. I think APC paid more because that prophecy was obviously fake; Nigeria is worse than worst now.
Last year, we all witnessed with utter dismay, how Fr Mbaka prophesied doom for PDP because Peter Obi refused to openly make a donation to his project. Since PDP won’t give him money, the consequence would be a failure for PDP and a victory for APC. This implied that PDP failed because Peter Obi refused to buy positive prophecy. In a nutshell, Fr Mbaka has become an APC loyalist.

The Hope Uzodinma endorsement:
Prior to his supposed prophecy of Hope Uzodinma’s victory, Fr Mbaka had earlier endorsed Senator Uzodinma because he felt belittled by Emeka Ihedioha. He went ahead to say that because Senator Uzodinma came all the way from Abuja to his altar, that Ihedioha has already lost. He also said that there is nothing PDP can do about it (partisan undertone). See link:
What Nigerians called prophecy on a later adoration was simply a reaffirmation of his partisan endorsement.

So this is it; Jonathan (PDP) lost to Buhari (APC) because Fr Mbaka’s pigeon didn’t fly; Atiku-Obi (PDP) lost Buhari (APC) because Peter Obi annoyed him; Ihedioha (PDP) just lost to Uzodinma (APC) because Ihedioha was disrespectful. Since when did God become Fr Mbaka’s personal vendetta dog to the point of hunting politicians whenever Fr Mbaka isn’t happy with them?
This regime is simply taking advantage of the religiosity of most Nigerians; they knew the grevity of the democratic assault they were planning from the Supreme court, so they instigated a supposed prophecy in that line, so that Nigerians will be placated by the fact that a popular man of God prophesied it ahead of time. Fr Mbaka is loyal to APC, he knew the game plan, and he just declared it… Shikina! We are spiritual, not fools; God will not deprive his people of Joy by entrenching injustice.
Feel free to engage!
© Kingsley Ezeme

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