Rev William Marrion Braham Prophecy

This is Michael Urie. He is an American actor, producer and director. No, it is not Photoshop. He actually dressed like this to Met Gala, an annual fundraising event of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute in New York City.
This is civilization.
The erm… (I don’t know whether to call him a man, a woman, a thing, a monster) says he/she/it is queer and currently in a relationship with a man as well retaining interest in women.
They said we should not condemn them, rather we should applaud them, celebrate them and pretend that what they are doing is wonderful, beautiful, commendable and praise-worthy. They say whatever they do does not concern us because yen yen yen.
54 years ago, Rev. William Marrion Branham preaching a sermon titled; And Knoweth It Not, on 15 August 1965 said; “Let me prophesy something to you, just before it comes to pass. The whole world is grouping in insanity, and will get worse and worse and worse, until they’ll be a bunch of maniacs. And it’s almost that way now.”
If this is not insanity, I don’t know what is.
Dear world, behold your civilization.

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