In recent and past times we’ve heard so much about wolves ๐Ÿบ in sheeps clothing as recorded in the scriptures but on this post we shall be looking at sheep’s in wolves clothing.

They are everywhere even here on facebook. These are men and women who have concluded that God is only after your heart and not after the way you appear. They have concluded that God is only interested on the heart of man and the spirit of a man but not after his body and therefore has refused to present their bodies a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable before God.

These are men and women who have resorted to the language… Church is in the heart. And to me, these men are such that have been delivered from the world but the world have not been delivered from them, they are out of Egypt but Egypt is not yet out from them. They are still mindful of the country where they’ve been delivered from .

Remember that they are sheep, but the problem here is that they rejected the clothing of a sheep and yielded to that of a ๐Ÿบ wolf.

When a sister who’s born again still dresses in the attire of an harlot, then that’s a sheep in a wolves clothing. You are born again but still puts on leggings that reveals your body shape and wears that which exposes your cleavage, then that’s a sheep in a complete wolves clothing. Call it legalism and remain in illegality, rejecting the ways of God.

When a brother,a believer and even a preacher carries an overgrown hair and bears like Osama Bin Laden and that of reggae masters, dark intimidating goggles like that of assassins, torn jeans like that of Mad Men, dressing with his chests open and sagging like prisoners and wearing long chains on their necks like dogs, then that’s a complete sheep in a wonderful wolves๐Ÿบ clothing.

Today we see pastors wives and sisters in the church with painted faces like that of Jezebel, artificial fingers like that of tiger, mini skirts like that of Delilah, four storey building shoes like that of antelope and different colours of attachment on their head like that Of a serpent and eye brushes like that of an animal. ..
****This is what we call sheep in an original wolves ๐Ÿบ clothing.

If you are a wolf ๐Ÿบ , appear like one. If you are a sheep, please appear as one. Stop deceiving and confusing us. Many sisters are sheep but wolves are chasing them around for marriage and they keep complaining.
***This is because they are in wolves ๐Ÿบ clothing and deep calls unto deep. It is bad to cover the nature of a wolf with the clothing of a sheep but worst to cover the nature of a sheep with a wolf ๐Ÿบ clothing. It’s like covering beauty with ashes, like covering good with evil whereas good is meant to be exposed.

The police have their uniforms, the armies have theirs, the Navy same, the road safeties are not left out, even harlots have theirs,Muslims have theirs, doctors have theirs, nurses Same, Christians I’m sure equally have theirs… Moses was described as an Egyptian by Laban’s daughters to their fathers just because of his appearance. .

And they said, An EGYPTIAN delivered us out of the hand of the shepherds, and also drew water enough for us, and watered the flock.

Next time we see you even as a sheep but in wolves clothing and address you like a wonderful wolf, never you get offended.

The bible spoke about a woman dressed in the attire of a harlot. Why will you dress like a harlot when you know you are not one? The first thing that attracted the bible to declare this woman a harlot was her appearance, if you are not something please don’t appear like one.


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