So because you left the Catholic Church, you now feel that you have seen the light


So because you left the Catholic Church, you now feel that you have seen the light. Before the close of service in your new church, you came out to give testimony on how you were delivered from the darkness of Catholicism.

You collected the microphone and announced, “praise the Lord with me. . .when I was not born again, I use to pray to Mary, I was blind living in darkness. They even told me that I was baptised. When I was lost in Catholic, we don’t read the bible. We bow to idols. We don’t even pray real holy ghost prayers. Everyday hail Mary. I never spoke in tongues. But now, shendereme sankalulu Maccabeesala. . . Hallelujah! I am born again, I am saved!”

And the congregation went into a holy ghost ecstasy as if they just won the world cup.

First of all, let me congratulate you all for winning a new member to your church. It is not easy at all. If not for anything, at least the offerings and tithes might increase. And yes, she was right when she said she was blind. . . Because assuming she was not, she won’t have said all she said about Catholic Church. She would have known better.

I may not understand why people usually get foolishly excited because someone left one church to another. I do not also understand this whole thing about seeing the light and seeing the bulb. . . I usually ask, will this so called born again speaking-in-tongue-fellow be holier than John Paul II, Mother Theresa, Iwene Tansi or Padre Pio? Will this new church member study the Bible better than St Jerome or Augustine or Aquinas? So, even Fr Kelvin is also in darkness too for being a Catholic? Nothing wey IPOB no go see for seat, abi na sit, at home.

You people play too much! To the ministers and congregation having holy ghost ecstacy over a new member from another church, with all due respect, I say mtchwwwwwwwwww!


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