The President of Tanzania, John Pombe Magufuli, will forever be remembered for his spiritual sagacity over the demons of darkness that wanted to plague his country with deception in conjunction with COVID19.
When Covid19 hit the nation of Tanzania, instead of him to lockdown the place of worship especially churches, he kept it open! Yes you heard me…he kept it open . He was criticised by many for being a fool yet he didn’t care. Instead he declared a 3 day national prayer and fasting to fight COVID19. He also separated himself from the people, went to the mountain, fasted, prayed and sought the face of God over the situation.

Guess what! He was the first African president to detect that the relief materials from China and world Health Organisation are fake and can even sprout contamination. He tested the kits with the blood of goats, sheep, paw paw, etc and they all tested positive. The wisdom that was granted him during that time of prayer and fasting is called PHRONESIS (Insights into realities).

That’s the same wisdom God gave Solomon in the bible. It is the wisdom that enables a man to solve problems even when they look difficult.
©Cyude Arinze

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