The Generation of Fire

The Holy Spirit is saying He is raising a Generation of Fire, People who will fear nobody, no government, no aurthorities, no man people who will not compromise the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the expense of their names.

People who will Preach the true Gospel of Jesus Christ not for self enrichment… People who are Full of Fire, Full of the Word, Full of the Glory of God, Full of Obedience, Full of the Holy Spirit who will walk with God… Nevertheless there is still a remnant in Israel that is obedience…because obedience is better than sacrifice.
Sons and Daughters full of Fire… A Generation that is full of Fire.
My advise to the Youth young Ministers whom God has started using and those whom He will still reveal please don’t fall into the traps of the enemy, devil, satan.

Please listen to The Holy Spirit even if the Lord can Anoint u with unusual, uncommon Grace, Anointing, Power whenever u are invited ask The Holy Spirit for guidance, leading, direction because some will lure u with money and when u go and preach u will be trapped under their operation of their anointing, powers that they use at the expense of the Anointing that God has ordained u with …

Thus Says the Spirit of the Lord
Apostle PJ Dladla

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