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Morning Dose!!

There is no general rule, if he or she is a doctor and was on night shift, allow the person rest, and you both can pray during the day, it is not a general rule that everyone must all pray by 6am. If is something you cannot wait, send a prayer voice-note on WhatsApp

You cannot be complaining that the communication pattern of your partner during the day is slow, when that partner is a banker. Understand schedule, if he or she messages you, drops a WhatsApp message or call at night after a long day, pls hold that one.

Don’t compare the communication pattern of miss A’ who is a fashion designer and her Mr B who works from home with the communication pattern of your relationship, knowing that the first Eight or ten hours of his or her day is ‘Work away from phone’.

I am talking to the group of people who wants to talk round the clock and complain when they don’t get responded to on time, even when they know the schedules of their partners.

Some career allows only minimum time for communication during working hours, some don’t even allow at all. Some of our uniform brothers and sisters most days don’t even know where their phones are..

I am not trying to make excuses for anyone, all I am saying is, don’t be offended if you don’t have your spouse at the time you want them. when you said yes to that relationship, you also said yes to their schedule.

When I was dating my Loveband, he leaves the house really early, some time I am still sleeping at my end, when he calls and I don’t pick, he drops me a voice note on WhatsApp, either praying or a checking up message, and I get to reply the voice note when I see it and wait for our call time later in the day.

So between you both, understand what you are saying yes to, know your timing, set the timing and keep your communication going in that.

This week is another win for your relationship 😊


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