WHAT ARE YOU BUILDING?- Pastor David ifechukwu

The world is changing! And the past few months have brought about change that nations and economies worldwide never imagined.
One thing we are all seeing is that the world’s economic system isn’t perfect.
The wealth of the nations is a Mirage and it would be dangerous to build your life and career on a shaky foundation.
The key to being on top and relevant is to keep learning, keep growing and never let yourself be trapped.
Stagnancy is an enemy of growth and change.
• Talent is never enough to deliver successful careers and good wealth. It takes certain skills to deliver the life of our dreams.
“Show me someone who does a good job, and I will show you someone who is better than most and worthy of the company of kings.”
Proverbs 22:29 GNT
• Skill is simply: Ability + Education + Consistent Practice.
It takes an investment of about 10,000 hours in a field to gain mastery in that field.
• Discipline and diligence are key to a life of distinction. That’s what makes a man to be greatly sought after.
Now more than ever you must ask yourself the hard-hitting questions.
It’s no longer about what you can do, but what do you do very very well?
It’s time to develop or upgrade your skills.
What skills will you invest your time and energy building?
Here are a few I would like to share:
• Praying
• Wisdom – learning skill
• Professional Skill
• Communication or Sales Skill
• Leadership Skill
• Relational Skill
• Collaborative or Networking Skill
• Management Skill
• Money Skill
• Re-invention Skill – critical thinking, adaptability, innovativeness.l

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