Wisdom word:The kind of things that deceives people.

Let’s make this very clear, if he doesn’t teach Christ, he doesn’t teach the Cross, he doesn’t teach repentance but he can prophesy from morning till night. He can see through your intestines to know the color of your digesting food. He can even raise the dead, he can do signs and wonders..
He boasts in his abilities to see, or hear..and not in Christ.
Before your eyes he prophesied and told you your past, your present and even tells you your future……
He prescribes all colors of candles and angel Michael perfume for your deliverance
My brother
My sister
If this defines the place you go to every weekend as a place of worship, you’re an idol worshipper.
You’re consulting with modern day mediums and necromancer with their familiar spirits.
You’re defiling your soul..
It is and has to be Jesus
The name of Jesus
The cross of Jesus
The words of Jesus
The triumph of Jesus
The power of Jesus
The authority of Jesus
The righteousness of God in Christ Jesus
His death
His resurrection
Him Alone
Him crucified
Him risen
Him glorified
None else
Or you’re dealing with a foul spirit.
It doesn’t matter the perceived problem they solved for you.
Come out of it before it’s late.
It doesn’t even matter that they wear suit these days…. Run!
Even when they claim they’re now refined
Find out…
Who raised them?
Who led them to Christ?
There are three ways God builds…
1. Through revelation
2. Through generation
3. Through father-son order….
If he’s not on the lineage of the authentic God’s general….
His lineage can not be traced to any of the authentic God’s general who has been tested by time, circumstances and God’s word…..

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