WORD FOR TODAY The BROOK Vol 9 (There is a Divine Agenda)

1 Kings 17:7
And it came to pass after a while, that the brook dried up, because there
had been no rain in the land.

As I look at this account in the Bible, there are so much revelations to be
drawn and so much to teach from it.

I’ve taught about EIGHT messages from this account.
I will yet show you another revelation from this Biblical account today…

The Man of God was in this Brook and the brook provided for him water,
while the raven brought food on daily basis for him.

He enjoyed a level of Divine provision.
At a point, the brook dried up all of a sudden.

It was not the fault or sins of the Prophet that dried up the brook.
It was purely Divine Agenda.

Why is this very important?
Most times, when things suddenly turns bad, dry and expectations go south,
many people think of who to blame.

Some blame Father, Mother, Uncle, Aunt, Boss etc
Some blame witches and wizards.

Many people will blame you, saying it was your sin that caused your
They did same to Brother Job.

At times, you might end up blaming yourself too.

But there are times in our lives when what happens to us are purely DIVINE

There are times when God dries up the brook so to force us out of there to
the next level.

With the level of poverty, famine and drought in the land, Prophet Elijah
would naturally never want to leave the brook and move back into the city.

Imagine God telling you to move back to Nigeria from USA where you are
doing well?
How, God?

God had to dry the brooks and stopped the raven from bringing the food so
that Prophet Elijah would be left with no other option than to move.

What you are going through might be God trying to draw your attention to
the next level He’s already set for you.

God can crumble things around you to get your attention and direct you to a
greater purpose or course for your life.

Can you calm down and hear God through the storms?
He can calm the storms but can you hear His next instructions?

He is trying to set your life on a particular direction. Can you listen
and get it?

Your generation needs to hear your voice.
God has deposited so much in you that the brook is a very small place for

So much you can do in music, ministry, business.

There’s a captain of industries in you yet you are working under somebody.
God can orchestrate your sack, as to release and unleash the entrepreneur
in you.

There’s a higher, better, greater place for you than where you currently
God is more interested in getting you there than you are in enjoying here.

May God open your eyes to the marvelous future ahead of you and what you
must do to get there.

Receive clarity and absoluteness in accessing the voice of God as He gives
you directions for the next level.

You will not be stranded. You will get to your miracle, breakthrough,
blessings, testimony in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

This December, you will enjoy Divine Provisions financially.
Money will hit your hands steadily and speedily in Jesus Christ name, Amen.

God bless you.
I am…
Pst Jay

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