WORD FOR TODAY You see? He’s always here

Psalms  46:1
God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Welcome to another glorious day God has made.
Today, you will experience miracles in the areas you need them.

God is always present with us both in His omnipresent capacity to everyone and in His Shekinah Presence to Sons.

When you pass through certain degree of challenges and you urgently needed God to show up and get you out and He didn’t.
You might think He’s abandoned you.

But remember those times in the past when you were caught up in situations you thought was your end; you thought you weren’t gonna make it.
Then, God showed up and got you out of the mess.

Can you remember?
Like me, do you have such testimony?

Yes, that same God who brought you out of those previous situations will bring you out of this present predicament.
Do you believe this?

“His presence is not a function of my sights. Even when I don’t see Him, even if I can’t see Him, yet He’s here”

*”His presence is not a function of my feelings. Even when I can’t feel Him. When I feel very far away from Him,  yet He’s closer to me than the clothes I put on. “*

He is the ever present help.
When you go through stuffs, just know you are not alone. You’ve got company.
God is right with you.

He was there when you lost that Baby, job.
He was there when you were dumped.
He was there with you when you were accused wrongly.

He is there with you right now.
He is not far above. He is with you and in you.
God is your ever present help.

Don’t feel lonely. Don’t feel alone. You’ve got God.
He cares more than you can ever imagine.
He wants to get you out more than you desire to come out.

He’s interested in that relationship, marriage, ministry, career, business etc.
He’s interested in your life.
He wants your happiness.

He asked me to tell you today that He’s getting out of that situation and placing you in a testimony arena.
Get ready to harvest massive, successive testimonies this season.

The remaining days in this month of May will witness for you an avalanche of blessings, miracles, testimonies in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Cheer up. Your time has come. God has worked out your blessings.

One of the mandate God has given me is to stand with you in prayers concerning Hos promises over your head till they manifest.
You want me to pray with you, specifically on anything? Feel free to reach me.
(+2347032617024 whatsapp preferably)

God bless you.
I am…
*Pst Jay*

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