(Sweet fellowship of The Holy Spirit)

…Communion of The Holy Spirit 3
(Sweet fellowship of The Holy Spirit)

 2 Corinthians  13:14
The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen.

Happy New month. Welcome to August. This month will guarantee you get everything you’ve lost.

I’ve been teaching from this scriptural verse this week and it has been such an amazing time. I know you’ve been blessed, right?

I told you that there are there things this verse told us we can enjoy from the Trinity:
-The love of God
-The Grace of Jesus Christ and
-The Communion of The Holy Spirit

I’ve taught on the previous two. Today I’ll teach on the third.

The Communion of The Holy Spirit continues with us because The Holy Spirit is the one incharge in this era.

The Communion of The Holy Spirit refers to the partnership, fellowship, communication with The Holy Spirit.

It involves yielding to His leadership and guidance, sharing our thoughts with Him and receiving His thoughts through the Word.

The kind of relationship we are to cultivate with The Holy Spirit is one of Communion: intimacy, sharing together like people into romantic relationship.

The Father and Son, literally speaking, are in heaven. The Holy Spirit lives in us, fostering the extraordinary Communion with Divinity.

Emmanuel (Jesus): God with us.
Holy Spirit: God IN us!!!

The Holy Spirit is the one that makes the presence of the Father and the presence of Jesus real to you, such that wherever you are, you experience the Divine presence.

God doesn’t go from you or come to you. You’re in Him and He’s in you by the Holy Spirit.

Develop an intimate relationship with Him constantly in prayer and through meditation on the Word.

Consult with Him for answers and direction always.
When you face challenges that seem insurmountable, commune with Him, and He’ll show you what to do.

He is interested even to the tinniest details of your life. He’s so interested even to the color combination you put on.

No one but He can give you perfect counsel and guidance in life.

I pray for you:
In this month of August, you’ll enjoy unprecedented harmony and relationship with The Holy Spirit.

You’ll find this month very rewarding and blessed. Things you never prayed for will come to you.
Blessings you don’t deserve nor anticipate will knock at your door.

I see The Lord give you breakthroughs and testimonies that will look like scam in The name of Jesus Christ.

The Lord bless you.

Your Digital Pastor,
Pst Jay

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