You are a Bastard;Pastor David Ibiyeomie Curses Daddy Freeze.

*Who is your father ? Only Bastards insults fathers
*You can’t insult my father when am alive!
Senior Pastor, salvation Ministries, David ibiyieomie cursed the leader of Free The Sheeple movement , Ifedayo ‘Daddy Freeze’ Olarinde’ , pastor ibiyieomie came raw upon him calling him a bastard.
Speaking at the special Sunday service, Pastor ibiyieomie warned Daddy freeze not to insult bishop oyedepo again, he insists, you can insult him but not his father.
“You can’t insult my father while I am alive”, pastor ibiyieomie said.
Does daddy freeze have a father ? Who is his father ? that halfcast born by a Somalian, the day I hear you talk about oyedepo again, I will deal with him? Who gave birth to him, if he has a father let he show his father’s picture, does he look like a Nigerian.
Pastor ibiyieomie said bishop oyedepo may not talk but he can’t be alive while someone insults his father, I curse the day he was born, insult my father while am alive ? I can’t take it!!
I can’t be alive and you insult my father, i will tear you into pieces you bastard, those who have fathers don’t insult fathers. He is insulting because he has no father, you can never insult a father, if you have a Father.
Tell him, this is the last day he talks about oyedepo again, the man who cannot marry, he has no wife, he can’t manage his home, he is coming to talk on television, is it not his wife who left him ?
A broadcaster, does he have a good job ? I will never be alive to see someone insult my father, next one I will charge him to court, I will see which money he has. I will follow him in the law, follow him spiritually and fight him till he crashes, I will fight that man to a point that he will say which kind of trouble is this !
Pastor ibiyieomie admonished members, Never stay where they are insulting your parents.

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