You’ve got some wings, use them!


Proverbs 24:16
For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again:

When the bird perches on the branch of a tree, the confidence of the bird ain’t in the branch but on its wings.
The bird isn’t afraid whether the branch will break or not cos it knows that there’s the wing to fly if the branch breaks.

This life is full of challenges. We are faced everyday with one challenge or another.

Why cry cos he or she left you?
He said he’s not doing again and you want to kill yourself?

Your business went down?
Is that a reason to give up or die?

You’ve got wings!!!
The branch just broke? Fly up with your wings.

Maybe the branch broke suddenly, so sudden that you were already on your way to the ground before you even noticed.

Yet, you have wings. You can chose to use the wings before you could ever hit the ground.

And if you activate your wings in time, you may only go low for a while but you won’t hit the ground. You’ll soon be up again.

Don’t let situations, circumstances, events, dissapointments, denials, rejections, set-backs etc weigh you down or thrust your back on the ground.

You can’t remain stuck to that bad experience. You’ve got to use your wings.

There are many branches to perch on. Why keep crying over one that has broken?

God has better plans for your life more than what you’ve lost.

“Infact, you lost the previous so you can see and have the precious”

When it’s not working. when’s it’s breaking you down and trying to get you to the ground…
When the branch is broken and downwardness is the only outcome, then it’s time to use your wings.

Dissapoint them by refusing to fall to the ground.
Let them see you fly to another branch.
Let them see you survive, triumph, thrive, succeed, prosper without them.

Your future and destiny is not on anyone’s hand.
You are such precious to God that He can’t hand over your destiny into another son’s hands…

You’ve got the branch…
But the branch isn’t your source.
You’ve got wings that can take you to any height in life.

Your knees serve as your wings!!!
He that knees to God stands and flies in life.

When stuffs happen that tend to push you to the ground, it’s time to go on your knees and activate your wings to fly.

The Presence of Jesus in your boat doesn’t mean storms won’t come. It simply guarantees safe landing and safety no matter how fierce the storms rage.

I pray for you today…
Receive the wind of God that will push you to your manifestation.

In the next 7days, some things will happen in your life that will change your life, finances, business, career for ever.

I see you in a wealthy place!!!
You are blessed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Waiting for your testimonies…

The Lord bless you
Your Digital Pastor,
Pst Jay

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